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Author Topic: Create understandable updates for NXT Release  (Read 1689 times)


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Create understandable updates for NXT Release
« on: August 15, 2014, 11:53:16 am »

Hello, due to certain circumstances, the community was a little overwhelmed with all the changes to the NXT core. This all could be handled way easier, if updates are written in a understandable way and people could see in one view, what important changes come to us.

Since not all NRS updates imply changes to myself as developer, it would be great to have an overview. Holger has made the beginning.

I would like to ask him if he can continue to go on with this and receive a bounty from the technical development committee for every update that gets posted. This would mean update + short message to fund holder with current update = bounty.

Holger, please state if you could do this. Tech committee, please consider :)

Here is the example, thanks


I don't think that a versioned API is a feasable solution, since with blockchain technology clients have to stay on an up-to-date version anyway, it is just not possible to stay on NRS 0.8 all the time and use this outdated API version (if we would have had versioning then). Maintaining several API versions in the latest client also seems not practical to me, if an outdated API is talking to the current features of the client. I have to admit though that I'm not sure if I did thought this through, this is just a first attitude, maybe there are easier ways to integrate API versioning than I can think of at the moment.

I think a good start beside from that would be to formalize announcements of new features and future API changes a bit more (actually we can discuss these two things completely separately). My proposal would be to add a new child board "Roadmap" to "News and Announcements" like this:

This child board could a one sticky thread for each new version which is currently planned.

Each thread has then a first post with the description of the roadmap, maintained and updated by JL and other devs who are responsible for the certain release. As long as it is still open to some extend what will make it into the release the release description is marked as "DRAFT". Below the first post can enfold a discussion about what feature should make it into the release and to what extend, how the API could change, what would be the side-effects of changes,.... When the time is ready :-) the maintainer can set the status to "FIXED" to indicate that it is now time for final implementation and discussion period is over.

Here is proposal how such a roadmap description might look like:

NRS Release v.1.4.0 - Development Roadmap (EXAMPLE)


This release is mainly about bringing the Voting System to main net and also integrating the AE divident payment feature from CfB. There are also several client bug fixes. It's not really clear if Smart Leasing will make it into the release.

Main Features

  • Introduction of two unit test classes for two exemplary Java classes
  • Several improvements in the client regarding DGS
  • Preparations for the introduction of a plug-in system for easier future NXTservices integration
  • New settings for easier setup of several testnet development nodes

API/Service Provider Notes

There will be following changes that could affect your services if you use NXT client and/or API.
Please make sure to test your services against upcoming developer version.
  • Setting nxt.makeEverythingEasy in nxt-default.properties will be marked as DEPRECATED
  • API call getEverythingINeed will have an extra attribute "candyAndIceCreamArray"
  • You will have to add setting nxt.iAmReadyForThis to nxt-default.properties for the client to start


Developer: Beginning of September 2014.

Final: Around mid-September 2014.




What do you think? Feel free to adopt the roadmap proposal description!


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Re: Create understandable updates for NXT Release
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2014, 12:08:36 pm »

Hmm, sorry, but I think this is a task for the core developers - especially JLP - who know best, what they want to implement and when. So they should start a thread for a new release and update when a feature is added to a certain release/dropped or changed. For me it would be a bit helpless crawling through forum threads, don't think that make change.

Just wanted to provide a suggestion/discussion start about how this could be organized.