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Nxt Mobile / Re: [ANN] Nxt Mobile (Android, iOS, WinPhone)
« on: April 06, 2015, 09:28:09 am »
Hi all,

I'm currently using a Blackberry Z30 OS 10.3.1.

I just downloaded Nxt Mobile via Amazon Appstore: It seems to work like a charm!  :D

I'll take time to learn it, and I'll come back if I need help. Please indicate if there are some functionning points you want to verify on Blackberry.

For now I thank fmiboy for great work!  ;)

How about creating "white label" versions of Nxt, which use a different blockchain for each company that needs such a version. The Nxt Foundation, or some representative of Nxt that can enter business agreement signs a deal, which specifies restrictions on what features of Nxt that specific blockchain is not allowed to run. Being under MIT license, of course any company can decide not to enter such a deal and just clone the whole Nxt platform, but then they get no support from the Nxt developers or community, and no right to use the "powered by Nxt" branding. Most businesses like Jetcoin are likely to need only a small subset of all Nxt features - I guess balance leasing, aliases, DGS, MS (or at least some MS currency versions), coin shuffling (coming in 1.6), are not needed and not relevant for Jetcoin. Other businesses may want just the DGS, but not the AE or coin shuffling because of the legal liabilities associated with running those.

This compromise ensures that the Nxt blockchain is always the real thing, with all advanced features, the developers provide paid support to such white label customers, and the Nxt stakeholders are more confident that Nxt value is not going to be diluted by multiple companies using the software on their own blockchains.

Since all nodes in a blockchain need to accept the same transaction types, enforcing such restrictions is very simple, it is not like a company can run an "unlicensed" version only on a few machines. And if they at some point decide they need some more features enabled, the Nxt community votes whether to approve modifying the agreement.

In my opinion it's the best solution.

It would be a pity to annihilate Roberto's hard work marketing Nxt, but it is necessary that Nxt blockchain remains "the real thing".

I vote "white label".

I happen to be the CEO of a multinational corporation.

priceless words coming from a scammer ceo of your magnitude.

have you counted how many dead threads for your failed assets are out there?
or maybe have you counted how many threads do you have that are not populated by your sockpuppets?


Ryan, I'm very happy to see you're back!  ;)

Thank you for news.

Don't listen to critics (especially of that one) and keep up the good work.

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Re: [ANN] Coinomat.com
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:45:51 pm »
Yes, I received 0,003.... from the same sender  ???

YESSS !   :D

Nice to see that nXtGen Mining is still alive... and thinking to his holders.   :)

May we ask some news?

Thanks for dividend.   :)

Keep it up!

I think it would be in coinomat's interest and anyone investing in his asset's interest if coinomat kept that info to himself (and his team). There's competition out there.

Nice job Hasherdino,

thank you!  :D

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] [nXtGen Mining] The next generation of mining!
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:58:14 am »
Payout and informations: Thanks Ryan.

Yes, I try!


Merci pour ce partage que je découvre.
Ces articles sont passionnants.

Envoyé de mon Z30 en utilisant Tapatalk

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: TheNxtForex : Building the Committee
« on: January 23, 2015, 10:05:38 am »
Ok, done.

Thank you.  :)

BTW this is my [n°100]!  8)

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: TheNxtForex : Building the Committee
« on: January 23, 2015, 09:23:23 am »
I'm in.  :)

I am interested to be one of the NXTEUR MarketMakers.

Looking forward!
Hi Lagb, very nice !

BUT at this moment the MarketMakers General Conditions have not yet been published, see https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=7807.msg154207#msg154207, so it's a bit precipitate..?... ;D

No, I'm not precipitate. I just want to say I could be candidate...  ;D

May I send my NxtForexSA share to TheNxtForex Committee Account right now?  ???

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: TheNxtForex : Building the Committee
« on: January 22, 2015, 11:06:39 am »
I'm in.  :)

I am interested to be one of the NXTEUR MarketMakers.

Looking forward!

You know, we all understand the issues with Chris and we can understand any other problems, just please don't become one more Chris, communicate with us! I think you certainly understand how it affects your assets. You seem to be one of the most trustworthy people in these dark times, also your plan sounds really good, so don't disappear. :)

+1  ;)

Edit: Just checked the other threads. Is this the most profitable asset rightnow? Not sure if depressing or time to party :/

Well... time to party? May be not.  ::)

But depressing: surely not!

I think that probably time is over for dividends of 10% or more a week.

I for one am happy with a dividend of 1% a week. The important is continuity, week after week, confidence in the issuer, transparency, more than huge numbers stopping suddenly.

The asset issuer mustn't depress, he can't give up.
He's in charge of his investors, and must always look for the best balance between security and rentability.

I believe that these last times, everybody ran after rentability, without consideration for security (diversification...)
May be time to change our mind... I hope you are in this idea.

Yes please!


Nxt Monetary System / Re: AEIOU FREE
« on: January 13, 2015, 09:28:48 am »
Yes please!


Hi Ike,

any news? Dividends (even small) are no more on sunday?

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