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Anyone interested in game testing in general(no need to make a commitment or anything) check out that form/survey link the the OP. :) Thanks.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: SuperNET and other assets updates thread
« on: May 26, 2015, 05:05:44 pm »
Omnigames too.

Mobile games platform, publishing, and development.  :)

In development. No fixed date for public dividend distribution yet.

Also, seeking potential partners for equity share with experience in Unity3d. Especially if that experience has involved creating frameworks for the Unity asset store.

Freelance artists and Unity3d developers/game developers in general are also encouraged to get in touch for future projects too.

ORA / Re: Honk if you love ORA!
« on: April 30, 2015, 01:16:31 pm »

Jobs board / Re: Supernet jobs thread
« on: January 18, 2015, 06:22:12 pm »
If anyone has links to artist's portfolios preferably with experience creating 2D sprites for games can you send me a link via PM or at amarha at bitmark dot co. Thanks.  :)

Is this Asset ID correct : 7441230892853180965 ?

Yes, this is the right one.

Omnigames will develop freemium mobile games that uses crypto for in-game purchases starting with BTM. The goal is to bring mass market fiat users into crypto and to create popular games that different coin communities can customize.

80% of revenues will be distributed to assetholders. 20% of revenues will go to marketing affiliates, with Privatebet handling the SuperNET players for omnigames


amarha is the project manager and we are recruiting mobile game dev(s)


Okay i had a similar plan for RSunit project. Ability to purchase tokens via mobile (online payment gateway) that can be exchanged for other cryptos. Guess had to scrap that plan. The goal was the same to bring mass mobile users to crypto. I wish you guys luck, make it happen.

Actually this is a good thing to collaborate on together. This also can extend to what we spoke of before with getting prepaid crypto cards in shops. I'm based in Asia and here many people use prepaid game cards that they buy in shops. Getting those cards available for crypto purchase will be a high priority.

Also, for now I'm looking at walpay.co to potentially process some very small microtransactions to start out($5-$10). As they have started to process Bitcoin buys already via Visa/MC. They accept cards with the additional security feature "3D secure". Since they are able to process Bitcoin we can only assume that this cuts the fraud rate down to a manageable level. The recipe to break even on these type of transactions should be a)keeping the transactions small enough to limit loss b)charging a high enough fee to offset fraud c)some creative user tracking to help avoid high risk cases.

A few months I ago I wouldn't have ever thought we would have much of a chance of doing any sort of crypto microtransactions over these payment channels, but from researching it now I think it's possible.

I will also look at coinomat as they have a few methods of purchasing crypto as well.

Introduce Yourself / Hello
« on: November 16, 2014, 06:58:31 pm »

I'm amarha, also known as Este Nuno at the place that doesn't deserve to be mentioned because it's so bad(Bitcointalk :P).

I've always been a fan of NXT since I first found out about it. First time I saw the site I thought it was 'too good to be true'. In general I feel like NXT doesn't get the respect it deserves from the greater crypto community, especially Bitcoiners.

I'm the Community Manager for Bitmark, and I've also become involved with SuperNET. So I thought it might be a good time to finally make an account here and introduce myself. :)

Who's going to play jl777?! :D

Keanu Reeves in a 'Neo' like role?  8)

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