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Latest Stable Nxt Client: Nxt 1.12.2

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Just a few hours into NXT and I had the worse surprise ever :(

No idea how, I found the client downloading the blockchain and balance 0

Hello everybody. I am glad I have met NXT and this amazing forum full of precious info and people in so short time.

I realise I am late between the early adopters of NXT and I will do my best to assure NXT to become THE Crypto Currency of choice.

Not only a Crypto Currency, but all that NXT is! Amazing!

I look forward to contribute and learn all about NXT so that I can help others.


   I am involved with a company that does video animations. I would be very glad to help spread the word on the NXT Coin project, the differences with BitCoin, and whatever else there is to know. I do need the support of someone with enough knowledge and ability of explaining things properly.

You can see our portfolio of works here: https://www.youtube.com/user/the25sda/videos?sort=p

I would appreciate if the contact is with someone that can guarantee that once the video is ready it will be used in the major relevant websites and used in the media kit of NXT. Production of video such as the one we do is VERY expensive in terms of time and people (thus salary and bills). While we will be happy to accept donations for the work, what would justify doing it is the exposure we can get while NXT grows in popularity. We can also provide matching illustrations for whatever need (brochures, PDF, web pages, etc).

Keep in consideration that the production time can reach 3 months.

Looking forward to prepare an amazing NXT video for the community! :)

I have an app that runs only with the Java provided by Apple. If I install Oracle's one the OSX one gets disabled (?) or both running creates some conflict... Not sure, I say this just for the warning I received when I attempted to install Oracle's Java (latest version).

Anyways, I am now an happy camper (still not able to forge, but I guess it is a matter of waiting. :)

Yes, but it creates new wallets, you can't use it to open an existing one...

UPDATE: So, I gave up on an OSX (yes, it is Apple Mac) client, as the need of the Oracle's Java is something that has the downside of suddenly disabling java from all the browsers. I have a Windows PC and I installed the client there (Nxt Wallet 1.2 downloaded from nxtra.org/nxt-wallet) so I finally managed to open the account I previously had created with the Android client and got hold of my NXT coins! ;)

Now the questions are millions, I will post those I get no answer googling...

Thank you so far for the support!


Hi Daedelus,
   I did not manage (yet) to have a client installed nor in the computer, nor in the phone. Not due to failed attempts, but rather because I had no time to try seriously :)

I am for now piling up NXT on the online wallet...


Hello forkedchain,
   thank you for your reply. I did manage to check the balance already (this is why I know the deposit went through) but I never managed to install the client as it requires Java (the original one) and my OSX feels offended if I do stop using the OSX version of Java (somehow it gives problems). The fact that you confirm me that the account can be accessed with a client is already relaxing me ;)

I will create a VM and setup an Ubuntu distro and try it there. :)

Thank you again for the reply. I wish there was an easier way tho, and I look forward for the Android app to be updated.


Hello everyone. This is my first post, and it is to ask help. I promise I did search in google first, and in the forum now and I did not find an answer to this (silly? simple?) question:

Can an existing address be managed in a client application?

Here is my situation more in details. I downloaded and installed a NXT client in my Android phone (Samsun S5). Looks nice and I created a NXT address (wallet, whatever you call it). All the functions of the wallet were working ok, but I had no funds in it. So I went in an exchange and purchased NXT with BTC and sent the NXT to my newly created wallet. When the Android client opens the "transactions" page, the app crashes. This stops the app to see the balance I have, and thus I can't send NXT out. So I have my NXT "locked" in that wallet. I did look for other clients that would allow me to "open" my existing wallet, but nothing that would install in my OSX, and the one online only creates a new address when the account is created, and do not have the function for me to enter my other address and security phrase to manage my NXT...

Any suggestion on how to get back in control of my NXT in that address created by the Android app?

Thank you in advance for your help, and accept my apologies if the question is silly (not for me) and/or has been already answered somewhere else in the forum.


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