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Assets Board / Re: AutoDiv3 - Reliable Dividend Paying Asset
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:14:43 pm »
So Vultmining turned out to be a total scam, and its interesting to see this still running and paying dividends.

You just wait until a real investor buy 10k or 20k of this "assets" and then he's going to be Suntazered faster than light  ;D


I already read it at past posts, but just I want to be sure that I understand it properly:

The dividends are processed on Friday.
-Distributed the same day to the asset holders at NXT AE.
-Distributed by POLONIEX on Sunday to the asset holders at POLONIEX.

Is that correct? 


Nxt Marketplace / Re: Scratchcards
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:08:51 pm »
What would you think of Scratchcards where you win Assets instead of NXT? :)

It could be interesting  :)

Mostly it'll depend of the asset selection as price

An update will be a nice detail to the asset investors...

If anyone is interested to just keep the track the updates on LTCGear, this thread at Litecointalk is pretty useful:

LTCGear Update Thread (updates Only, no discussion)


If anything changes, probably there is going to be the first place to be aware and post it.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from spain!
« on: January 31, 2015, 11:58:11 am »
Bienvenido a la comunidad!

Nxt Marketplace / Re: Scratchcards
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:24:46 am »
I already tried one of each, the system works. Following the proceed to buy one is easy.

When I have a winning ticket I'll send the feedback about the payment   ;)

Nxt Marketplace / Re: Scratchcards
« on: January 30, 2015, 11:27:11 pm »
interesting idea. Sounds fun!

I'm going to try one of each :)

Is a transfer of 196000 assets of VULTMINING to the CELL issue account, if is any relatioship between this accounts, you can be potentially scammed in the same way... insane sell walls and the asset sucked out to dry...

You can expect that this clone of VULTMINING ends in the same way... total scam and the asset sucked out to dry...

@SunTazer, you're a piece of shameless scammer  >:(

you're just creating dummy accounts from POLONIEX to transfer to them assets and make sell walls to suck out to the bone the asset...

and whose don't want to believe that check in the blockchain the history of the assets transfers out from  NXT-RAXZ-7NZH-6VTC-EFN4N for free...

Oh, last one 196000 to the CELL issue account... closing the circle of scam?

(Holding euphoria) After a 42 days... We are almost there?


VULTMINING (12419839393546948696) Total issued assets: 3200000, Assets to be distributed to: 262579
Summary of proposed distribution of  10335.9NXT to 66 assetholders
Based on ownership at timestamp 36554411 (Wed, 21 Jan 2015 14:00:11 GMT)

So at 14:00 of 21/01/2015 there were 262579 assets distributed.

But if you do the math now with the numbers of the Asset Distribution at the NXT client:

3200000 -  2813172 of the asset issuer =  386828

So 124249 assets have been distributed few hours ago...


I think so you should talk with one of the Hero members and explain your asset running, is going to be the only way to stop the dumpings and don't turn into (if not already)  junk asset.

Several investors already asked for that.


Difficulty has doubled. Minters, good job! First milestone reached, only fourty seven more to go :P

Remember to pm freeworm to add EGOLD to bter.com I did but he must hear from YOU, yes, YOU.

Miner's 102:

If there is any chance to be listed in one of the big exchanges... Stop dumping and hold!!!   ;D

Pub crawl / Re: Tapatalk 3.3 -- terrible
« on: January 18, 2015, 09:44:59 pm »
I really miss the reload button of the Android's Tapatalk in iOS version  :'(

thanks for that guys! ive just sent out the correct remaining dividend - it seems there was a small mistake of 0.2% alone the line there.

updates shortly  ;)

ah i thought i was slightly short  ;D  thanks for the correction & second dividend payout!

you guys are excellent with your maths!

Thanks to you to spot it and thanks SunTazer for the quick fixing  :)

Any updates about this?

On a side note, i have been in contact with a nxt.org adminstrator: Berzerk - and im thinking of hiring him for the design of our website - just to give us a base and appear a little more professional and organized - also a website would be a great place to post information/stats/logs - as not everyone uses bitcointalk or nxtforum.

What do you think? I don't know how much could cost or how many time will take, but I believe it would be a very useful tool to check the asset running, ending the scepticism (reasonable or not) and allowing the asset to grow to the next level   ::)

How do you calculate 1.1%? I calculate 0.92%

ah did you? whats your nxt id? i will recalculate dividends and if there was a mistake in calculation, i will add it onto the following days dividends  :)

It's not only me, I think all shareholders received 0.92%, not declared 1.1%.

Think he is right. I got 150 assets, invested 300, should have gotten 3.3 NX... got 2.74.....

Correct. The dividend is well distributed, but 3195,33 NXT is the 0.9163875% of the asset total value:

(dividend NXT)*100/(asset*asset value NXT)

so (3195,33*100) = 319533
(174355*2) = 348710

(319533/348710) = 0,9163875%

Unfortunately, due to unexpected difficulties in processing old database generated by December attacks, the upgrade will be delayed for two days.
New eta ETA is Jan 18

"New eta ETA"  I hope is a typo  :P 

Oh god guys this is going to end in tears.

IS that green and red markers? LOL

once i bring out the green and red markers, i mean business  :D

Im just trying to ignore the negative and deliver constant and persistent profits - as no matter what i say or do, people will still speculate and be hesitant.

If you are an investor, don't be afraid to speak up a little, try outweigh the negative vibes we have going on from certain users.

SunTazer, thanks for the dividends and keep with the good work. Let's share my thoughts about the asset:

I invested in it because as miner I recon the renting rig strategy can be profitable. Let me explain my opinion from my own experience:

From the dozens of Zombiecoins of several algos, the strategy of renting cheap rigs to mine them to pull some profit from them is not madness. To name some profitable examples of renting rigs to:

-Mine POTCOIN before reward halving.
-Mine VIA before the adding of merged mining.
-Mine PAYCOIN at the moment before POS phase (and you had the chance to exchange quick!!! ;D).

Lower profile examples are a lot more, but at smaller volumes, and almost all of them unnoticed because they are "hit and run" opportunities that happens at page 2 to 5 of BITTREX by volume (to name one). The expertise managing trading bots is also a plus, because trade this stuff is quite time consuming...

All this strategy requires a hell % time, a % brokerage skills and % of investment to scale up the renting rigs and the bots... with all of that is not crazy guarantee circa 1% ALMOST every day. 

At downside must be aware of:
-Renting to mine this coins sometimes can be safe bet, but also sometimes waste. Zombiecoins are curious animals  :D 
-Sometimes shit happens with bots and exchanges.
-More investment scales up the whole operation, needs to be more diversified, making it less risky but less profitable.

IMHO I advise to SunTazer a controlled grow of the asset and I advise to the investor use all that the daily dividend implies:

-Daily communication with the asset issuer.
-Daily chance to check if the asset is on track.
-Daily chance to debate the asset development.

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