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Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: BGCAFFE Asset Monthly Payout
« on: August 01, 2015, 09:55:03 am »
OK, so I'm still missing in category 2, so let's repair that :).

Here is how I make topping for pizzas all the times:
- creating sugo - just short roast onion in pan and put there tomato sauce (or tomatoes without skin, but you have to boil them for a very long time) and pinch of brown sugar,
- adding spices - I usualy put there basil and garlic - this base has to be tasty, so you want to eat it right there!
- spread that all over your pizza base,
- put there ingredients - i usualy use tomatoes, onion and mozarella cheese (other time anchovies, sweet corn, chillies...),
- bake it,
- finish it - depends on ingredients, but when preparing basic (margherita) pizza, I put over that prosciutto and fresh basil leaves.

And secret tip for the finish - spread flavoured olive oil on the edges - I have two bottles - one with rosemary and second with garlic - either depends on ingredients ;).

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: BGCAFFE Asset Monthly Payout
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:00:48 pm »
OK, finally had some time to write these down.

1) Focaccia - funy noone mentioned this here. I'm preparing it with black olives and rosemary. Reminds me I haven't prepared one for some time, so maybe tomorrow O:)
2) Simple Ciabatta is fine too, you can also put some olives inside.
3) Have I been talking about simplicity? So what about halving tomatoes, putting mozarella cheese on it, drop of olive oil and bake it?
4) Slices of eggplants are fine, you can put some bacon on it, or prosciutto in final stage of baking. Or maybe it can be done as Parmigiana?

Man, I have to stop coding and go to italy this year, I miss it! :) I add some more recipes tomorrow, hopefully.

PS not sure if my previous post is to category one, it's more topping than base imo. But I am sure all those 4 are not pizzas, but other baking stuff :)

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: BGCAFFE Asset Monthly Payout
« on: July 27, 2015, 07:01:43 am »
OK, so here is mine "french pizza" recipe:
- Put some sliced bacon in pan and let it fry a little bit, add sliced onion and let it for another while - just soften.
- In between prepare yourself creme fraiche with chopped garlic, maybe thin it with some milk.
- Now take normal pizza base, spread your creme fraiche sauce and drop onion with bacon over that.
- Bake it! Eat it!! Love it!!!

Where did you place unzipped content? Is it in your plugins folder and named "dividends_scanner"? Right in that directory should be css, html, img... and other content of plugin.

It doesn't work for me.
NRS-Version: 1.5.12
Plugin Version: (.zip)
OS-Version: Windows Server 2012
On the Plugins Page the Validation Status is Invalid (it says "Missing plugin files" on mouseover)
Launch Status is Halted.

Plugins are activated and the HelloWorld Plugin is running well.
What am i doing wrong? Is there really a missing file? I downloaded the .zip file twice. The same Problem again.

I hope you can help me to fix this.

You forget pigeon post.

Email maybe seƱor? Steam? Phone? Letter? Telegram?

Nxt Plugins / Re: NxtPlugins.com
« on: July 10, 2015, 07:45:56 am »
Welcome to cryptoworld :/

I had a Giveaway (50 NXT for first 200 user that registered) on NxtPlugins.

Sadly some stupid egoistic idiot registered 200 times and sent out the Nxt. So this is already gone.

I cannot understand some people around here...

KNS / Re: [ANN] DailyTrade
« on: July 02, 2015, 06:36:04 am »
OK, just keep us informed and gl. You must know that we gave you some money so it will be nice to provide info sometimes without being asked for that.

Unfortunately the real world moves like a snail. The reason that's an issue is that in order to survive we have moved away from investing in the NXT community (there's just no profit here) and into the "real world". This was always in the background with KPS being a real business and then me buying bitcoins and shipping them over here to be paid out. So basically I'm trying to get registered with Quadriga because it's more efficient and cheaper for canadians and that is causing delays. Secondly, "antics" with Poloniex are preventing me from using it so I have some funds stuck on there (just a few bitcoins, but it's significant because.....) the house/school thing is finished and we now need to hire a second group to come in and do the windows and doors and what-not to apply for the school license. And this is a priority and is sucking up a lot of free cashflow. It's not that we don't have any money. We have over $20k in cash. But the "business" is in a phase now where we need as much free cash as we can for various reasons (like applying for a bigger mortgage) so I am just lax to push any harder on money to push it into NXT. I really don't want to make any promises or confirm anything because that's what got me into trouble so far. Although the crap with DailyTrade is really about LTCGear collapsing... the truth is we'll continue on with the profits from KPS (the school thing).

So I dunno the money is just floating around and once we get the license for the school and the windows and doors in, money will just start flowing into NXT again. I mean, I have about $500 I am going to be sending over to bitstamp probably friday or monday... and that will get here then by wednesday.. I guess I could pay dividends out of that... But the whole thing is very blah, I am tired of waiting for these people to come in and fix the house, and then there are other (personal) issues which are depressing me (which I won't mention because they're not excuses/won't affect the business) but I just feel very blah.

KNS / Re: [ANN] DailyTrade
« on: June 28, 2015, 08:13:24 pm »
Last divs were paid off more than month ago, any news?

Assets Board / Re: Record of Invisible Dividends (Sticky Requested)
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:57:29 am »
Cool, thanks!!

It has been released as open source instead.
More info here: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-plugins/dividend-plugin/

Assets Board / Re: Record of Invisible Dividends (Sticky Requested)
« on: June 11, 2015, 08:54:23 pm »
Any news ?
Yea, it has been done for a while, and posted to nxtplugins.com.
It's waiting Tosch110 to finish the final release of nxtplugins site.

Unfortunately it looks like zed's nxtplugins're dead :/

Nxt Plugins / Re: NxtPlugins.com
« on: June 11, 2015, 08:52:56 pm »

Yep, this is the standard answer for a very long time... :)
I'm sure the core devs will include a fix to question #2 in a not-so-distant future release.
. . .

Official Nxt Releases / Re: NRS v1.5.11
« on: June 09, 2015, 07:19:54 am »
When we can see dividends among transactions? Is it on client roadmap soon?

Oops, didn't notice it, sorry!

Hi, as updated in the second post:
. . .

KNS / Re: [ANN] DailyTrade
« on: June 01, 2015, 09:28:47 pm »

Next dividend to be paid 24 May 2015, because I am leaving for holidays (4 day delay)

So? Are you willing to provide us with tx id and amount per share?

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: Barter NXT
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:41:04 pm »

Announcing the upcoming public offering for Barter (BTR)

On Monday, June 1st, 2015 at 3:00PM (EST), a public offering will open for Barter.
Total Units: 24000000
Maximum Units Per User: 250000
Price: 0.00111BTC/unit
Fund Overview: https://www.havelockinvestments.com/fund.php?symbol=BTR

Companies are created out of ideas; however, the whole process of developing a company out of ideas is a pretty tough procedure. All the resources that are needed to build the company may make the ambition seem unreachable. To make this a little easy, one may need investors to aid both with services and capitals.

With services of companies such as BarterOCF, achieving such goals are made possible. BarterOCF makes investments in companies while they are still at their starting stages. We invest in the companies by offering to them services that they may find useful in their endeavors. We also give crypto to these developing companies. Currently, the IRS categorizes crypto as goods. We also give crypto solely for equity, and not as the common assumption of cash.

BarterOCF is creating a new strategy of crowd funding. This new form is very different from the previous methods in which money was involved. We have initiated a funding method in which the funding is done, either through services rendered or through goods that are given. Crowd funding is the practice of facilitating the development of a new company. This is done through getting contributions from numerous people, usually, on the internet. Usually three parties are involved in crowd funding.

The first party is the party that proposes the project or idea that needs the funding, the third party is the party that is interested in the idea and is willing to fund it. The second party is the platform that brings the first and the second party together.

At BarterOCF, we will help connect the founder of the idea to potential supporters. We especially do this in three ways.

Online barter trades are very beneficial and they may help the funds build up pretty fast. The funds are accrued faster especially if they are managed properly. Investing crypto with BarterOCF on the sites of crypto funds ensures that the crypto is well taken care of. We manage all the barter trades involved thus ensuring that the funds quickly multiply.

When you have an idea that you would like to receive funding, it is very important that you make it public so that interested parties who feel like supporting it can contribute for it. For this to be made practical, you need a platform that will bring both parties together. For these services, you can list your services with BarterOCF. From here, companies can see it and decide on whether or not to support it.

After seeing what you have listed, the companies that are interested will make offers. You can thereafter bring these resources together with other users, after which you can admit offers from other companies. This is another great way of crowd sourcing.

With the services of BarterOCF getting a company up and running will not be much of a problem. We will ensure that your idea is quickly materializes and you will soon after reap the benefits. you should also be certain that with BarterOCF, your crypto is safe and more productive.

KNS / Re: [ANN] DailyTrade
« on: May 14, 2015, 10:24:34 am »

I'll try but it's an effort just to get out of bed in the morning. I mean, no offense, but I make just pennies day from DailyTrade. I'm honestly surprised that more people don't see the value in such a vehicle. I am also beginning to look with disdain on the client programmers. Can they seriously not add transactions to a list array by date and then insert transactions from the blockchain like dividend transactions? If I knew the code this would literally be a 30 minute operation.

I really just need to get off my but and fufill the DailyTrade idea which is simply daily payments and updates. But the fact of the matter is it just isn't worth it. I'm just too busy with my software projects.

The ironic thing is that this is actually the best way to increase value for DailyTrade shareholders -- not simply "being here" each and every day to mail out a few cents.

Meh well I'll try to be here more often in the future. I just hate having to break my concentration to deal with something like teaching or paying dividends. It's crazy, I know. But I can't code when I have to do anything else that day.

Thanks; once a week it's okay, but some automated payments may be nice. I wish there is those dividends transaction info built into client, but it looks like we have to wait a little bit longer. Is there any voting on features? Maybe I shoud find some time and dig into NRS and build it myself :).

KNS / Re: [ANN] DailyTrade
« on: May 11, 2015, 06:13:53 pm »
So 0.01 per share means that for 12th to April 21st were paid 0.001 per share per day? Since it's not trackable in NXT wallet, can you be more specific for each payment, please?


What happens when two successful arbitrage bots meet? Like MMNXT and LIQUID? Do they fight, or get confused/crash, or do they just reach a gentlemen's understanding and go about their respective businesses?

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