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Assets Board / Re: [PRE ANN] UV-Invest
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:44:23 pm »
why is this thread that quiet?

Agreed. Why you guys riding him so hard right now? Give him some time to pay the first round of recompense. The proof is in the pudding.

Give this guy a break if he is telling the truth and willing to help the investors!
FunbotV1 and reve are also correct for me.

Respect funbot if you are telling the truth!

Assets Board / Re: NXT HAUS or story
« on: October 08, 2014, 03:18:27 pm »
Don't get excited too quickly.

'Very near' with domsch means 3-4 months.

Good news. Now we wait.

It was 3-4 months a while ago so it might be happening sooner than you think now.  ;D

Assets Board / Re: NXT HAUS or story
« on: October 08, 2014, 06:56:47 am »
You don't know the real story and the recent progress behind this :)

There are right now 7 investors in NxtHaus and they are pleased with the recent progress updates we've made. We'll publish the announcement soon and will let the community know what's been going on (and what caused the huge delays). To give a quick update: we now have 2 banking partners and the platform is on its way.

An official platform with 2 regulated banking partners very near? Awesome news! :o

Nxt Projects / Re: First NXTHYIP
« on: October 03, 2014, 04:27:01 am »
you should provide more information about the dividends
it could be possible that this is a ponzi scheme and that you are just using the funds from new investors to pay out the other ones

the sale was listed with good intentions
you still have my full support

Nxt General Discussion / Re: SuperNET TOKEN from BTER
« on: September 29, 2014, 04:47:47 pm »
[Dividend Announcement]

50000 NeoDICE assets (id 18184274154437352348) will be dividended out to SuperNET asset holders at the rate of 0.06126992957634 NeoDICE per SuperNET asset.

that is 50000/816061

another way to look at this is that for every 16.32 SuperNET assets you have, you will get 1 NeoDICE asset. This is similar to how the NXTventure works, NXTventure will be doing 0.05 NeoDICE per NXTventure, or 1 NeoDICE asset for every 20 NXTventure

I know I said dividends probably not before end of year, but I want to test out the dividend process, especially via bter.

If you have TOKEN on NXT AE, you wont get any dividend at all so I suggest you redeem it ASAP by sending it to:

NXT-7Y5B-J8LQ-SL5P-3ULFL (alias: RedeemTOKEN)

It will be converted to SuperNET and sent back to your account within 24 hours. It is done via a manual process run by valarmg

There was an issue with the previous dividend being done several hours after a strictly interpreted announced time, so I will not announce any time or block for the dividend. If you have not gotten it yet, then it hasnt happened yet. Please do not ask when the dividend will be sent out. It will happen when it happens, I hope it can be done this month, but no guarantees


P.S. Please do not expect regular SuperNET dividends like this. This is a special case with not guarantee of anymore like this in the future

Token has been replaced by Supernet on the AE.
The NeoDICE dividend will be transferred automatically to Supernet asset holders?

Everyone pls keep your fingers crossed....we have been approached by a US TV station to be apart of their Nationwide broadcast.

The station broadcasts across the whole UNITED STATES to 100 million households.

.....we need every bit of good luck to pull this off :).

Nice! Love to see Nxtty in nationwide broadcast!

I am rather saddened that this whole project is starting to become overwhelmed by a discussion of Facebook Likes of all things.. :/

I don't particularly care about FB likes or Twitter followers, to be honest.

At the very least, they should not be a reason over which you should shoot down an entire project.

I am not going to waste my time further explaining how the marketing is flawed and the developer has been lying.
If the project is good, the product delivers and the people like it - the likes will flow . Its given and I wish him all the best with it.

I completely agree with the last sentence.

I also agree

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: September 06, 2014, 01:50:56 pm »
Guys has anyone heard owt about nxthaus? have i missed something. Im sure end of august was release time

Nxthaus is in it's final stage. You will hear from it very soon.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: SuperNET IPO/Poloniex
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:19:42 am »
Due to USA regulations, complications arose with Poloniex hosting the ICO. I hope they come out of their communications blackout and are able to participate.

BTER has come to the rescue and has offered to host the ICO without any fees and on an non-exclusive basis in the spirit of UNITY! BTER is extending a hand of friendship to all other exchanges that want to participate. If you are an exchange, contact me for details on how to join.

I am very glad that the SuperNET is bringing together not just the crypto coins, but also the exchanges. It is too bad that USA is making it so difficult for everybody with such matters. However, it is such stifling rules and regulations that will gradually make the rest of the world more prosperous.

The details of the process is as follows:
The price starts at 0.01 BTC and linearly goes to 0.0115 over two weeks (14 * 1440 minutes) so each minute there is a small increase in price. At each minute there will initially be 1000 TOKEN available in each supported currency any unsold will carry over to the next minute, with a cap of 5000 TOKEN. If there is not enough or too much, the 1000 and 5000 amounts will be adjusted, probably no more than a few times a day to adapt to demand.

For non-BTC sales, a conversion rate is calculated using a slow moving average (eg. 24 hours) so somebody would have to be pushing the price for an entire day, just to get a lower effective price for their TOKEN. Clearly not practical. The NXT and BTCD conversion rate is adjust with the 5% bonus and the TOKEN is made available just like for BTC.

In the event fiat denominated TOKEN is available, the conversion process is used like described in the previous paragraph, but without any 5% bonus.

On the 14th day to the 26th day, a test is made to see if 3% of the total has been raised that day. If not the process stops 2 days later. 28 days is the max duration.

At this point I will purchase TOKEN at the 0.0115 BTC price using the my core assets and any other InstantDEX that is made available using the coinmarketcap price - 1/2 of the 24hr change. this is an easy to calculate average of the current price and 24hrs ago. The asset prices are more stable so using a reasonable market price average and as balanced of set of assets, but not exceeding 10% of TOKEN, I get my TOKEN. All excess TOKEN will be burned at this point, though it doesnt really matter as TOKEN is only good for a 1:1 swap with SuperNET asset. I am not sure if the exchange fee is coming when the donation is made or whether I am doing it at this point by issuing some SuperNET to cover the trade commissions. Each exchange will have their own fee, typically 0.0% to 0.2%

Now I can issue a matching number of SuperNET asset with 4 decimals and it is exchanged for the TOKEN on a 1:1 basis.

And the trading begins

you can see some demo version here

Official SuperNET TOKEN asset: 15641806960898178066

So the token can be purchased directly through the 1.2.8 client also if I am not mistakenly?
Very excited!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: SuperNET IPO/Poloniex
« on: September 01, 2014, 02:09:36 pm »
When is the IPO on Poloniex actually starting?
Looking forward to it!  8)

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: August 18, 2014, 07:39:25 pm »
What is going on at Bter? Somebody is selling NXT it seems?

Trading & Exchanges / Re: I want to buy up to 5M NXT!
« on: August 04, 2014, 05:24:37 am »
I think everyone wants to buy at 0.000060...
People can also contact me for selling at that price.

Trading & Exchanges / Re: NxT Market Report
« on: July 29, 2014, 05:09:27 am »
Thank you for the update

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:28:34 am »
What is going on with Nxthaus anyway?  Haven't heard much lately...and it was always "in a couple weeks"...

In order to obtain a complete legal and licensed business, unfortunately, it takes a long time to run through the administrative burden….
Nevertheless, the solid and legal base of Nxthaus will make it extremely strong and trustworthy.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: July 26, 2014, 06:10:11 pm »

In the client? Dang, that would be huge indeed.
I'm getting more and more enthusiastic about this.
Why did no crypto do this before? It's awesome.

I doubt the fiat<>NXT gateway will be in the client, but should be able to use the client to trade cryptos<>hausFIAT once the gateway is in place. (Assuming I understand the system correctly, maybe someone who was a beta tester could chime in.)

The fiat<>NXT gateway is near… Nxthaus is near ;-)  8)

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: July 25, 2014, 07:05:34 am »
Hey guys, good news!! we are getting some press!

The most important newspaper about economy and investments in Spain writes about Nxt!

See the article here:www.expansion.com/2014/07/23/mercados/1406127888.html

For those who cant read Spanish.  I paste the text here  translated:

A new virtual currency comes in.
NXT: The European competitor to Bitcoin

The virtual currency Bitcoin found a competitor in Europe. Currency called NXT began to be exchanged for dollars or euros last Saturday.

According to Reuters, shortly after could start exchanging dollars for euros and NXT, the market capitalization of the new currency reached $ 51 million from 45 million.

In an interview with Ronny Boesing, gathered by Bloomberg stated that "the currency Nxt is as safe as Bitcoin, or even more."

Are virtual currencies secure?

Virtual currencies are raising questions. On the one hand, pose a risk to users, who can lose their money. Since anyone with computer knowledge can access the program anonymously, the value of the currency can reach excessively high levels, or becomes collapsed.

On the other hand, Bitcoin pose a great risk for those that buy, build or sell virtual coins. In fact, since the EBA asked banks to not carry out operations using this medium, and came to identify up to 70 risks associated with these currencies requested.

One of those risks is the lack of regulation, which undermines the security of these coins.

Moreover, in the latest World Bank report on fraud or mentioned at Bitcoin virtual currency as "ponzi scheme" The report explains that the virtual coins are especially prone to speculative bubbles and these speculations are given precisely because of its volatile nature.

This situation has led some countries such as China and Thailand to be the first to restrict the use of virtual currency.
In Spain the use of this currency is fully legal, though they begin to pose restrictions.

However, the World Bank has also indicated that this medium can give a great lesson for central banks in improving efficiency and reducing fees.

Nice to finally see some international positive press releases about the NXT. The world is getting interested in NXT, finally!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: July 13, 2014, 06:24:55 pm »
Everyday dumping.

NXT price is falling everyday. Is it caused by constant sell pressure of wales or by normal users loosing faith?

Some big holder(s) cashing out. I really don't understand why they are keeping this constant selling pressure on NXT.
I would be a lot better to give NXT a little breathing space instead of just selling out. This looks to me like a serious lack of intelligence...
This causes other users to lose interest.
On the other hand, new smart money has an opportunity to buy in.
I wish some of these sellers would do their story in the forum but they never show up.
Hope we get rid of them asap  :D 8)

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Bitshares X
« on: July 08, 2014, 06:50:31 am »
It seems I completely missed this one.
But then again, the world of crypto is growing at such sizes, it is impossible to follow everything….
Does anybody here own some PTS or AGS?
Should it be a good idea do diversify in 2.0 crypto's?

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