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Title: Website Using Joomla
Post by: mezzovide on October 31, 2014, 08:29:12 pm
[Bounty Request]

Lootz developed a joomla website which can be found at http://love4newyork.com/SuperNET.org/ (beta).
 Bounty request: 250 UNITY

~$700 i dont think its good deal, for a website, using joomla. Just sayin'
Title: Re: Website Using Joomla
Post by: LooTz on March 30, 2015, 04:55:40 pm
Are you a master at using Joomla CMS ? Can you do the things I can do ? Have you been using it for over 10 years like me ?  Because if you did you would know that if you new how to build sites from scratch then adding a CMS to you set of skills can only make it better. Apparently I haven't seen this, lol late reply. And thanks for broadcasting my main hosting address, that can be found easily ...apparently you thought you found gold and felt the need to post it, supernet is not paying for the hosting I am that is why it is under love4newyork. Before you shoot your mouth off whether it be jealousy or ignorance, you can PM me, thanks. And as far as the bounty I built the site not even knowing their was a bounty and if you feel that is too much between my time, Photo licences, backups, SEO, etc I am in the negatives. Have a nice day