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Nxt General Discussion / Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 10, 2015, 12:30:13 pm »
Of course Nxt (PoS) is far more efficient than Bitcoin (PoW) : https://nxtforum.org/infrastructure-committee/nxt-energy-and-cost-efficiency-paper-update/
But this is an insignifiant argument in favor of Nxt regarding mass adoption because even the energy cost of Bitcoin is in the end very small.

Bitcoin energy consomption is high if you consider it today per transaction or per user because only few people use Bitcoin.

But Bitcoin is meant to be used by the 7 billion humans, and if it would, the cost would be roughly the same than the one of today (cost ~= cost of PoW)

Even if you take 1W/GH and the today level of 340 000 000 GH/s, you end up with  0.048 W per human, or 1.16 Wh per human per day. 1.16 Wh = 172.8 J.
So if you take 60kg as an average human weight, Bitcoin is only using for its PoW the enegy it takes for each human to travel 28 cm every day.

Can every human devotes a 30 cm move, each day, for their ability to use a decentralized world money ? Considering all the freedom and equality improvements it brings with it, I'm sure the answer is "Yes of course".
So with NXT it's only a move of 0.15 mm, ok, it's far much much better but who cares ? This is not this argument that can turn out some Bitcoin network effect in favor of NXT.

I just thought about it and wanted to let you know.


DeBuNe / Re: Announcing DeBuNe
« on: January 17, 2015, 11:02:56 am »
I would love to participate to such a network, I'll follow the project closely.
Keep the pace it's a very ambitious project !

The image displays correctly.

Well thought, your ideas are indeed an improvement.

General / Re: Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:33:48 pm »
love it ,thanks a lot

How about the Nxt account and public key aren't treated as two separate things.

Yes, that is idea.
Their is also the fact that there is some historical mistake in the client which suggest that the account is created once the passphrase is given.
It's not !
And clients should not mistaken people.
They are only in the middle of a two steps creation process as double optin email subscription processes.

After the passphrase is given, clients should only say (or say everywhere) :

Congratulation! Your PassPhrase is registered

One more step

To unlock your NXT account, there must be a transaction with your VIRGIN NXT address:


Fund this adress first and come back here to gain full access to your secured NXT account.

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Re: New alias type for serialized data
« on: August 29, 2014, 05:16:10 pm »
Is a new field (dns or identity) really necessary ?
Why not use the other field ?
if you find a json there that corresponds to a nxt dns spec like the one you are building then it is one otherwise not.

Alias System / Re: Mass registration of common alias names
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:57:07 pm »
But where are the aliases for sale listed? Will it be a webpage or even implemented in the client?

Have a look there http://nxtexplorer.com/nxt/nxt.cgi?action=50&switch=2&show=1000
for the 1000 latest ones.

They are on the block chain, now it's up to anyone with program skill (or ressource to hire a programer) to make it fun to buy or trade.
For the time being they are already some for sale on DGS as well.
In the NRS client, when you want to register one which is for sale (not in DGS) the client offers to buy it.

And when you have one, you can set a price and sell it to anyone.
The client will only implement a minimum which leaves third party the opportunity to developp cool system to serve the market.

This is the same for block explorers site, Asset Exchange sites, Digital Good Store sites.

Right now it's a functional start.

Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.2.7
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:34:06 pm »
it's an ingoing transaction that he needs (with pk announcement).

And could you tell people how to make this announcement ?

The warning in the client must be rephrased, the method is good but wording can not be understood buy newbies.

I suggest:

Message shown until public key is known:

To activate your account you must now fund it with at least 1 nxt to your activation address:
Once activated your NXT address will be: NXT-37TY-456A-NUZ3-6TEEH

This seems to me a clear message and an easy, almost natural action for new users.

(only if this is the way it works because I still don't know how the PK should be "announced" by new users  :-\)

- please stop try to concatenate something to (depositing) address. This is a road to nowhere.

Can you argue ?

It is absolutely normal in crypto world to have 1 address for 1 customer. The prohibition of this in Nxt will throw Nxt out of business.

And this one too ?

You are only giving you humble opinion, if you don't explain your thought, which doesnt help any progress.

You can believe that anything which is different of bitcoin will fail, but then what are we doing here ? Bitcoin is an experiment, Nxt is an experiment, it is not made for the crypto eco system only but for the entire whole world. Who knows if/when the crypto that will succeed will look like bitcoin at all ? Why being afraid of being different ?

Is it a good idea to wait for 1.4 to make the pub key announcement feature optional? I vote yes, it can wait till 1.4. NXT has been hard forking a lot as is, too many forks hurt the image of NXT no less than this pub key feature could. What do you guys think?

Optional is not a good long term choice.
When will 1.4 come ? within months ?
The problem occurs NOW
Within months business have time to adapt to required pk annoucement anyway. They will not close doors until 1.4 comes in. they must adapt now !
And until 1.4 clients can implement the adress parsing trick to become optimal for merchants.

However planing to group hard fork mods is a very good idea.

There is high  risk that scammers will send users fake invoices from well known merchants.

You have the same problem with email. At least here, customers can see the difference between an invoice sent form "amazon" and one from an "amazoninvoices" scam..  :-\

Plus the merchant is blowing transaction fee on sending invoices  to people who might have no interest in paying and are just wasting your resources.

True, which means invoicing must be a choice of the merchant and not forced as the only solution. The URI scheme could solve this (because you could use it on the website instead of invoicing) but it becomes a valid solution only if any browser could relate nxt: to the nxt client as they do for mailto:

Which means : nxt is not for merchant until wide adoption of a nxt: toggle by all major web browsers..  :o
This is not good !

So I finally think we need :
Reference on address NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU:whatever
Core doesn't care because clients transform it to adress=NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU message=:whatever
If customer adds a message it is appended to :whatever with a char that we have to define: I suggest "&"

This solve all the cases.
This needs a nxt merchants community to actively survey that client developpers intergrate this feature. Which, should not be such a big deal since client developpers want to build a userfull client.

Somewhere someonce must define what are the minimum requirement for a nxt client.

Invoicing messages need the URI scheme, you clic it and the send nxt window is prefilled. This seems to more difficult to implement than adress parsing but if their is motivation for it, I can not be against it. On the other hand, with adress parsing implemented in clients, invoicing messages are immedialy available without nxt: clic available. It's only a copy paste required by the customer.

Optimal would probably be sending an invoice through messaging system,  which customer should pay

Great ! which bring back to something like nxt://send?account=NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU&amount=1&message=<orderid>
which is finally a client issue...

Perhaps it's a client issue after all, and what we have to take care is that every client integrate the most important features for mercants.
As it would be strange that clients used by customers does not fit well to mercant needs.

yes, no need for an extra field, message field is ok to pass reference. If you want the customer let a message with its order provides him a message field on the website.

But now devs would also have to deal with NXT-S48J-AVQZ-WBER-5B7HB:4227 and customer who add a message...while he is not expected to...

We should also not forget the cool way of adressing with aliases : "please pay 125 nxt to macdonalds:98763" although I'm wondering if this was not orginally intended to be only a client specific fonctionality... oups..

People need to etablish standart.

The standart is the protocol, this is the core

What if Internet Explorer does not support my Website? I better make sure it does.

And your website can not use fancy functionalities that only super NRS Firefox has implemented.


Client developers and merchants should get together and confer about the most appropriate form.

That may be right, but this yields to an uncomfortable situation where different clients might behave differently. When it's in the core, merchant are garanteed that it always work.

I still hope we will have some arguments on why this could not be planned for the core ?

Tell our fellow client developers to implement it and that is it.

What if my customer use another client ?

It is not an annoying workaround. It has worked 100 years or more before. (not sure if 100 is correct, but you get the point)

The point I get is that you should get some sleep because this is quite a stupid argument ! Youpi ! lets go to paper work !
Annoying workaround are always there ! One of the task of business to get a chance to survive is to do whatever possible to minimise them.

From a business perspective, its better to have

"Please pay 125 nxt to NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU#2625" or even better "to NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU-2625"


"Please pay 125 nxt to NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DU
AND add 2625 as a message of the transaction."

Because it's only one easy copy and paste for the customer instead of two (address + reference).

The more you ask the lower your success rate, it's always like this, they have two chances to make a mistake instead of one
+ the faster the paiement the best because paiement is most of the time an impulsiv decision. It's really important to make it the easiest possible to limit business friction (=marketing costs).

Asking for sending the reference as a message is the same as doing a wire transfer thought the website of your bank account, can't we make it more fun as bitcoin does ?

Relying only on client software would be a solution if we could be sure that every client works the same !

So what is the real problem with implementing:
NXT-DGML-DIN8-SSD9-SQ3DUwhatever_comes_here_is_ignored_for_processing_but_available_for_merchant_who_watch_the_blockchain ?

an extra field in the database ?

Can't it be planned for the futur ?

I'm not in the hurry since I don't have a business runing with nxt right now, but I do care about Nxt futur.

So I'd like this to be discussed by core devs

I can understand core dev don't like it, but I hope they can understand how cool it would be for business owners.

Maybe the bots could be setup to send announcements on the forum too, like we all got when this happened.  For instance, if TheSir moves the funds to mgw, we can freeze mgw.  There are many possibilities open to us if we start looking at this from a different angle than "surgical rollback the blockchain."  Back TheSir into a corner, give him no other options but return the money or sit on it for a very long time.

EDIT: There's already a bot at mynxt.info/alerts.php that maybe could be used as the foundation for the sort of bot that I'm suggesting?

Sure they are things worth to be tried, but that's not so simple.

What if the thief buy something with nxt and the stollen nxts are tracked, then they are on the merchant account, and then the merchant is blacklisted at the exchanges... Also why would exchanges participate in this while it's an opportunity to get rid of the strongest competitor?

The only option now, is to track down the thief to catch him when he will make a mistake (if he did not already). Many skilled and various people have interest in doing so.

If he still doesnt respect the deal of the ransom, even other skilled hackers might try to get him. Ransom is a very common way for hacker to get paid. What if victims start to think that ransom often turns out to be scams? Right now, TheSir might already be a target because he is breaking business of others thiefs, he should be very very carefull now, these guys don't care about bter, the community or some nxts be frozen forever if he dies.

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