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This doesn't work. You can't put public key on the blockchain if you don't have have Nxt in your account.
but perhaps it could be propagated for a period of time as the equivalent of an unconfirmed transaction, that won't go in the block chain, and just expire away.

Something that you would manually do, so someone can send you NXT.

Take one of the NXT faucets, for example, and you have a fresh, unfunded NXT account. You give the faucet your address, and the faucet tells you your coin is pending, waiting for your key to be broadcast. You click the button in your NXT client to broadcast it, and when the faucet sees it in the never-will-confirm transaction (specifically for this purpose), it releases your coin, and sends it with the key you broadcast.

I'm sure there will be pros and cons to doing this, but may be worth discussing for a few messages...


edit: for vendor use tho, yes, I would agree with the additional optional parameter when sending coin... the equivalent of an invoice or order #... something the NXT client would just ignore, but that vendors could make use of for their own internal use... perhaps not even use "\message=" but put the reference # in perenthesis or something else easily parsed...

maybe NXT-GZYP-FMRT-FQ9K-3YQGS=122173\message="Have delivery guy knock when he brings my pizza, doorbell broken"
which would correspond to invoice/purchase-order/etc #122173, and having the \message, still be strictly a message that could be anything.

this should have probably been done for bitcoin(et al) as well, instead of having to keep monitoring (tens of) thousands of separate addresses all the time like exchanges have to do.

in addition, perhaps when someone creates an address, to specify if it is a personal or vendor account... so when someone tries to send coin to a vendor account, and doesn't include "=122173" (as in the above particular example), their client will reject it, throwing a popup up saying transactions to that address MUST include a reference # in order to send it... to hopefully avoid having the payment being ignored, when the vendor can't tell what they payment was intended for.


Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.2.6
« on: August 19, 2014, 08:01:24 pm »
how about "Offer for sale"

Is anyone still running the forked client?  If you are, you should be ashamed of yourself.   :)
Those are actually not that bad, I see someone running 0.5.5 :)
I got you beat! I see an 0.4.7e with a weight of 104 as one of my peers.

Gotta give that one credit for determination (or scorn for laziness :D )


Question : Nxt has around 250-300 public nodes. Why can't I just take JLP code, modify it and run it on 300 nodes(google or amazon is cheap) and crash NXT? Is this possible?

It isn't about the number of nodes, but about how many units of currency you hold.

If I had 1 node, with a balance of 1,000,000 NXT, I would have the same amount of power, as 1,000 nodes with an average balance of 1,000 NXT each.

(although I suppose, that the more nodes you have, the easier it would be to try to inject bad data into the network destabilizing things, but they wouldn't win the blockchain without a majority... and if nodes would ban other nodes consistently sending in bad data, even if it is just for an automatic 60-minute "ban", that would help isolate, and mitigate the disruption a bad node could have on the network... short enough, so that when a peer updates to a current compatible version, it won't be long to be welcomed back.)


Alternative Clients / Re: [Windows, Mac, Linux] NxtWallet
« on: August 17, 2014, 10:57:15 am »
I need to reinstall NxtWallet (was using 1.2.5f, and downgrading back to 1.2.5, with some problems)

I've been able to get it to restart fresh with 1.2.5 without doing a full reinstall, but I lose my contacts.

I'm still looking for which file my contacts are saved in. Help?
(or perhaps, a simpler way to downgrade back to 1.2.5?)


Thought provoking.

I imagine a time in the future when communities will be faced with the decision to rewind Time itself. If there had been a 12-hour window to roll back the morning of 9/11 what would we have done? I think the answer is obvious, but the unintended consequences of screwing with Time could be catastrophic.
"Activate the Omega 13!!!"


Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.2.5
« on: August 16, 2014, 10:14:41 am »
Some kind of automatic notification that it is available would be good to have tho...

saying there is a NRS v1.2.5{b|d|f} version available, and what its purpose was.

forgers would still have to update manually, but they could be notified hopefully in a timely manner should another serious issue present itself we need to decide on quickly.

auto-updates should only be possible for standard updates tho, and fully optional {trunk|beta|never}, defaulting to never, if it is ever implemented.


by not going through the reorg, we end up leaving a big weapon in the hands of someone who obviously isn't interested in the integrity of NXT...

if anybody thinks this is going to stop here, it must be nice to still be naive...


What's a blockchain? (j/k) :D


Do we have any idea what other transactions are going to be impacted by this move?


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