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Yes but I am obliged to pay the dividends for the specific account. It is not like I am receiving payments in ltc2nXt3 account only and paying others, I just received 25% of the total payment expected. I could have easily not shared that info or chosen to wait to receive the full payment before making any announcement.

In the same post I mentioned that first we have to verify that ltcgear is a scam before we can talk about insurance factor kicking in and that the whole process is going to take 3 to 4 weeks.

I still strongly believe that ltcgear will come through. I just filled out the support form on ltcgear site to report all my missing payments.

Hope 2015 brings health, happiness and prosperity to all noters.

OK. Thanks.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: ltc2nxt2 week 3 dividend 2.33 NXT
« on: December 29, 2014, 03:53:03 am »
Hi Seb, I still believe that ltcgear is going to come through. I did receive about 25% payment for the week of Dec 19. ltc2nXt3 is backed by my personal insurance anyways. So there is method to my madness, my payments are uptodate. Hopefully after new years ltcgear will start making regular payments.

hi satoshi, thank you for the dividends, but why are you giving away free nxt of yours?

Hi Satoshi. But you said you have about 60% of the funds needed to repay ltc2nxt3 holders.
In case LTCGear is ponzi, you are paying for the assets not insurred by you. I see no reason in your actions. Shouldn't you be preparing for ltc2nxt3 asset liquidation first?


Subtracting the assets held by my personal account, I think my liquidity is around 60%. I will pay the smaller investors back first. For larger investors I will setup a weekly payment plan(details to be anounnced when we reach that bridge).

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