Poker Funds Available For NXTs Purchase
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Author Topic: Poker Funds Available For NXTs Purchase  (Read 648 times)


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Poker Funds Available For NXTs Purchase
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:49:00 pm »

Are there any PokerStars players with NXTs willing to sell in return for having their poker account balance increased?

Looking to buy around £200's worth. Not setting out to become a £/NXT trader. Buy in the sense of a new overcoat, or computer monitor.

coinmarketcap.com/all.html shows GBP 0.032736 per NXT at 15:49 BST, Sun 29 Jun 2014.

Would be willing to interact with more than one player if that was required in order to meet my target.

1) I am a newbie to Nxt. Between poker sessions this week, have been researching the subject.

2) My forum name is the same as my Nxt Account ID alias.

3) Please read PokerStars' info (at pokerstars.com/poker/room/support/security-faq/#p2ptransfers) on player-to-player, real-money transfers. Note, withdrawing immediately upon receipt is not allowed.

4) VanBreuk (a forum Administrator [VB]) is willing to act as the trusted party. He will post on this thread to confirm.

5) Sequence would be:
a. private-message communication to agree price;
b. await confirmation NXTs with VB;
c. go through steps to transfer funds to other player's account (see web address above);
d. receive NXTs once player has confirmed to VB funds transferred.

Private messages please if interested in selling, but by all means post insightful comments.

Sorry, meant private message via Nxt user client, not this forum.

Thanks VB for confirming.
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Re: Poker Funds Available For NXTs Purchase
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2014, 04:00:01 pm »

Confirming I will be doing escrow for NXT purchases by brinanNXT as per the terms mentioned.

You can PM me for questions and details.

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