Is the NXT community ready for a NXT-Gen NXT Debit NanoCard ? singapore
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Author Topic: Is the NXT community ready for a NXT-Gen NXT Debit NanoCard ?  (Read 1456 times)


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Re: Instant-Bitcoin-to-fiat Revolutionary Next-Gen Bitcoin Debit NanoCard
Today at 07:44:13 pm
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Quote from: TheCoinWizard on May 21, 2015, 07:42:09 am
Sounds interesting, a BTC <--> fiat Debit card ...

Just to clarify, does the Next-Gen mean that it works automaticly with Nxt <--> fiat as well?


Hi there, just got back from a trip and noticed this comment.

I think a NXT > > Fiat Debit NanoCard sounds even better, dont you?

Nxt is one of the currencies we are looking at to be a future support of crypto currency to our Debit NanoCard. How would this be possible you might ask? Well there are different ways and all are based on some kind of financial support insuring the economic aspects of adding a currency like Nxt.

One way I like would be for NXT to start keeping a constant flow of liquidity to the NXT trading pairs on CCEDK especially the pairs NXT/BTC and NXT/EUR, but also with the pairs NXT/USD and NXT/CNY and NXT/BTS could be interesting pairs in future considering our soon to come introduction offer of deposit no fee of both EUR and USD as well as CNY with speedy arrival times down to 1 day of all three, and ofcourse EUR even same day will be possible, once we have our new bank connection finally confirmed come middle of June approximately. If liquidity is then stable on both fiat as well as btc and nxt pairs with an agreed target as a constant amount of liquidity it would not take long to agree on adding NXT as the NXT supporting crypto to our Debit NanoCard MasterCard.

Structure and all details are matters to be discussed with appropriate NXT members but basic idea is per above, and I believe it is only a question of co ordination and common interest whether this would eventually become reality. The ball is very much in the hands of the NXT community as you have previously proven interested in supporting CCEDK, but suddenly reduced this only a few months after initial introducion of our NXT-fiat campaign. No matter what I still believe in NXT, but cant act on my beliefs alone, but need affrimative support in terms of firm liquidity on certain strategically important trading pairs.

A lot of news will be coming out in coming months and I guess its really a question whether NXT is ready to support CCEDK the way we are ready to support NXT and have in fact been ready to since the introduction exchange back in July last year.

All the best from CCEDK and the hopes of NXT soon becoming a major currency on CCEDK.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

I am as always reachable on e-mail ronny@ccedk.com and will provide you or anyone else interested to discuss further my skype adress as well as other contact details, just dont give it out on open forum.

This is how it has been presented in the news, the introduction of the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard Mastercard funded instantly from your wallet on exchange when transaction takes place, nor before, not after instantly, unlike the prepaid cards from Xapo and Bitplastic where funding is done to card prior to any transactions made. Even with Bitcoin it is possible to reduce the volatility risk in a way where funds are used only when needed. below are articles in Spanish, Italian, Polish , Russian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and English:

ビットコインデビットナノカード、ALTコインも対応 - http://cryptocurrencymagazine.com/bitcoin-debitcard-nanocard
万事达比特币借记卡现已推出 - http://www.4q.com.cn/news/2015/0521/5378.html
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Thanks for the update,

I fear that due to the crypto bear market, specifically nxt being near an all time low, the interest in selling of the nxt for fiat is currently low...

It is great to hear you are one of the true nxt supporters.

Sad to see the low amount of interest in your card.
I hope once nxt would get some market confirmation the interest in this Debit Card might rise as well.  :)

Just to link to the rest of the discussion:

I wish you all the best with your exchange.
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We need a usd peg coin, then it will be easy to do this effectively.


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Wow I just made a thread on this very topic, but we use a different issuer I think.
Then I find this thread.

Interesting day, for sure!
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It's great to see that you have the patience. I am sure liquidity will rise sooner or later.