Moon shot: what will you do?
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Author Topic: Moon shot: what will you do?  (Read 795 times)


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Moon shot: what will you do?
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:51:49 pm »

A fun thread. To cleanse the palate. :)

When we finally lift off and hit 50ยข, $1.00+...

We all probably have our 'dream' toys we'd buy... sports cars, a home, <fill in the blank>. Those things are a given, and I guess I'm not interested in those things (personally). I have an old, beat up 1996 Subaru that runs like a champ. I don't have a desire for any 'thing', per se, except for a Leica camera (which is ridiculously expensive that could fund something else like building a few homes in Guatemala, but that's for another pub thread).

Some things I'd like to do when NXT goes lunar --

1. Donate to http://www.citymission.org
They're located here in my hometown and do a metric shit ton for the regions homeless, alcoholics, etc. Great people, and I don't do as much for them as I'd like.

2. Ayahuasca
I wanna do an ayahuasca tour. The real deal, seven days of puking black liquid into a rusty bucket with psychotropic visions in a rain forest.

And if NXT never goes lunar (!)? I can still volunteer. Finding ayahuasca in my back yard might be tough, though. :)

What're your 'fun' things if/when NXT goes lunar?

PS... totally forgot about these.

3. Donate to AIDS/kidney cancer research
These are personal for me... 'causes' are so strange, because they're never on our radar until they affect someone we love
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