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Title: Node Operation Advertising/Incentive Services!
Post by: colin012 on August 20, 2014, 08:00:54 pm
Advertise with a public NXT node today!              Prices as low a 300 NXT/month!              Receive node incentives!              Run with maximum security configuration!

Want to advertise to NXTers? Want to receive node operation incentives? Want to contribute to the security of NXT?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions but don't know a thing about running a public NXT node I can help!

NXT is always in need of more nodes and nodes can be used to advertise via some of the NXT configuration settings. I have plenty of experience running a public node and I want to offer my services to the community! I can run a public node for anyone who wishes to use it as advertising, wants to receive node operation incentives such as NSC, wants to contribute to NXT security, or any combination of the three. Prices start as low as 300 NXT for 1 month on a 1 TB transfer speed node. Discounts are available for longer term contracts! Prices are listed below:

Node Transfer / Contract Length
1 Month
6 Months
1 year
5 years
1 TB
300 NXT
1,700 NXT
3,550 NXT
15,000 NXT
2 TB
600 NXT
3,400 NXT
7,100 NXT
30,000 NXT
3 TB
1,200 NXT
6,800 NXT
14,200 NXT
60,000 NXT
4 TB
2,400 NXT
13,600 NXT
28,400 NXT
120,000 NXT
5 TB
4,800 NXT
27,200 NXT
56,800 NXT
240,000 NXT
6 TB
9,600 NXT
54,400 NXT
113,600 NXT
480,000 NXT
7 TB
19,200 NXT
108,800 NXT
227,200 NXT
960,000 NXT
8 TB
38,400 NXT
217,600 NXT
454,400 NXT
1,920,000 NXT
9 TB
76,800 NXT
435,200 NXT
908,800 NXT
3,840,000 NXT

Ok, so the prices should double every extra TB. If I made a mistake somewhere, let me know.

Account Store: NXT-9TNK-QXJ6-YPMY-32CTA
Title: Re: Node Operation Advertising/Incentive Services!
Post by: HumanFractal on August 22, 2014, 11:20:20 pm
Thanks Colin for offering this great service!

Keep your eyes out in your Peers window for a CryptoPapers-sponsored node  ;D