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Thanks to the quick design skills of community members like marenkar, farl4bit, gvans, and some others I forgot, we've got some great Ardor logo ideas to choose from! I've listed the most promising designs below, taken from two earlier topics and from Slack.

The question is, which logo do we think is best?  Cast your votes, you get two of 'm!

Some things to take into consideration:
  • We need a logo where the full brand name is clearly visible, but also where it still works as a symbol without the name.
  • Blue is nice and NXTish and feels trustworthy for finance. But on the other hand: Ardor needs to be different from NXT since it doesn't replace NXT, most coins on CMC are already blueish (or gold), and... China seems to like red.
  • Fancy logos with gradients and sophisticated colour schemes can be beautiful! But if you're making a bad paper copy in black/white, or you need a quick & cheap monochrome version, a simpler design can be more practical and versatile.
  • Same goes for scale. A design needs to work well as a small favicon too. Is it still recognizable when it's tiny and listed in the CMC top-5?

Lastly, we need a quick decision! There are press releases to be eh.. released! Websites to be promoted! Damelon and marenkar need some sleep! So this poll will only run for a quick 24 hours. And I want to make it clear that it's not a competition between designers, there are no prizes apart from everlasting glory and our eternal gratitude. Also, these are nót final designs. We're voting on concepts, ideas. The Ardor guys can still make changes or completely disregard the community opinion for good reasons ;)

So it is what it is: a quick poll! Cast your votes! :)

I was made an offer I couldn't refuse, and just hád to add these last two designs. You can change your vote if you want :)


"In the coming years, the technology behind crypto currencies such as Bitcoin will inevitably and radically change the role of traditional trusted parties such as banks, accountants, notaries, and governments. The possibilities are endless. We invite you to explore this new technology constructively and critically, and have an open discussion about the potential applications.If you appreciate this video, feel free to pass it around in your network." www.bitcoinproperly.org

What's this "Invalid referenced transaction hash" error about?
Can anyone please translate that into something that's useful to the average user? :D
How do I correct this error?

I'm just trying to send some NXT to another (existing) account, nothing fancy, newest NRS, freshly downloaded from www.multigateway.com today.

Marketplace / BitXBay? (p2p trade platform)
« on: August 18, 2014, 04:13:14 pm »
Something I just came across: http://cointelegraph.com/news/112286/bitxbay-the-first-open-source-p2p-online-trading-platform
Couldn't find anything about it on this forum yet.

Charly Clinton, the creator of BitXBay, a decentralized and anonymous Bitcoin marketplace, claims to have created the first open source, peer-to-peer online platform for trade.

BitXBay's marketplace operates through the Bitmessage network for privacy matters and all transactions occur in the form of escrow with multisignature addresses. BitMessage is a peer-to-peer encrypted email communication system created in November 2012. To ensure maximum anonymity and privacy, BitMessage email addresses are series of random letters and numbers, and nodes store all messages for exactly 2 days.



Screenshot from latest client (browser) with NRS 1.2.6, after clicking 'Send NXT'

I clicked on 'Advanced' (I'm like that) and there are two things I don't know the meaning of:
- Do Not Broadcast
- Referenced Transaction Hash

I couldn't find an explanation at http://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/Nxt_client_interface or with Google.
Can someone please explain? Thanks! :)

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