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Nxt Helpdesk / possible weird bug in asset exchange
« on: April 03, 2016, 04:25:02 pm »

. haha .. looks like a noob mistake .. I'll check never mind


I think the answer is that it seems so hard because in the fiat world it seems to be too easy- which still does not make it viable.


Uber™ for all intents and purposes; is an app that let’s you hail a cab. Current valuation? $50+ BILLION dollars looking to finance another round bringing it up to over $60 BILLION. The reaction, analysis and commentary? “Absolutely! Sounds logical and reasonable. After all They’re killing it!” Fair enough. I’ll just ask you this:
This business model and plan is worth more than 80% of all the companies listed in the S&P?

REALLY?  ::)

So the reason why NXTers are finding it hard to developing economically successful projects based in the cryptocurrency ecosystems is- that it is hard!
On the other hand, cryptocurrency ecosystems offer an evolutionary conduit into the real world, the real world as in opposed to fiat bloated central bank controlled economy.

Which means that it is far more healthy to start a project in the cryptocurrency sphere, because the metrics here are gauging the real world, and not the prancing unicorn lala-land.

So let's just see it this way, and not bemoan how hard it seems to be to get a project going!

API discussion / number of queries per second possbile to NRS
« on: November 14, 2015, 02:59:51 pm »

I want to make an app that does large numbers of  queries on the NRS backend.

Since I have to do it non-blocking anyway, I have to dump each query into a thread, so I can do that very fast, and not incrementally after each returned reply form the NRS.

There is a spam filter built into the NRS that limits the queires in order to avoid potentially malicious overloading of the NRS.

By queueing up a large number of queries and simply dumping them on the NRS in a loop, this spam filter is triggered- I remember that from last year when I did something similar.

Can anbody please give me some more information on how many queries I can send to the NRS per second or how long the time interval between two queries should be in order to not have them lost?

Maybe @Jean-Luc or @Riker?

I vaguely remember 50ms in between two queries- add to that a bit of safety margin, and an app should not make more than 15 queries per second, is this still correct?


Hi Devs!

I just
noticed in the API this announcement:

requestProcessingTime - 36
WARNING - The getAccountTransactionIds API is deprecated and will be removed in 1.6

I haven't been following too closely for some time, so I have to ask: When will that happen, and how can I get the TXs of an account instead?


Trading & Exchanges / Withdrawal problems from POLONIEX
« on: June 08, 2015, 04:27:15 am »

Yesterday, I inititated a withdrawal of NXT from POLONIEX.

The TX was listed as 'PENDING' there for six hours, then I made a support ticket about this.

After some time, I got an email from them apologizing, and saying they had some issues with their wallet and the DEVs were already contacted.

I have an idea what may be wrong on their part- let's see how fast they can resolve it!

Introduce Yourself / using LYNX browser to visit nxtforum
« on: March 30, 2015, 08:17:22 pm »
Hi! Ain't this the most archaic thing ever! I can't get any DNS (probably my provider) and all I can use is an ssh connection to a VPS and lynx from there!
Does anybody else have problems with DNS (esp. in Germany?)
Hopefully they have it fixed soon- the web crawler perspective is kind of interesting, but a bit cumbersome to navigate.

But hey- nxtforum doesn't look half bad for lynx, which is a good sign for the forum software!

General / Block delays
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:27:47 pm »

Height   ID   Timestamp   Transactions   Amount (NXT)   Fees (NXT)   Target (%)   Generator
354945   8052018708096607939   2015-02-10 15:04:25   3   0   3   27   NXT-NLFZ-23B5-F98Y-22222
354944   12562523600914100785   2015-02-10 15:03:54   0   0   0   52   NXT-7BCQ-LYZW-YYRP-CB7PQ
354943   3236543137823589470   2015-02-10 15:03:26   0   0   0   103   NXT-B8SA-UFVM-YWCM-9C6GZ

how often does it happen that the delay is 20+ minutes between blocks?

Alternative Clients / nxtPowertools
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:53:28 am »

updated Nxt python3/qt4 api implementation to NRS 1.4.12


Nxt General Discussion / Sailfish OS - a promising platform for Nxt?
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:14:51 am »

I just found out that there is an OS called 'sailfish' and I am also a bit confused about how this seems to be quite under the radar.

It is Linux based and open source- what do you think about this as a platform to develop Nxt apps on?

Could such a mobile device run an NRS?


Some nice conspirary scheming of pumpers and dumpers, scammers and copycats:
 (don't forget popcorn, and never invest in such scams in the first place)




I am happy to announce that I have just updated my 'nxtPowertools' python/Qt API implementation of the NRS to the latest NRS version 1.3.2

Likewise, the 'nxtBridge' that emulates parts of the Bitcoin protocol and maps a selection of BTC calls to NRS has been updated also.

Code: [Select]
git clone https://github.com/l8orre/nxtPwt
Code: [Select]
git clone https://github.com/l8orre/nxtBridge
nxtPowertools has never been intended as a full blown end user client for all purposes.
In fact, this is not possible, as several conflicts of design inevitably emerge when trying to implement every possible use case.

This can be observed when looking e.g. at the standard NXT client: This is a very nice end user client, but since it is the default client, several safeguards and restrictions were applied in order to protect inexperienced users, and consequently also of course the reputation of NXT.

In contrast to a specific use case centered client, Powertools provides an architecture to create scripts and business logic applications, and a basic set of extendable GUI windows.

Trading & Exchanges / C-CEX open for NXT trading
« on: August 21, 2014, 12:27:02 pm »

c-cex is open for NXT trading now!


General / running into a fork on testNet?
« on: July 23, 2014, 06:25:21 am »
I seem to be having an issue with my testNet:

The 'base target' values are insanely high (~ %10,000 -ish) and there seem to be only two block generating accounts.

Am I running into forks, or is this genuine with the testNet at the moment?

I am using 1.2.1e, but it was the same with 1.2.0e


PS: I don't know if this issue already has a place elsewhere on the forum,

    "lastBlock": "4725667429601915135",
    "numberOfAliases": 61636,
    "application": "NRS",
    "lastBlockchainFeeder": "raspnxt.hopto.org",
    "numberOfPeers": 24,
    "numberOfBlocks": 117915,            <------------- is this ok?
    "totalMemory": 577241088,
    "isScanning": false,
    "numberOfUnlockedAccounts": 1,
    "freeMemory": 136661648,
    "maxMemory": 954728448,
    "totalEffectiveBalanceNXT": 946041710,
    "numberOfTransactions": 168121,
    "version": "1.2.1e",
    "numberOfOrders": 4723,
    "numberOfVotes": 0,
    "numberOfTrades": 1945,
    "lastBlockchainFeederHeight": 162959,
    "time": 20810323,
    "availableProcessors": 4,
    "numberOfAssets": 766,
    "numberOfPolls": 3,
    "cumulativeDifficulty": "2508182158048816",
    "numberOfAccounts": 25640

DICE-X / DICE-X - crowdfunding escrow IPO
« on: June 26, 2014, 10:56:53 am »

DICE-X is dedicated to building and providing a framework for online gambling services on the NXT platform.

This board is intended to launch the DICE-X project in the form of a crowdfunding-escrow IPO on the NXT Asset Exchange.

A business plan does already exist, and we are planning to fine tune and finalize this business plan in an interactive process with the NXT community and interested investors.
Stay Tuned - More Details to Follow!


Trading & Exchanges / Overstock CEO Calls Bitcoin Code "Slop"
« on: June 23, 2014, 06:14:34 am »
This thread just appeared over on BTC. This topic is highly relevant to NXT also, so I am just starting it here also.

Did I mention that bitcoind seems to severely violate jsonrpc calls? 


Full story: altcoinpress.com/2014/06/overstock-ceo-core-bitcoin-code-sloppy/

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin Shenanigans -MtGox Bots
« on: May 27, 2014, 05:23:57 am »

Hello Nxt'ers

- there have been some interesting disclosures re. Bitcoin and MtGox.
I haven't read this in full yet, I just want to link it here for discussion 


Technical Development Applications / Hiring Devs for NXT
« on: April 02, 2014, 10:22:23 am »

we need to hire Devs for NXT. Interviews were scheduled, but postponed.

Will be rescheduled.

General / testNet quirks - 'Signature verification failed'
« on: March 31, 2014, 03:00:50 pm »

Hey Guys

- my testnet is not able to start. I have deleted the nxt_test_db several times already, and also checked out the latest developer bracnh.
It keeps getting stuck.

Is anybody experiencing s.t. similar?

[2014-03-31 16:29:20.611] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:26.344] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:30.231] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:37.785] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:49.354] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:54.253] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
[2014-03-31 16:29:58.283] DEBUG: Blacklisting because of: Signature verification failed
^C[2014-03-31 16:30:03.693] DEBUG: Stopping background jobs...


1. Nxt account and userID/contact info for submitter

user Id: btc2nxt
Nxt account: to be provided later by recipient  :D

2. Submission date
Mar.,30. 2014

3. short description
Jean-Luc actually mentioned that btc2nxt and me (l8orre) were the only persons at all who in fact had performed any tests on the AE.
He also said that btc2nxt should receive payment for doing this (while still being on TD).
btc2nxt did this out of own motivation, without being asked by anybody, did tests, came back with the results, and also persisted when faced with difficulties.
I also think (just like JL) that such quiet and unpretentious contribution should be rewarded
Also, btc2nxt did in fact identify things to be fixed in the AE

5. Budget
10,000Nxt for btc2nxt <--------------- edit changed to 10,000 from 25,000

6. Specify deadlines
work already performed, plus incentive to provide further contributions in the future

Good Morning, here is the TechDev Funding committee starting to gets its... Belongings together!

I am starting this by doing a shameless copy&paste from the Marketing Committee, who have done an excellent job about constructing a very rational modus operandus.

[Guys -  we are willing to pay royalties! Pink Unicorn Ingots, Grolsch, whatever - so please don't set you lawyers on us!!! ]

edit: work in progress...  ;D

On behalf of the Nxt Marketing Committee I want to make you all aware that we (allwelder, joefox, salsacz, jefdieseland Damelon), have met and are now open to receive your plans for Marketing proposals.

The Marketing Committee has at its disposal 2,654,774 Nxt, which are meant for projects to promote Nxt.

Everyone can propose plans to the Committee, but the plans need to meet certain criteria to be considered. Key factors in getting your proposal accepted is by making it clear, organised and accountable. This means you know what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and that it must be possible to check what your results are.

After submitting your plan, we will consider it by the parameters posted below and discuss it for at most one week, in which time we can ask you to clarify points that are not clear or would need changing. Then we will vote. We have decided to use a simple majority vote of three out of five to be sufficient to approve a project.

To apply for funds, please make a separate topic in this subforum. Start the topic name with [MC] so we will recognise it. Then use the format below to outline the project. Feel free to add necessary documents by the use of links. The idea is to make it very easy to get an overview of your project.

Proposals need the following details. We will not accept proposals without these:

1. Nxt account and userID/contact info for submitter

2. Submission date

3. A short description of the project with your goals very clearly specified(three sentences max.)
Make an outline so it's easy to see what your basic plan is
3b. Long description as needed
You can of course describe your plan in full, if needed!
5. Budget
Be as specific as possible. Try to use accepted costs as CPM/CPC and CPA. (Cost met mille (views/impressions), Cost per Click, Cost Per Acquisition).
Sloppy budgets will not be accepted for a vote.

6. Specify deadlines
No project can be without a specific time limit. We need to know when you plan to either implement it, or when a project is supposed to go live.
If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread, so we can answer them in public.

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