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Best not to roll back and bter handles the ransom.

When you operate a crypto business like an exchange you are claiming your customers that your set up is hacker proof and motivate best hackers to attack you with a possible very strong reward.

Would you really launch an exchange yourself?

If you do an get stolen, you must take responsability of it.
If you can't, then you've mistaken your customers !

If you love bter so much (and I'm really wondering why..) make a donation to them or remain a loyal customer when they will have to increase their fees to cover the loss.

Nxt holders are the gardians of this crypto and they have a very interesting choice to make. Of course I'm curious about the outcome, but I still trust the right choice will be made.

With leased forging I hope that soon someone with 10M NXT wil earn 1% of all the fees. :)

Arrg, you're right, I have a factor 10 problem, we should read my 10% whale has 100 millions and not 10.. thanks  :P

First, to become a fiat millionaire, at a point of time, you need to convert you nxt to fiat = sell your nxt and not being a nxt whale anymore. And you have to do it regularly not to push the nxt price down hence reducing the success of you objective.

Then, someone with 10 millions Nxts earns 10% of all the fees, but the rest of the community still get's 90% (suppose everyone is forging)
So he's not getting richer than the rest of the community, if he uses his Nxt as the rest of the community does.

Now, if he really never spend any nxt, he can increase his global share, but how long does it take for him to earn 1 million Nxt in fees ?
Based on my experience, so far, with 10 millions Nxts, he would earn around 12000 nxt/year which means 83 years to own 11% of Nxt
and 830 years to double his share in nxt...

Of course if the global fees reward skyrockets (more transactions) and brings everyone 100 times more than today, it would only take him (or her) about 8 years to own 20% of shares..
But if there were 100 times more fees rolling than today, the value of each nxt would probably not be the same and all and might have skyrocketed too by a factor 100.
Meaning a forging reward (in fiat) about 10 000 times higher than today

Why seating on such a valuable cash flow (4 200 000 $/year instead of 420 today) and treasure (350 000 000$) and never spend any part of it ?
To destroy it ?
Ok may be, going on this way he can wait 40 more year and approach something like 90% share...

But during that time you will have benefit from the skyrocket too and will have sell (if needed) every thing before he manages to monopolyse everything.

All of this is a very unlikely scenario.

And this would be done by one of the lucky early 21 who took the nxt risk first ?
Initial distribution was only 6 or 7 month ago.. at a point of time they will sell, some have already started.

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