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Title: (JNS) Janus Marketing bounty program
Post by: bjorn_blockchain on November 11, 2016, 06:08:51 pm
(http://i.imgur.com/v1BZ8dW.png) (http://www.janustoken.com)

Janus Marketing Bounties Program

General Conditions :   https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzO1W5ayRB_9YVpBVzhBZVhoNExHOGtOenNIdUVnVDlfZ1RZ/view?usp=sharing

➢ Avatar campaign - 80,000 JNS

We are happy to announce our Avatar Campaign for Nxtforum-Members.

Please follow the instructions further below to participate.

Payment allocation per user rank ✯:


1. Use this sign-up form https://goo.gl/forms/1pozCkDq8nyvBWze2 to join Janus campaign, otherwise we won´t be able to count your stakes;

2. Take the corresponding code, and put it on your avatar place;

3. Make at least 15 quality post in any thread on Nxtforum, until the end of the sale;

4. Participants are not allowed to change/remove the features, or will be removed from this campaign, and won´t receive their payout;

5. Users found having multiple accounts on this campaign, will be also removed and denied receiving payment;

6. Stakes are added weekly, and only full week can count towards the bounty calculation;

7. The redemption process will be done within 1 week of the ICO ending ( More details will be published later).

Your information will be reviewed, and you can check if you have been accepted or denied for this campaign here:


Avatar Code

Screenshot URL: http://imgur.com/apyJtVt

Screenshot preview:


Social Media Bounties - 200,000 JNS

This will be managed through TheViralExchange (https://theviralexchange.com). The bounty will be distributed as a flat rate for certain assignments.

Bounties can be offered in the form of tweets/retweets/likes, when we want to spread news.

--- Instructions ---

1. Register an account on theviralexchange.com (https://theviralexchange.com) ;

2. Complete social media actions such as like, follow or tweet/retweet and get Janus tokens as reward.

Check the video tutorial, on how to use Theviralexchange.com (https://theviralexchange.com) here:


The Viral Exchange Support : https://theviralexchange.freshdesk.com/support/home

Terms and Conditions : https://theviralexchange.com/Home/Tac

Please note:Theviralexchange.com (https://theviralexchange.com) is designed for eliminating multiple accounts, so any attempt to cheating will be banned/blocked.

If an account with Janus balance gets disabled,no tokens will be lost or distributed to theviralexchange.com (https://theviralexchange.com) themselves.

Blogs Bounties  - 200,000 JNS

Follow us on medium (https://medium.com/@Janus_Token)

Janus team will distribute Janus tokens for blog posts till the end of the sale. Blog can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible. It can be written in any language.

A blog that counts for Blog bounties must: Have 1000 characters or more without spaces; Need to contain at least 2 links to Janustoken.com (http://www.janustoken.com) sales.

Have unique content (ANN translations do not count); Must be your original work, not a duplicate of others work.

Payment allocation per blog level of quality ✯:


Once you write a Blog post, submit URL to: https://goo.gl/forms/wtLjZGey1cOgIUbC2

You can see list of accepted Blog posts here: