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Voting System / Re: Website for secure decentralized voting
« on: May 14, 2015, 09:05:39 am »
If I understand correctly for private voting you distribute the voting power based on something which has some value for the voter (a phone number, a registration on a forum, number of blog post..) you can accept some people tricking it with multiple identities since it should not influence too much the vote result.

Thank you, this is very usefull.

I discovered that voting could be based on MS coins and it opened my mind !

So at least a third party can organize it, but the Voting System is now useless for it.

The organizer issues a controlable coin (he can have as much as he wants)
He transfers some coins to the accounts of the participants = those who registered with him (he is responsible of the quality of this process, this is the weak point)

A poll is organized outside the NXT VS

To vote, you send the number of coin you want to the accounts of the answers (an answer as an account).
Once the vote finished, the organizer publishes the poll results after a quadratic process of the votes.
Since the coin movements are in the blockchain the results can be checked by anyone. The QV processing program of the blockchain transactions can be open source.
The coins received by the answers accounts are then redistributed evenly amoung all the participants.

With the voting system we will have, your vote will have all the weight possible, and you can still do the same next time. And there is no way to remove coins from an account.
While in the QV voting, your voting power needs to be redistributed after each vote. That's why the voting system become totaly useless for this.

As of many things, what can be done outside can be done by the core if is chosen to.
Unless, I guess, it finally requires a lot of processing.
Here you might have a lot of processing during the redistribution.
But this vote costs two nxt instead of one (the vote + redistribution)

May be the mythical smart contracts will be the best solution to organize such a vote  directly in the blockchain.

Its already very good to think that one can organize such a complex voting while beeing completly transparent on the vote results.
The only sad thing is to think we will soon have a function called voting system on an advanced technology that can only realize old styles voting :P

I'll try to follow this subject, the more positive peer review of this research paper the more likelly there will be a demand for applications.

As I suspect the devs to wiselly be sensistive to this specific type of demand...

In the end we might have to organize a QV vote about implementing QV in VS  :)

oh.. I just discorvered that Voting System can also be based on Monetary System coin

Now I have to read again the different possible properties of these coins.

This is very interesting. I read the bee article and will read the other ones.

We should mention that the "rich voter" is rich because he saved vote coins while not voting to the previous polls. Then he decides to use "all his vote coins" because he is highly motivated by this poll subject.

Regarding implementation, I think that each time you need to think in term of "human beeing" you need to go through a central authority where other humans recognize you as a unique human. After all we already have electoral cards. We could have electoral token tied to these cards. Because it would be so usefull to vote on tons of things through the internet. I'm not sure the nxt voting system is ready for that, even with the flexibility of asset voting ,because nxt offers to sell assets token, and for social related voting, I find it very strange that you could buy the voting power of somebody else. It would make sense that you could lease some voting power but not exchange it.

I'm pretty sure that the nxt voting system can evolve, or could be applied to a blockchain based social voting. Does this needs to be fully decentralized? It just needs to be hack proof and not creating artificial power concentrations.

This is good research, whith no progress since thousand years. On this matter nxt can't be right from the start.

Unless.. I foundamentally miss something in the coming voting system.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: What if...
« on: April 18, 2015, 02:47:53 pm »
We could all know a NXT account that only JL can access to. Some of us already knows that.

If he generates a nxt token from the PGP hash we can all verify which account generated the nxt token and when. In other words JL is signing the PGP hash with it's NXT account.

As long as we check the signin account with the old version and not with the updated one, there is no chicken-egg problem.

Then hacker (we could call it the nxt killer  :-\) would need to have access to PGP key + forum key + NXT key which seems quite difficult. Unless JL was not conciencious with its keys...

But anyway, this will never protect us from the 5$ monkey wrench attack from which only code checking can protect.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: 72000 NXT stolen !
« on: April 18, 2015, 02:03:18 pm »
Don't forget, brute force do not target one specific account, but any one found will be good to survey...

Stupid brute force (trying all combinations) is useless as long user have enough chars.

But using song and litterature databases to pick up phrases even mutiplied by some masquering operations (first letter upper case, one word over two upper case, adding 1 between words, zeros.., or fibonnaci serie between chars, etc..), does not represent that much tricking combinations to try. You could build a program run this 24/24 even adding some more possible tricking combinations when thinking at them to make it going on trying for ever. You may even find this kind of program on dark web and it might have been built and improved for 10 years and beeing trying hundreds of common transformation combinations.

All they need is find some account with money or pubkey published then watch.

Now that they have all these brain wallet cryptos to profit from! incentive is pretty good.

It might be more profitable than bitcoin mining.

Now, any one reading this threads knows that: crypto private key that equal song lyrics + first letter upper case + 1 special char at the end => broken account.
It's now a matter of time for any lyrics since the thief is trying this combination.. he will never stop!
If you use song lyrics, even with another fancy combination, you should change account right now  :o

Nxt General Discussion / Re: 72000 NXT stolen !
« on: April 17, 2015, 05:18:57 pm »
So the thief is Casimir  :-\
Yes even a sentence from a time computers didn't exists is not enough, only true randomness makes it super strong.
Very sad for you.

All those that will change their passphrase after reading that should send you a tip.

Marketing is about making bets.
You are betting that your efforts are going to pay off.

You can always theorize, compile knowledge and experiments to find the best angles of attack, or the most probable ones, but in the end, nothing is better than multiple tries because there are simply too much parameters with unknown and varying weights to predict the right answer.

But then this is a strong point for a community with so active volonteers. I think that we should do our best to make it the easiest so that people try to experiment things with NXT.
This is how the one push button killer app might appear and be adopted one day.

Until that point, it will be a plateform for geeks and entrepreneurs trying to pave a world with more freedom. And this is already quite good.

Roberto, perhaps the one push button killer app will be build thanks to Debune business units and funded with the asset exchange!
In 1995, internet was geek stuff. In 1996 business started using it, then it was average Joe a few years later and 10 years later finally my mother did..
Geeks first, then business, then.... we will see.
Focus on Debune, this is the right way! Once the crypto community will discover what you are close to release, they should all want to use it.

Let's build services targeted to the crypto techs and they will be mind blown away even forgetting they are using NXT  ;)

I know Daedlus is already activ in this field but we should try more to engage / organize the community ressources.  They are several people here without programming skills but with other competences who would probably like to help but just don't know how. The community should remind that it needs help and support. That was the goal of bounties, but there should be other ways.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: PayExpo 2015 - London 9-10 June 2015
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:40:03 pm »
We are almost there!

We are not YET there   :-\

Nxt General Discussion / Re: PayExpo 2015 - London 9-10 June 2015
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:14:40 am »
If that came across that way, I apologise.

No it didn't, but mine was a pretexte to bump the thread upward, cause we still need people to donate to NXT-ZGDQ-W9Q3-YFK6-4L8F4

Remind: If we do not reach the amount, we are not sponsor and we lose what has already been paid !

Nxt General Discussion / Re: PayExpo 2015 - London 9-10 June 2015
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:03:51 am »
Then I'd like to thanks the non whales who gave less than 150 000 (including myself..)
You are awsome too  ;)

I don't think the Nxt-marketplace is a product ready to advertise.

To programmers, yes you can. They'll use the API.

It only bump my mind (might be usefull next time)

In every mktg material, in BIG, we must write: OPEN SOURCE - 100% COMMUNITY DRIVEN

Or something similar.

We are not a traditional company. That makes things even more interesting..

I don't know openbazaar.

I think the idea behind nxt marketplace is that websites can be build on top of it. Then the userfriendlyness of the wallet UI will never goes as far as could sites with "some" business model.

However Lionel's remarks are very interesting. It shows what a merchant user is feeling while using the UI. Most of the time, devs never use the tool they build. Despite the countless hours they spent trying to feel like a user, they are the worst to know how to improve.

So users should always tell what they like and don't like, it always help. In fact, it can never become "awsome" without early feedbacks

Admins disapeared with 40,000 BTC from customers centralized wallets

Now let's hope some devs will start to use Nxt Marketplace to build marketplace sites on top of it since it is the only safe solution!

Don't trust anyone!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 17, 2015, 05:18:21 pm »
As long as you are wasting energy wich is renouvellable, which doesn't pollute nor restrict others + make it with a profit or at break even... it doesn't matter how much you waste... isn't it ?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:53:04 pm »
Just a trick: you can point the link to the exact position you want like this: https://youtu.be/jXerV3f5jN8?t=33m38s

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 10, 2015, 05:00:43 pm »
If you want an argument in favor of NXT: it is a great financial tool for anyone looking to start a business. It is a way to get secure funding and pay investors.

She is far ahead of his time, like the bitcoin was when the network had no 1 TH.

Yes she's great for its color coins but also for user authentification and aliases functionalities that pave the way for a more anonymous and decentralized economy. I also find it's API quite easy to use which is important for entrepreneuship adoption. Those are real aguments to drive interest compare to Bitcoin. But not the "Green" one.

Right now, for funding, I feel that some qualifying services should be ventured because she's also a paradise for ambitious scammers !
It will only drive serious investors when those will have a certain degree of confidence not to be scammed.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 10, 2015, 02:46:53 pm »
Mining costs are not constant. Bitcoin with 100 times the current market cap and the same mining costs would be 100 times easier to attack.

True, somewhere mining cost depends on market cap, and its not much different to the mining reward.
Cost in Wh ~= what the mining reward permits to buy in Wh.
So it will go to a pic (hopefully) and will decrease since in the end mining reward goes to zero (I don't know if the pic is in the past or in the future).
I do not know also if this pic cost will ever be 10, 100 or 1000 time bigger than it is now.
If it goes to 1000 times then, yes it energy might become an argument. but we already are at 1BTC = 300 000 $ !

Why would you think that? I imagine if Bitcoin is used by 7 billion people price & diff & energy used would skyrocket.

It's not because it has 100x more users that it's priced 100x more.. It depends how much units the new ones want to store.

And since we are looking into the future (where the whole world is using BTC/NXT) it's not insignificant. It's drastically significant.

I'm not looking at it from a "God point of view" but from a "new user point of view" and also from the point of view that you already have a solution used by 1000 times more people.
Why should I care about your technology ?
When know one that cost 10 times less than my modem and you'd like me to use yours because it's 2000 time energy more efficient ?
"oh Shit... Bitcoin "cost me" 365 Wh per year (3 cents / year !)" 
"Hey I have a solution, you should use NXT is will cost you 2000 times less..!! "

To be environmentally friendly, you'd better shut down your modem one night per year instead of spending time to learn how to use NXT instead of Bitcoin.

NXT attractivity strength is not in the energy field exept for idealists or simply said "very logical minds".
But mass people are not idealists and not at all very logic minded. They'll just think "can somone tells me if it is good or bad".
Who will then say that its bad in term of energy if it represents a waste of 3cents or even 3$ per year per human ?

These crypto stuffs once adopted will affect every one life, economy, politics etc... it so big, that the predicted costs remain irrelevant even with the technic of PoW.

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