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Author Topic: Pokereum DAO Budget  (Read 1368 times)

Stark Industries

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Pokereum DAO Budget
« on: October 04, 2014, 09:35:07 pm »


5%    :  Pokereum Future Development/operating/hiring salary payments full-time and par-time contractors (Devs, board member meetings)
30%   :  Pokereum marketing/branding awareness campaigns to break through competitive noise as explained in the marketing section of business plan
40%   :  Guaranteed poker player prize pool tournament incentives
10%   :  Marketing : other viral marketing schemes, affiliates referrals etc
4%    :  Pokereum worker/dev legal protection fund :
8%    :  Pokereum DAO endowment fund
1%    :  Research and development
2 %   :  Bounties

The 3 most important components to the success of the DAO are the hiring and salary, marketing and poker player prize pool allocations.

According to internal discussions and rough roadmap examination, to provide a quick release cycle and get a decent product to market 5 months after the crowdsale, we will be requiring at least 3 full time developers and 4 par time developers. Each of these developers will be awarded a set amount of tokens on a monthly vesting schedule. They will also be paid on a monthly schedule so as to highly incentivize development, foster meritocracy and align their interest with the interest of token holders long term. ThIs structure will enable the DAO to highly incentivize rapid development while being able to easily replace unproductive devs.

It is important to lay the groundwork and improve awareness before and after the official product launch. Online poker is one of the most competitive industries with the marketing expenditures of the likes of pokerstars exceeding tens of millions of dollars. As that it is important to be able to have access to the market lest our value proposition gets buried in the noise of all other offerings.

Poker player prize pool tournament incentives
This is another important component second to the incentivization of developers. Poker players look forward to potential winnings much like people playing and hoping to win the lotto. The difference is in this case they have full confidence in their poker skills. The combination of a provably fair platform and large price pool is a recipe for massive frenzy participation.

The rest of the budget allocation is self explanatory. We are in talks with some developers and will be updating the community soon.
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