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Yesterday, in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, a small town in south of France, I went live with my first barter transaction in a nice little shop called Myriade; this shop sells sexy underwear (like Aubade https://www.aubade.fr), very nice stuff and high quality.

A friend of mine had her birthday and I took the opportunity to start this "Barter Point"
  • create a "Barter Giftcard" tailored for my friend (name of the "Barter Point", amount, limit date) and print it
  • before giving the card to my friend, go to the shop with the giftcard and explain to the owner how to scan the QR Code on it. And I gave the owner the amount of the giftcard in euro (you would have done the same if you just came and got a giftcard from the shop)
  • then I send a SMS to my friend, something like this : "Happy Birthday, I hope you will love to wear these, click here ....."

And that's all. See how easy it was, we have now just created a new "Barter Point", here note the important features :
  • no login necessary
  • no fees for the show owner or for the gifcard holder; a small fee of 0.1 % was paid when creating the gifcard (for 100 euros it's only 10 cents !!!)
  • no need to go to an exchange
  • nobody needs to speak to the lambda users about cryptos, bitcoin, and convoluted concepts, no need to explain NXT, ARDOR, IGNIS, AEUR
    and why POS is much better than POW !!
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT, underneath we use NXT, of course, I will explain more about it later on this forum...

For those of you who want to try it, you find a test environnment here https://www.nxttracker.com

(to be continued...)

Hi guys !

I believe that one way to increase the value of our Ardor project is to make
life very easy for those that want to make a tour and have a first look.

They can then make their mind about all the features, test them and may
be adopt it !

It is now trivial for a newcomer to get some BTC. I have implemented a very small
https://nxttracker.com/ArdorExchange.html that helps them
getting their first ARDR, IGNIS or NXT :

Here are the options that will be available :
  • BTC to ARDR
  • BTC to NXT
  • ARDR to BTC
  • ARDR to NXT
  • NXT to ARDR
  • IGNIS to ARDR (to use when the asset exchange is not available because you have 0 ARDR !)

I am now ready to make the first live tests with BTC to ARDR and it would be very helpful
if some of you help me with this, try and comment   ;D ;D ;D !  Thanks !

Hi guys,

Something is moving finally concerning these projects.

CasinoTool  asset ID 2497275015921979954, emitted by the CasinoTool account NXT-FKSF-53F7-TQ2A-GJHU9

The initial offering of CasinoTool was December 22, 2014, quite a long time ago; we didn't get enough capital then to be able to delegate the programmation of these apps, so I took the time to learn a bit of the required stuff (jscript, php, etc...). I'm still in the "learning phase", but we now have at least something to look at, as you can see in nxttracker.com.

I believe we can start for real pretty soon, first the 1'000 NXT and the 2'000 NXT lotteries, then the roulette.

I will keep you informed here...

Nxt Helpdesk / SSL problem
« on: March 28, 2015, 08:02:49 am »
Suddenly, a few minutes ago, I could not connect with safe SSL connection to the forum (certificate date error).

I do not trust to enter my forum password in this case !

To be able to connect safely and post this message, I had to put the date backwards to 27.03.2015

Has somebody an idea why ?


Nxt Asset Exchange / TheNxtForex : Building the Committee
« on: January 21, 2015, 02:31:49 pm »
For more info about what TheNxtForex Committee is, please read carefully TheNxtTracker.com

There are now two new assets, emitted by TheNxtForex Committee Account NXT-MMCG-89ES-NETA-GMPR3 :
  • NxtForexSA Share A, quantity 50, decimals 3, will begin to be traded on the AE on Jan.22, at 09:00 GMT
  • NxtForexSB Share B, quantity 100, no decimals, should never be traded on the AE

If you want to qualify for beeing a permanent member of the committee, you will need ONE Share B. The first seven of them have already been attributed. The rest, 43 Shares B, will be exchanged against Shares A, using your position in the ShareHolder list. This means that the top position in the list will get Share B nr 8, the next nr 9, etc...  When this happens, you convert your entire Share A position into a single Share B. You will note that ShareB8, ShareB9 and ShareB10 have special voting rights and receive annually 2'000 NXT, more than the standard members ShareB11-ShareB50 who get 500 NXT.

Once the 43 Shares B have been attributed and TheNxtForex Committee is valid, I suppose that the value of Share A asset will not be much, but because the same mechanism may be used in the future if one of the Share B becomes invalid, I may be wrong.

Français (French) / CasinoTool : Enfin la roulette sur Nxt
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:44:21 am »
Bonjour les Nxters,

CasinoTool est heureux de vous annoncer sa "roulettte" NXT.

Pour plus d'info, en anglais malheureusement, voir le poste https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7730.0

Bonne chance à tous !

Nxt Asset Exchange / CasinoTool: THE ROULETTE PROJECT
« on: January 17, 2015, 07:13:02 am »
Reserved for general features
For real gamblers, lotteries are not really fun, they prefer Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc...

Nxt Asset Exchange / CasinoTool : THE LOTTERY PROJECT
« on: December 27, 2014, 06:44:46 am »
We start with following lotteries, that we will use as Test Case, to validate our implementations and ideas. These test cases are devised to use a most simple environment. The ticket prices are set very low. Of these, CasinoTool will keep 4.77 percents; this income will be used mainly to sponsor devs that help us and the rest, if any, will go into the yearly dividends.

All these lotteries are kind of linked together because some of the weekly jackpots flies to the monthly lotteries, and some of the monthly jackpots go to the yearly lotteries.

    Short descriptionCode     Ticket prices         Full description
Yearly Lottery, single winner  Y1     1'050 NXThttps://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7143.msg143967#msg143967
Monthly Lottery, single winner  M1       105 NXThttps://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7143.msg144337#msg144337
Monthly Lottery, many winners  M2       105 NXT
Weekly Lottery, single winner  W1       105 NXThttps://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7143.msg145994#msg145994
Weekly Lottery, 5 winners  W2       105 NXT
Weekly Lottery, very wild, only for statisticians  W3       105 NXT

So if you want to support CasinoTool, you just start buying lottery tickets.

Myself, I will buy ticket Nr 1 of all lotteries. This is the first time that I buy lottery tickets and hope that I do not win; imagine after winning having to convince the nxters that the random methodology was correct !  ;D ;D ;D  (see the random note !)

« on: December 27, 2014, 06:14:44 am »
Hi guys,

The CasinoTool IPO has still until Dec.31th to run, but is already a success. CasinoTool has today a capital of more than 30'000 NXT. This seems not much, especially if we compare with jl777 projects !  ;D; luckywise for the moment we do not really need a capital because the project we start with, The Lottery Project, is very simple and straightforward, and Nxt core already offers most of the needed tools.

This is more a question of organizing things, and making them work seamlessly together.

For all that are interested by this aspect of the crypto world, we hope that you will participate with your ideas, your time, your enthusiasm. And also help us test the tools.

We are now ready to start the work.

C'est Noël,

Un nouvel asset est né
CasinoTool  asset ID 2497275015921979954

Vous trouverez plus d'infos dans le courant de la journée, sur https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7100.0

Un bloc de 50'000 CasinoTool sera distribué gratuitement aux 20 premiers membres inscrits (sauf pour les Newbie) sur le thread https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7100.0, soit 2'500 CasinoTool par membre.

Joyeux Noël

For Christmas, I am happy to announce this new asset :
CasinoTool  asset ID 2497275015921979954
More info later today on how to get it.

To see the Blueprint :https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7100.msg142965#msg142965

To see how the asset blocks are handled : https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7100.msg142967#msg142967

Nxt Improvement Proposals / TheNxtForex
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:23:52 am »
TheNxtForex Committee

Why do we need one?

The Asset Exchange is working very nicely, but we have a credibility problem with the Assets and their Issuers; it is quite difficult for the moment to avoid scams and fake assets.

TheNxtForex is very important because it will be used everywhere in the world; this means a wide exposition and a lot of attention, so there is a need to supervise the corresponding Assets and Forex operations in a correct manner, in order to give Nxt a good reputation and avoid unpleasant events.

Inscription conditions (I try to limit spam and sockpuppets)
  • Newbie and Jr.Member not allowed
  • Inscription by posting in this thread, closed on Nov 7th, 10:00 GMT
  • Inscription fee 500 NXT, to be paid to TheNxtForex Committee Account NXT-MMCG-89ES-NETA-GMPR3 alias TheNxtForex

TheNxtForex Statutes, preliminary draft

Art1. The Objectives and Tasks of the Committee

Art 1.1 Implement and vote about the statutes (quorum 80 %)

Art 1.2 Elect the Praesidium, 3 members (multisig account)
Art 1.2.1 Praesidium members must be available fast
Art 1.2.2 Must be real persons (not anonymous), verified reputation, etc...

Art 1.3 Elect the Secretary

Art 1.4 Market Maker Control
Art 1.4.1  For a start, spread will be 10 %, issuing Sell and Buy guidelines
Art 1.4.2  Choosing and supporting one or two market makers by currency

Art 1.5 Trackers Assets Issuer

Art 1.6 Promoting TheNxtForex improvements
Art2. Membership

One member, one vote.
The members are permanent, until they resign.
With a quorum of 80 %, new members can be coopted and existing members can be excluded.

Art3. How to use the TheNxtForex Committee capital

Art3.1 The NXT capital
Art3.1.1 Forging
Art3.1.2 TheNxtForex Public Relation
Art3.1.3 Praesidium Expenses
Art3.1.4 The bulk of it stays as underlying asset for the issued trackers
Art3.2 The trackers Assets
Art3.2.1 Direct transfer to other accounts is forbidden
Art3.2.1 Use the AE, with a quotation that is equal to the Sell market maker guidelines

...to be continued...

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Why CETx is needed for FOREX EMULATION
« on: October 31, 2014, 06:25:58 am »
Forex and CETx, this is huge, needs a thread by itself...

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Why CETx is much needed in the core ?
« on: October 16, 2014, 07:37:40 am »
Why CETx ?

Because here is what you can do with CETx :
  • single transaction for dividends payment
  • single transaction for interest payment
  • trustless buy/sell an asset directly, without the AE
  • transfer asset
  • send NXT
  • create complex transaction templates
  • basic simple pseudo anonymizer
  • basic simple voting system
  • trustless forex emulation (example convert NXTEUR into NXTCHF without using NXT, except for the fees)
  • and probably much more...

For each of these, I will give a simple working example.

During most of my career, I have been working for swiss banks and there, we have used CETx a lot; the version we used was quite simple, most of the time single currency; I have adapted it here to take in account the asynchronous use of the blockchain.

CETx  stands for Compound Entries Transaction; to use them, we need two different transaction types :
  • a CETx header
  • a CETx line
A CETx is always made of one header, followed by 2-n CETx lines.

The CETx header

The header is the template of the future transaction; to be accepted by the system, it has to be wellformed. It shows all the individual transaction lines that the transaction will have, the accounts, the amounts, and the currencies used (NXT, assets, or subcurrencies). Here is a list of the header fields :
  • optional tx description
  • deadline blocknr
  • a table with 2-n elements :
  • element 1
    • account 1
    • sign + or -
    • amount 1
    • currency 1, subcurrency 1 from MS, or AssetId 1
    • optional message 1, can be encrypted using account 1
  • element 2
    • account 2
    • sign + or -
    • amount 2
    • currency 2, subcurrency 2 from MS, or AssetId 2
    • optional message 2, can be encrypted using account 2
  • element...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...

The rules to build a wellformed header are very simple :
  • the deadline must not be too far away in the future
  • currencies or assets must exist
  • the total of '+' amounts in a given currency or asset must be equal to the total of the '-' amounts in the same currency

Once you have a wellformed header, you can post it (it costs you 1 NXT); after this, every acccount that has a '-' amount in one of the elements of the header has to make a CETx line matching exactly. In standard accounting, we would used debit and credits, but these are a little bit complicated for non pros, most of the time they don't understand why suddenly the balance of an account can increase when we debit it ! 

The CETx line

The individual lines are created after the header has been posted, and are totally asynchronous; the order doesn't matter, line 6 can be before line 2. A CETx is valid only if all the lines have been posted and valid before the deadline given in the header; this enable very easy "trustless" transactions because if a participant doesn't honour his obligation, the transaction is invalid and the amounts stay where they were originally.

Here is a list of the CETx line fields :
  • header id
  • line nr in the header table
  • account id
  • amount
  • currency, subcurrency or asset id
  • optional text, encrypted or not

Here also, the validation is quite easy; it is the same as the standard asset transfer, or standard NXT sending, but without the recipient part (the header can be considered as the receiver of all these '-' amounts).

Once the last needed CETx line has been posted in time, and validated, the CETx itself is said to be valid. We do not need further action in the blockchain, all the accounts that have a '+' in the header can now be credited with their respective amounts and currencies (or assets), an easy task.

.....to be continued....following days I will show details about the individual examples...

Français (French) / DISTRIBUTION GRATUITE par NxtTracker.com (NXTEUR)
« on: September 09, 2014, 07:00:52 am »
C'est parti -DISTRIBUTION GRATUITE-  débute immédiatement !

Pour une fois, une annonce faite d'abord pour la communauté francophone !

10 lots de 5 NXTEUR, évalué à 180 NXT par lot, d'une valeur totale de 1'800 NXT

  • le membre du forum doit avoir au moins 20 postes
  • une seule part par membre du forum
  • chaque jour, pendant 10 jours, le premier qui poste sur le thread https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=5035.0
     après 06:00 GMT (08:00 France, Espagne, Allemagne), par exemple si votre poste est
     à 06:12 et il y a un autre poste à 06:03, c'est perdu
  • donner votre numéro de compte Nxt selon le format ReedSalomon NXT-....
  • si vous utilisez un nouveau compte, ne pas oublier de donner aussi la clé publique

Que faire si vous avez gagné ?
  • l'envoyer à un ami
  • utiliser l'AE pour le convertir en NXT
  • essayer d'obtenir les 9 autres parts avec l'AE et construire un bloc de
     50 NXTEUR (c'est la taille minimum d'une transaction pour les convertir en cash)
  • les conserver pour les utiliser plus tard
  • en envoyer un peu, par exemple 0.50 NXTEUR, à un nouveau membre du forum,
     pour lui permettre d'avoir ainsi ses premiers NXT
  • les envoyer à JackCelere qui fait un travail super pour le forum

Bonne chance à tous.

Trading & Exchanges / NxtTracker...an easy gate to EUR, CHF or USD
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:45:32 am »
A new gate is now available to convert directly NXT to EUR, CHF or USD

AMERICAN CITIZEN ARE FORBIDDEN, even if they don't live in USA.

Step 1

Convert your NXT into NXTEUR, NXTCHF or NXTUSD, using the Asset Exchange (AE).

Make sure that the assets you buy are emitted by SwissAlps NXT-SBSP-BPHH-E7BR-9USXU.

NXTEUR asset id 10529980301867068563
NXTCHF asset id 6722525990428435518
NXTUSD asset id 1570186481180054131

Step 2

Send the NXTEUR, NXTCHF or NXTUSD to the following account : NXT-CGM6-QWEX-38HF-22R43,
with the following information in the encrypted transaction message :

IBAN=...; BIC=...; NAME=..., ZIPCODE=...; CITY=...; COUNTRY=...

done !

and wait for the funds...

That's it. A SEPA payment is emitted to credit your account, using the infos of your encrypted message.
NO FEES, except the SEPA transfer fees. Your receive exactly 1 EUR per NXTEUR, 1 CHF per NXTCHF or 1 USD per NXTUSD.
See NxtTracker.com for more details...

Trading & Exchanges / Want to buy 1.1 M
« on: August 20, 2014, 06:23:59 am »
Hello guys,

I want to buy 1.1 M

Following conditions apply :
  • seller must be located in Europe
  • minimum block size 200'000 NXT
  • using fiat only (EUR, CHF or USD), so please quote your offers accordingly (no BTC !)
  • will only consider offers from NXT-...  accounts showing the necessary balance !i
  • if needed, possible use of escrow, like Anon or DomP

Not in a hurry (long term investment), so think about it calmly and PM me your offers...

Hello guys,

I've done a little theoretical work to find out what could be implemented
to allow the plain non IT people to get inside the NXT world without too much
pain; interestingly the tools already available in the Nxt world
(especially the AE and the blockchain analysis) seem to make this now quite easy.

The RFC8 is a point I really like because it is totally decentralized; but I'm quite
sure that you guys can find even easier ways to achieve the same objective, helping
other to start their first NXT account... This is important, the sooner the Nxt world
acquires a broader user base, the better it will fare (and of course the price will climb up).

You can follow my thoughts at NxtTracker.com

Waiting for your comments.

I present here some ideas on how to BUY or SELL something, in this case, NXT without using the following :
  • bank account
  • gateway
  • another crypto, like BTC

Note that the proposed solution is agnostic, it is a reputation system, it is not about Nxt. I believe we can make a small client using the blockchain, make it in OpenSource, and that it would be thereafter very hard for an unfriendly power to stop these Cash-to-NXT and NXT-to-Cash transactions; probably impossible. Today, the gateways are very vulnerable; suddenly, their banks can lock their accounts, or forbid transfers, the reasons are easy to find, like moneylaudering, terrorism, etc..

What features the client program should have :
  • Peer to Peer
  • Use the blockchain
  • Use a set of reputation tools well described
  • Making it easy for a peer to find a BUYER
  • Making it easy for a peer to find a SELLER
  • The objectives are the total avoidance of going through a gateway

What do you think of that ?

Introduce Yourself / Hello from a new member....
« on: May 16, 2014, 01:02:37 pm »
Very hapy to say hello to everybody...
And looking forward to the Nxt bright future !!!

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