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Core Development Discussion / Aternate NXT 2.0 design.
« on: February 12, 2016, 12:45:51 pm »
This is just an alternative design idea for implementing childchains, which undoes all disadvages mentioned here...

In no way will I be implementing this, or could I even, so it is up to the programmers to see if they like it enough to be willing to implement it this way.

- NXT stays the way it is, just get expanded with another feature: childchains

- Some new variables in the config file:
   -Support New childchains:  boolean that determines if you forge for new childchains
   -Numberofbootblocks: how many blocks you forge these childchains before they need to be included into the list below.
   -Childchains supported:   a list of all ids or hashes of the childchain this node forges.
   -Create Childchain fee: This forger will create a childchain for this nxt fee, could be zero.

- Nodes/forgers can choose which childchains blockchain they store, and thus forge upon.

- The creation/transaction fees of childchains are set in the childchains nomination like is with nxt now.

- The nxt forger collects these chaildchain tokens, and optionnaly trades them for nxt.

- The childchain is a clone of nxt, being forged according the allocation of nxt, but only by those nodes that want to forge it.

- The nxt childchain refers to the nxt blockchain to see which of it's childchain forgers has which relative stake.

- If you have a node with 1 nxt you could create and support/forge your own childchain, and thus possibly be the only having this blockchain. When the fees seem worthy enough another forger with 2 nxt might start forging on it as well. This is giving him 2/3 of the forging power on this chain.

- Blocktime could be set different per childchain.

- the childchain is the one referring to the nxt blockchain, not vica versa.

- Trading nxt for the childchaincoin (CCC) happens in phases. The CCC goes from account A to B conditionnaly. The condition being that the nxt goes from account B to A on the nxt blockchain.

- The nxt blockchain has no references to the childchains, hence does not get bloated from them, and there is no problem what zero value fees for transacting / creating childchains.

- Worthless childchains will die out once no single node and forger supports them

- Succesfull childchains will improve duplicity of their blockchain and security by having more and more nodes and forgers forging this coin.

Nxt Plugins / Do the plugins still work.
« on: December 27, 2015, 03:20:14 am »
Do plugins still work?
Does anyone have a working plugin for NRS 1.6.2?

It seems to me that whatever I do they stay deactivated. I am using NRS 1.6.2

After changing my account options to
enable plugins  YES

"deactivated": false
in the plugins manifest.json files...

restarting NRS AND reloading the ui...

Though at login screen I can see the plugins are activated and detected.
Once I select my account to login to, I immediately get the message:
Plugins are disabled for this account. This behaviour can be changed in the settings.

When I go to plugins i get this
0 Plugins active and running. Status page.

Name    Version    Website    Validation Status    NRS Compatibility    Launch Status
Hello World    v.1.0           Website   Valid                    1.5.0                           Deactivated
ToTheMoon! v.1.0           Website   Valid                    1.6.2                           Deactivated

In settings the values are still correct
Enable Plugins


Why won't it work?

Transparent Forging / Strange behavior and extreme long blocks
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:08:12 am »
Here are some notable glitches in the forging algorithm...
Which I think should be addressed.

Are there an unusually high number of long blocks recently, or am I imagining it? If so, can someone open a support ticket please?

Seems like the next block is not being forged...

That was strange... Block 463205
The about 8 forgers in row were unable to forge the block, and NXT-F9AF-P9FM-V73D-3P736 was able to forge it.

Seems to me the false transaction can still block forgers to create a valid block, so that the forger that knew about it can remove it and forge (aka steal) the block instead.

It happened again, now I got some proof...

Maybe that these first forgers are all under same control (or ) and they wait for the last one under their control to forge the block?

Anyone else noticed these behaviors?

@TheCoinWizard, one of those accounts is mine, and I did not intentionally not forge a block, (not idea how to do that actually) so not sure why my node didn't forge that block in question.

Yep, I have been in between it also, so it isn't that...
But it is easy not to forge a block, just Log out and stop forging, or pull the LAN cable of the node.

Can you elaborate which pattern you see? I have problems understanding which details on the screenshots you refer to. I have not spent much time on this site :-/

Maybe the changing forging order?

Right up you see the block height.
In the deterministic forging order you see that the first 6 in row have skipped forging as they can only forge a velid block when they have between 15 seconds and -15 seconds left.
Also note unconfirmed transaction 11991426886863693379.

The next picture you see that forger 7 in row, NXT-8MVA-XCVR-3JC9-2C7C3, was able to forge the block but skipped the noted transaction as it is still unconfirmed.

Here I suspected that the transaction blocked everyone from forging, as happened once before. Remember GLEFU?

It is happening again right now!!!



Block already 2300 seconds delayed!!
And with no pending transactions, strange...

Here it seems to be totally different, as there are no invalid unconfirmed transactions able to block forgers (or at least they don't show).
You see that forgers 1 to 16 in row have not been able to forge.
Also note Block height: 472203.

A bit later the whole forging order changed and resetted the counting as seen here

Now it changed to this?

Can anyone make sense out of this?

Same block height, only totally different order this time. This totally blew my mind.

Nxt Improvement Proposals / Set Heir Transaction
« on: June 08, 2015, 11:40:41 pm »
I have a heritage proposal which might be just an Automated Transaction... :)

With introducing a new kind of private transaction setHeirs, where one can specify both
  • one or plural heir accounts
  • after how many blocks since last transaction
your idle nxt account will either
  • send your encrypted passphrase to these accounts
  • or just send/divide all the nxt and assets to

I understand it might seem like a big hassle to program, but to me seems a necessity in the world of real money  8)

To me it seems that this needs to be in the core, not just a client.  ???

It could be used to set heirs, and when your account is idle for a set amount of blocks, it automaticly sends your assets and nxt to your heirs.  :)

What do you think?  ???

Meta Nxtforum / I want my avator
« on: June 26, 2014, 11:44:34 pm »
I can't seem to import any personalized picture (or avator) under modify forum profle.
Whether I upload it or I just copy the web link,
Whether I first make it very smal, change the format...
It always gives me this eror:
The following errors occurred when trying to save your profile:
The avatar you have selected is either too large or not an avatar.

What does it mean with my avator is no avator? ???
and what is the size limit? in Kb or in pixels?

I am trying to use this:
or this

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