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The most interesting part for me is the account NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7. Is it exchange account? I'm doing investigation on another big scam, but I need to know information about this account. Anybody knows?

It's shapeshift.io hot wallet, often used as mixing service for scam assets self buying.

Thank you martismartis. It makes sense, the scammer entity behind Vultmining did the homework and knew that in a past scam the scammed funds where blocked by the exchange. With Shapeshift.io that will never happen.

So Vultmining or whoever is his/their nowadays accounts found a safe way out and probably a way in again to NXT AE to keep scamming.

Updating the OP, identified and proved the scammer procedure I'm posting a threat to clearly warm about this.

« on: April 01, 2015, 08:02:17 pm »
Received in POLONIEX, thanks

« on: April 01, 2015, 03:03:05 pm »


Total Profit: 277,909NXT
ROI: 277,909 / 4,385,000 = 6.34%
Dividend Amount: 208,431.75NXT
Dividend / Asset: 2.79NXT
Dividend was sent Wednesday, April 1 at 14:41 GMT

In my business plan, I estimated monthly profits of 152,500NXT.  This month was almost double that amount and I expect it to keep growing.  I've done some more code tweaks and I've noticed a significant improvement just this last week.  I estimate that the extra capital from selling the extra 1000 shares has improved profits by 5-10k this week.

Adding in Supernet today.


Congratulations for a great job with the asset.

The people who have the assets in POLONIEX, they going to be paid too? Any idea which day?

The most interesting part for me is the account NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7. Is it exchange account? I'm doing investigation on another big scam, but I need to know information about this account. Anybody knows?

Not a clue yet, but definetly, it's one of the most interesting point. Let's try again:

Anyone ever traded with or transfered to the account NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7 ??

Please help us to identify if it is an exchange hotwallet or one of the most notorius scam plataform account of the last 3 months...


PS: I apologize in advance in case if anyone think that I have been too loud.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: PayExpo 2015 - London 9-10 June 2015
« on: March 21, 2015, 07:31:38 pm »
Sending 10k...

Hi, this is bad news to hear. I own HashRate.org shares and I am disappointed to learn this pool is no longer paying miners in relation to LTCGear... I had no idea they were related. Just wondering how difficult it would be to get another pool for NXT up and running. Is there sufficient community interest in a pool of this type? Never saw much hashrate there at least during the 3-4 months I was using it.

I have it listed as a top pool on my site but I must take it down if no payout is happening. I don't want to mislead any one into mining on a rogue pool. I lost a lot of NXT too :(

In any case, I still believe the pool can provide buying support for NXT if it had more users and maybe a better system. Unfortunately I don't think I have the skills to run a pool apparently it is very difficult w/o intimate knowledge of Linux.  I have little skill using Linux though I have it installed and have used it on and off. I will put some serious time into learning it over the next few months (and years) so I don't have this disadvantage in the future.

I loved the idea and I would love to run a similar site, but I think I am excluded due to my average linux knowledge. A new pool maybe w/o shareholders so nobody gets hurt if it doesn't pan out might be good if someone has the ability. Part of the appeal was the community ownership but this turned out to not work out in the favor of the shareholders in the community >.<

Is there a different pool I can mine at similar to Hashrate.org providing support to NXT price? Otherwise I'll point my 110 MH/s Scrypt at somewhere else and buy NXT with proceeds. Thanks :)

I believe a pool is quite complicate business. My 2 NXT about that:

Nowdays the trend with the scrypt pools are 2:

-Straight mining to a currency, autoswitch and paid in several currencies.

-Autoswitch and paid in BTC or almost anything that you choose.

The first ones are the choose for the big miners and people who don't want wait 24-72 hours to get paid and have the time to try to proper trade the stuff into the wished coin.   

The second ones looks like the choose for the smaller miners. Good choose if want to save the daily fuss of trade, but some days that you will feel victim of sloopy trades (bad rate for the multicoins, worst rate to the choosed coin). Well automated exchange it's not perfect...

If you think the first ones are your thing, I can give you some directions.

On the second case, you better try yourself and check if the output suits you.

About pools numbers:   

10 GHs (like 25 Titans) of scrypt is likely to mine 1.5 to 2 BTC per day, a 2% pool fees will give 0.03-0.04 BTC daily, 0.9-1.2 BTC monthly, and discount the fees of server, ISP,... so the gains with the pool fees for smaller pools are pretty meager... the operators trend to don't care too much and the big miners leave at the minimal sign of pool miss care, so often remain small.   

With this profits expectations for small pools the best case scenario is one man operation who can deal himself the tech the support, care the coin daemons are up to date... and love to be a pool operator. Or a bunch of people whose as hobby can cover every section of that pool. 

But large pools are not out of trouble, are constanly attacked, DDOSed and try to be hacked. So the monthly security fee is also large and the problems scale up so quickly, so the discontent of the miners whose are going to leave and hold the grudge across the forums...


Assets Board / Re: [ANN] Just Own Mining Hardware Asset
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:02:08 am »

Here's a snapshot on the working.

How many days of mining have produced the shown results ?

The snapshot we have made during the tuning phase. Unfortunately, I can make no statement as to 100%. Since not all miners were constantly active.
We try to achieve the best results by fine-tuning. Testing at KNC Mining is important and we try all the existing firmware and settings.
The test phase is almost complete, so that in the future we have stable values. I think there were about 5-6 days.
But do not worry. We collect and transfer the coins regularly in our wallet in order to trade at the best time.

Best Regards,

Thanks for explaining... I was about to calculate if this could be a profitable asset.

My thoughts : From older postings I think you are located in Germany, which will make mining expensive due to electricity cost. The Titans are known to use a bit more than 1kW at the wall, the other one I don't know. So I think you are at somewhere around 3.5kW. Assuming EUR 0.25 per kWh you reach ~1 USD per hour, or ~ 25 USD per day.  If the earnings shown have been made in 5 days it looks reasonable... but if there are 6 days, all earnings will be spend for electricty...

So I will have a closer look in future, more reliable numbers before investing...

Let yourself be surprised ;D
Do not worry about the cost of electricity.

The first payment of dividends will be on the 29th march 2015 and after that every 2 weeks each Sunday.

Thank you all for your interest in our project.

Best Regards,

I have a Titan since November, let me give some first hand specs:

-Since firmware 1.15 Titan draws 1,5 kW.
-With the last firmware and the proper pool selection is no need of babysit it. It can run for weeks without problems.
-There are few pools adapted to work with them properly. Most of them are straigth LTC mining with some merged mining. Very few autoswitch works under 1% rejects and the merged multiswitch without LTC is around 3% (last time I checked).
-Nowadays, at best, you can expect something between 0.16 to 0.21 BTC per 1 GHs of Scrypt. Up to that you need to play mid term strategies (shitcoin lauching hunch, gambling waiting the insta-nonsense pumps at exchanges to make a niceee dump).

If you need any help to configure the Titans ask to me, I know from experience it's a pain in ass to setup the animal (nowadays a bit less) and it tooks a while also find out the spots to walk them.

Good luck with the asset, if you want more people to invest, it will be good to find a neat way to organize and show the daily numbers/weekly reports. 


I'm not very tech savy and I'm still learning, so if anyone see that I misterpreted the information please let me know. Also the research is not 100% complete, if anyone can add some info, please you're welcome. Here is the detailed proof of how the accounts are linked.

1. Straight transfer to BTER via dummy account "Loading my bots"

That said SunTazer when he started to transfer from the asset account NXT-RAXZ-7NZH-6VTC-EFN4N to the dummy account NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6 , to move later to BTER hotwallet ( NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA ). A brief example:

Jan 13   9523703379589093773      NXT-RAXZ-7NZH-6VTC-EFN4N      NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6   37,000.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 13   8863348698541455080      NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6      NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA   36,999.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 14   8570167118294507266      NXT-RAXZ-7NZH-6VTC-EFN4N      NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6   19,852.30 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 14   17115654931335751233      NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6      NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA   19,851.30 NXT   1.00 NXT

2. Asset transfer for free, dumping and jitney accounts "I paid the web designer with assets and now is dumping them"

Well, actually he transfered (not sell) assets to several dummy accounts. Then these accounts dump the assets on legit buy orders in the asset market to keep stealing money, once the market is a bit mature and he cannot sell because he has legit sell orders below the price of the assets at the issuer account. Is not just keep going the Ponzi, is steal at any rate possible.

Also gives some fake sense of liquitidy at the scam asset market and some fake distribution (playing like big asset holders are in to lure small investors to the asset).

Accounts with free transfers of assets:

NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY  2000 + 86224 assets (supposed to be a web designer paid with assets who inmediatly dumped to NXT AE)

NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4  61124 + 61125 assets (with the message "private sale | Nesso78")

NXT-XGSX-NGHN-SZ9H-F9PM7  2000 assets + 1000 NXT (with the message "

NXT-KTRA-RCBM-8LKU-8AHV5  196000 assets (When the scam was exposed and SunTazer scorching earth, this was the last transfer, and he did to CELL asset issuer, was some debate, he claimed he didn't know nothing about that and sended them genesis account. I'll left this one out of the research)

2.1 The super jitney move NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY

(alleged web designer) dumped the assets and divided the NXT into 10 jitney accounts...

Jan 19   9573063784066947408      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-QGQM-3S9X-HFPH-2HQES   24,500.00 NXT   
Jan 19   10318492634633427672      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-7CC5-5VM7-3FMF-3UYU4   17,300.00 NXT   
Jan 17   3640132494581524182      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-FUCZ-P768-WN3E-2U6HV   14,800.00 NXT   
Jan 18   15389795192571540231      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-QME7-9PQX-CZWC-H64DB   14,300.00 NXT   
Jan 17   15500314060867581579      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-6T6Y-QHKE-HTCV-F3DYY   9,400.00 NXT   
Jan 18   4846404703859707935      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-TPF7-CXDE-R5JF-EMR37   9,100.00 NXT   
Jan 19   18405650118244834690      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-P39W-Y7E2-DJCX-GH95D   8,900.00 NXT   
Jan 19   7416912687798080098      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-2PXL-FK97-TNKP-C94B8   8,300.00 NXT   
Jan 20   15208026786635293405      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-UNZC-UWDR-ZEFW-862U4   5,800.00 NXT
Jan 17   12536959694070527938      NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY      NXT-WRQS-XH6P-PCYQ-9UTW2   1,102.00 NXT   

...to funnel all 10 to NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7

Jan 19   2377156549164032005      NXT-QGQM-3S9X-HFPH-2HQES      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   24,499.00 NXT
Jan 19   7384583869852279805      NXT-7CC5-5VM7-3FMF-3UYU4      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   17,299.00 NXT
Jan 17   10662499392121857621      NXT-FUCZ-P768-WN3E-2U6HV      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   14,799.00 NXT
Jan 18   14963325602861848069      NXT-QME7-9PQX-CZWC-H64DB      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   14,299.00 NXT
Jan 17   919540546506464581      NXT-6T6Y-QHKE-HTCV-F3DYY      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   9,399.00 NXT   
Jan 18   2419227234044947799      NXT-TPF7-CXDE-R5JF-EMR37      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   9,099.00 NXT   
Jan 19   17840502421793702406      NXT-2PXL-FK97-TNKP-C94B8      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   8,299.00 NXT
Jan 20   8243803283547472797      NXT-UNZC-UWDR-ZEFW-862U4      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   5,799.00 NXT
Jan 17   12427182572396164016      NXT-WRQS-XH6P-PCYQ-9UTW2      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   1,101.00 NXT   

NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7 Is a exchange hotwallet? Is a real person account?

2.2 The big asset transfer, advanced NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4

Finger pointed for the actions of NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY , Suntazer change the strategy to cloak the assets transfers. He created more dummy accounts to rinse the assets for not to be easly spottet in the asset distribution. Dummy accounts:

On Jan 21 he used the account create the dummy account and retransfer the 131885 assets to NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR

4471029331185387312   2015-01-21 15:15:13   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   0   Asset Transfer
5716767935454166896   2015-01-21 15:08:47   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   20   Ordinary Payment

12419839393546948696   Transfer in   61'124   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   21.01.2015 14:58
12419839393546948696   Transfer in   61'125   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   21.01.2015 14:58
12419839393546948696   Transfer out   113'885   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   21.01.2015 15:15

Later, on 27 Jan he used this account to transfer back 21669 NXT from BTER to buy 425 Pangea assets and transfer them to NXT-DC6C-RM7X-N7XH-CRH8C

1899113935611668833   2015-01-27 09:15:29   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-DC6C-RM7X-N7XH-CRH8C   0   Asset Transfer
7615537366830473691   2015-01-27 08:41:01   NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA      NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4   20439   Ordinary Payment
742640019931302799   2015-01-27 08:39:16   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-DC6C-RM7X-N7XH-CRH8C   0   Asset Transfer
15213234802102303758   2015-01-27 08:31:52   NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA      NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4   1230   Ordinary Payment

6883271355794806507   Buy   25.0000   46.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   1'150.00 NXT   812.50 NXT   -337.50 NXT   27.01.2015 08:37
6883271355794806507   Transfer out   25.0000   0.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   812.50 NXT   -812.50 NXT   27.01.2015 08:39
6883271355794806507   Buy   53.0000   46.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   2'438.00 NXT   1'722.50 NXT   -715.50 NXT   27.01.2015 09:00
6883271355794806507   Buy   200.0000   47.50000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   9'500.00 NXT   6'500.00 NXT   -3'000.00 NXT   27.01.2015 09:00
6883271355794806507   Buy   25.0000   47.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   1'175.00 NXT   812.50 NXT   -362.50 NXT   27.01.2015 09:00
6883271355794806507   Buy   100.0000   49.90000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   4'990.00 NXT   3'250.00 NXT   -1'740.00 NXT   27.01.2015 09:00
6883271355794806507   Buy   49.8000   50.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   2'490.00 NXT   1'618.50 NXT   -871.50 NXT   27.01.2015 09:01
6883271355794806507   Transfer out   402.0000   0.00000000 NXT   32.50000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   13'065.00 NXT   -13'065.00 NXT   27.01.2015 09:15


The amount of 131885 assets still were very noticeable so he created new dummy accounts and retransfered to:


and remain with 24089 assets for the sell orders at 2.2 NXT faking be a confident investor. Of the dummy accounts only NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q transfer back 23233 NXT to be retransfered to NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8

12419839393546948696   Transfer in   113'885   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   20'499.30 NXT   20'499.30 NXT   21.01.2015 15:15
12419839393546948696   Transfer out   24'556   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   4'420.08 NXT   -4'420.08 NXT   21.01.2015 15:28
12419839393546948696   Transfer out   27'876   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   5'017.68 NXT   -5'017.68 NXT   21.01.2015 15:28
12419839393546948696   Transfer out   33'112   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   5'960.16 NXT   -5'960.16 NXT   21.01.2015 15:39
12419839393546948696   Transfer out   4'112   0.00000000 NXT   0.18000000 NXT arr   0.00 NXT   740.16 NXT   -740.16 NXT   21.01.2015 15:58

5716767935454166896   2015-01-21 15:08:47   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   20   Ordinary Payment
4471029331185387312   2015-01-21 15:15:13   NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   0   Asset Transfer
13054389986461696202   2015-01-21 15:22:42   NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q   5   Ordinary Payment
10580725349724845034   2015-01-21 15:24:24   NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   5   Ordinary Payment
1899549539312140238   2015-01-21 15:26:22   NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R   5   Ordinary Payment
13163954371729041493   2015-01-21 15:28:37   NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q   0   Asset Transfer
17044803010663550083   2015-01-21 15:28:57   NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   0   Asset Transfer

Jan 21   6074698305152042520      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   23,223.00 NXT   
Jan 21   2052127946010228292      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   23,113.00 NXT NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8

Appeared a transfer to NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7 , the funnel account of "web developer" NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY . Also three new accounts appear to divide.


Jan 23   2037949009523832851      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-FQGX-SBLU-N7XG-58DDQ   27,000.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 21   1608819606135703201      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q   23,500.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 21   13770267816490914623      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   23,172.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 21   2052127946010228292      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   23,113.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 23   15606920253340632256      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-YEDK-M5AP-67KU-HMCF7   11,450.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 24   17952341717819283100      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-B3RN-XNFL-FMYS-62ZLP   7,250.00 NXT   1.00 NXT

Jan 23   1737649489244702587      NXT-FQGX-SBLU-N7XG-58DDQ      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   26,999.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 23   2037949009523832851      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-FQGX-SBLU-N7XG-58DDQ   27,000.00 NXT   1.00 NXT NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q

Used to dump assets. Transfered the profits back to NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR and to NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6 , Suntazer usual funnel account to BTER.

Jan 21   1608819606135703201      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q   23,500.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 21   6074698305152042520      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q      NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR   23,223.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 27   11740009066947686503      NXT-PUSJ-EHYJ-UZWE-9LT8Q      NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6   6,400.00 NXT   1.00 NXT NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R

This account has some assets transfered, but also had a BTER transfer. Two new dummy accounts

Jan 21   1611375936989089755      NXT-LVKY-Q9KY-5Q2Z-AV9JA      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R   23,381.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 21   13770267816490914623      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R      NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8   23,172.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 24   14697010708487329463      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R      NXT-AVVA-5WKA-F4M3-6E4J9   13,500.00 NXT   1.00 NXT
Jan 27   1200275422598227244      NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R      NXT-QFEZ-NF3P-26D7-DPS3S   5,401.00 NXT

Index of accounts linked to Vultmining scam:

NXT-RAXZ-7NZH-6VTC-EFN4N  Vulmining asset issuer account (Suntazer)

NXT-3L8N-7MFP-V49Y-4MWU6  Obvious jitney to exchange.

1. NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY  2000 + 86224 assets (supposed to be a web designer paid with assets who inmediatly dumped to NXT AE)

2. NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4  61124 + 61125 assets (with the message "private sale | Nesso78")

3. NXT-XGSX-NGHN-SZ9H-F9PM7  2000 assets and 1000 NXT (with the "payment services" )

4. NXT-KTRA-RCBM-8LKU-8AHV5  196000 assets (This was a late transfer to CELL asset issuer account, when the scam already was exposed and Suntazer was clearing the house. Too obvious, koko2025 claimed knew nothing about that, it was some debate, the general accepted conclusion is that was an scorched land strategy and the assets were sended genesis account.)


Linked to NXT-HJYC-JN8Z-WZJA-3ENDY, jitney accounts

NXT-QGQM-3S9X-HFPH-2HQES      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   24,499.00 NXT
NXT-7CC5-5VM7-3FMF-3UYU4      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   17,299.00 NXT
NXT-FUCZ-P768-WN3E-2U6HV      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   14,799.00 NXT
NXT-QME7-9PQX-CZWC-H64DB      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   14,299.00 NXT
NXT-6T6Y-QHKE-HTCV-F3DYY      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   9,399.00 NXT   
NXT-TPF7-CXDE-R5JF-EMR37      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   9,099.00 NXT   
NXT-2PXL-FK97-TNKP-C94B8      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   8,299.00 NXT
NXT-UNZC-UWDR-ZEFW-862U4      NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7   5,799.00 NXT

funnel to NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7 (Possible exchange hot wallet? because if not this could be fun)

2. NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4

Linked to NXT-82JY-37RE-QGUZ-44TW4

NXT-PF9S-CJQJ-SSRU-BTAYR used to distribute assets to the follow dummy accounts with purpose to dump them:

NXT-DC6C-RM7X-N7XH-CRH8C (possible exchange hot wallet)



linked to NXT-EVP2-TBBA-UQK2-3P5Z8




Linked to NXT-VE74-4KXE-P8KU-EMQ5R





Noob guide to read the blockchain to spot scammy asset issuers: p.e. Vultmining

Vultimining scam is old news to anyone who had been around more than 6 weeks. For the newbies here I think so can be interesting that you learn the several strategies that SunTazer used to suck out dry his asset.

Most of this strategies are out of date, but still interesting to see how behaves a scammer to run with the money and the ways to try to hide his identity. Also with the publishing the accounts used, we are sure that they will never be used again and/or we can relate them easly with a forum search.

This knowledge can be useful when you do a due dilligence of an asset. A completed checks the account issiuer of the asset and several accounts of the asset distribution, just in case some holders are dummy accounts.


-A legit asset issuer usually tell to his asset holders when he's going to do any transfer out of money or assets from the issuer account before to do it.

-A scammer just do the transfers and if someone find out it he comes up with excuses.

-If something looks bad and is hard to explain, is probably worst. Leave the reasonable doubt to real life, no place for it here.

Common strategies:

Straight transfer to POLO, BTER or any other exchange hotwallet.
- Transfer using jitney accounts to POLO, BTER, BITTREX or any other exchange hotwallet.
- Transfer using several jitney accounts to funnel the money to a master account, previous to transfer to POLO, BTER, BITTREX or any other exchange hotwallet.
- Transfer out for free assets to dummy  accounts to dump on the asset market.
- Transfer the obtained money to an exchange account.
- Use the obtained money to buy other assets and transfer to an exchange account (some assets are traded out of NXT AE, so the exchanges have accounts for them).
- The asset issuer use Shapeshifter.io to run with the money. Shapeshifter.io works perfectily as a mixer service so the scammers can suck out the money without anyway to stop or trace them.

The next post is going to be a sort of account index and the next below would be the proof of why these accounts are published. If someone spot that I'm wrong or misread the blockchain please let me know and I'll edit it.

Used tools:

-NxtReporting.com (easy to check the tranfers in/out, buys/sells of assets)
-MyNXT.info and NXTblocks.info (they're very useful to track account transfers throught jitney accounts)
-NXT AE client to check asset distribution.


NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7, as martismartis pointed, is a common Shapeshifter.io address. I didn't check, but probably most of the accounts published here too.

Shapeshifter.io works perfectily as a mixer service so the scammers can suck out the money without anyway to stop or trace them. 

So the so be aware asset investors, be very cautious to invest in assests where the asset issuer is using Shapeshift.io accounts to move in/out funds. as you can see it's a proved scammer behaivour here. Also check if the big asset holders accounts are heavily funded via Shapeshift.io, it doesn't make a lot of financial sense use it, the rates and comisions makes Shapeshift.io pretty expensive to move large amounts of NXT.


I just bought the 135000 MMNXT at 1.03NXT. The recent performance is very good and I feel very positive about this asset.

Just look at http://www.mmnxt.com to see for yourself.
Thank you for your continuous support!
I've said several times but I'll repeat - we're just at the beginning of our road.

Checking http://www.mmnxt.com last days I expected a good dividend this week. 

So if we're at the beginning of the road... I'm gonna to enjoy it  :)

Thanks for your efforts and keep with your great work. 

I always pledged to make fees for creating assets higher, same goes for MS Currencies. Higher fees will keep spammers away, but not serious companies who want to create assets.


And the karma ratings for assets can be easly rigged.

Nowadays we have a flock of sockpuppet accounts in the forum daily dedicated to karma themselves and bitcoinpaul anyone whom dares to question the puppeter. We already have accounts with almost 10x karmas than posts, so we can expect that will happens the same with the asset ratings...

PS: waiting a shower of bitcoinpauls in 3...2...1...  ;D

Español (Spanish) / Re: Hablemos de Assets
« on: March 02, 2015, 07:32:03 pm »
En este foro nuevo hemos puesto una subcategoría dentro de nxt para hablar de los assets.


Gracias, muy interesante, cuando tenga tiempo me paso y cuelgo mi par de assets favoritos

Español (Spanish) / Re: Hablemos de Assets
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:32:19 pm »
Lo de aguantar NXT y esperar a que suban más vale que tengas paciencia.
Se ve que hay uno de los inversores iniciales de NXT, que tiene como más de 30 millones, que cada vez que el precio sube o se acerca a 0.00006 suelta unos sell walls de más de 100 BTC que van bajando hasta dejar el precio alrededor de 0.00005
Esto es bueno o malo?
En general el precio es muy estable y no se le contagia tanto como otros la volatilidad del BTC. Hay quien dice que suprime la subidas de precio por hypes o anuncios, para evitar que el supuesto escenario de que los devs hagan caja y se larguen (clásico crypto). La verdad no es que tenga unos cuantos devs buenos, sino que en mi opinión tiene la densidad más alta de talento que he visto por el mundillo.   

Los assets, SN aparte, són la razón de NXT, los clasificaria en:

-Proyectos a largo plazo, planteados por gente con gran reputación, si te esperas varios meses pueden salirte bien o no.
-Assets de retantabilidad moderada demostrada, semanal o mensual, con mucha antigüedad y transparencia.
-Proyectos nuevos, pero también con un gran apoyo de todas la vacas sagradas del foro.
-Desde que peto LTCGear al cloudmining ni acercarse.

A partir de aquí todo es casino total, pero con probabilidad mínima de ganar.
Las estafas tipo Ponzi en general se detectan porque va acompañadas rebaños de cuentas títeres. Si un asset parece malo, no lo pienses demasiado, es peor  :D

PD: Podriamos considerar este el equivalente de Price Speculation en español? 

Bravo por la guia!

La caña esta en camino  ;D

Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿De donde somos los Nxter de habla hispana?
« on: March 01, 2015, 05:02:11 pm »
Estoy dando vueltas todo el dia, pero soy de Barcelona, España

PD: Alguien se apuntaria a hacer una presentación de NXT en los Meetup de Bitcoiners de bitcoiners de Barcelona?

« on: March 01, 2015, 04:12:12 pm »
Dividend received, thanks!

Just to check, the dividend is 0.4282 NXT per share?


totally noob question, but I'm making a guide of common exchange hotwallets, help me do the due dilligence when I'm think to invest in an asset. But NXT-W3MP-U847-GPSZ-EW7V7 I don't know which one relates  ???

So far I identified:




If anyone know which exchange is or you certain know it isn't one, please let me know.

Thanks for your help

« on: February 27, 2015, 09:10:45 am »
Maybe for the updates of the web page? 

Assets Board / Re: AutoDiv3 - Reliable Dividend Paying Asset
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:29:47 pm »
Food for thought  :)

Some math for you, read it and weep knowing that you haven't invested yet:

1 BTC = 236 dollars (current price 26-2)
100$ gives you -> 0.4237 -> 0.42 BTC (with transfer fees)
1 NXT = 0.00005403 BTC   (current price 26-2)
0.42BTC gives you -> 7773.4591 NXT -> 7770 (with transfer fees)

0.1NXT/autodiv3 share
7770NXT gives you -> 77690 autodiv3 shares (-1NXT network fee)
Weekly, you will get at least 3.0% dividend.

So for the first week:
(77690/100)x 3 = 2338.8 shares worth of dividend. Which translates to 233.9 NXT (2338.8 / 10)

If the profits are good, you can even get 6.5% dividends per week:
(77690/100)x 6.5 = 5067.4 shares worth of dividend. Which translates to 506.7 NXT (5067.4 / 10)

That means that of your first investment of 7770NXT, you get somewhere between 233.9NXT and 506.7NXT for the first
Let's not get overoptimistic and say only the bottom 3.0% is achieved every week. That means that in a year (52 weeks)
your investment has grown from 7770NXT to 19932.8 ((52x233.9) + 7770). This is without you investing anything more, and
just collecting dividends. This number will only get higher as you have a chance each week to get far more than 3.0% dividends.

Let's calculate back to USD. After 1 year, you will have at least 19932.8NXT, at the current exchange rates this is
1.0769BTC (19932.8 x 0.00005403). Again, at current exchange rates, this is (1.0769 x 236) 254.15$. Which means that in
one year of doing nothing but collecting, you have at least doubled your investment.

It might be hard to trust autodiv3 in delivering, but these statistics are more than worth the risk. I myself have been doing it for
some time now, and it is really been satisfying to me.

You can check what I received from autodiv3 by tracking my NXT address:

Food for thought  ???

If you want someone track your  NXT address, at least post it...

And the only weeping that is going to be here it'll be yours if you dare to buy 20k assets  :D


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