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If a developer wants to take over and run MMNXT, he can as well create his own asset anyway. Why take over a dead and pump&dump project?

Nxt Asset Exchange / Re: Forex Investment - Part 1. Q&A
« on: July 26, 2016, 12:57:32 pm »
Hey folks.

After some talk with him, he gladly accepted to run a test account for a while. That way we can at least know if he is really as good as he claims (nor not ;-) )
Trust issue might be considered afterwards.

So that you'll also believe in me, I'll post the account number now so that I'm not fooling you with another account :-)

Account number: 62532135

Won't share investor password yet as he might not want to share all his trading details with the internet but can of course gladly share with anyone asking privately.

Pub crawl / Re: banned from bitcointalk?!
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:45:41 pm »
Resurrecting a thread but same happened to me last year while I was using the account actively.

No response yet :D

I guess it will remain as a mystery how and who made that pump :-)

Woot Woot!

Such a big and sad surprise.. I've been away from the whole scene for about 6 months and MMNXT is dead? I was keeping over 250k MMNXT on Polo and was also receiving weekly dividends  but it looks like I'm screwed as I haven't received anything since December 2015.

Is there any way to compensate? I was confident in NXT and CNMT assets so I was hodling but seems like hodling and don't looking back was a huge mistake.

So first we agreed on getting a 25% cut on the dividens with the false hope of driving the price higher and now we are donating that cut to another project as buyback strategy wasn't really working in a positive way anyway.

I'm wondering what comes next.

Hey guys,

sorry but I guess I missed it; what are we gonna vote today??

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Re: [PRE-ANN] Cryptoasset.fund asset
« on: September 14, 2015, 09:41:02 am »
You were to sell some new assets if the price reaches 2NXT.

So if what you are saying is, those assets will be sold from the funds treasure instead of the MMNXT issuer account, it will have no negative impact on current holders, true. Well, as long as half of the income will be transferred to the MMNXT pool so that it can generate more income.

I personally would have no objections on such a plan.

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Re: [PRE-ANN] Cryptoasset.fund asset
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:36:10 am »
Thanks for the reply coinomat.

But why would a MMNXT holder agree on the fund getting dividens? The only effect it will have is paid MMNXT holders receiving less dividends.

Cryptoasset.fund projects / Re: [PRE-ANN] Cryptoasset.fund asset
« on: September 14, 2015, 07:47:48 am »
Hey guys,

just noticed about this new asset; need to check some other threads as well I guess :-)

It is probably obvious as noone else seems to get alarmed but I fail to understand. Can someone please explain the asset (MMNXT for instance) transfer to this new fund?

AFAIK, there were 50millions assets created so that they can be sold ==> generate capital  ==> coinomat uses the capital for his bots etc. The unsold assets were practically zero worth because they did not generate any capital to be used by coinomat. They didn't even "belong" to coinomat.

Now how come those 700k MMNXT assets are transfer to this new fund? Will the fund pay 700000*1.13NXT (current price) to the MMNXT pool so that the bots etc. can use the money? Those assets being "asleep" wouldn't change much; what happens if the price hits 2NXT and the fund sells all the 700k assets? I'm clearly missing a point here, please someone help me :D

We'll have to give some time in order to honour the voting.
Maybe next month another poll will be made and the decision might change but let's hope for the best. Currently, people are doing their plans with this buyback scenario at work.

Just as a reminder;
coinomat won't sell any new assets as long as the asset price remains under 2 NXT.

I don't think the timing matters much.
Weekly volume is 500k, buyback is 15k. It will not create a pressure or drive the price alone. It will only cause the asset to be worth 25% less.

25% of total investors voted for buyback which is impressive on such a short notice. Even though total votes remained below 50% (I did not vote for this particular reason) I won't object if buyback comes in.

I'll sell all my assets when the price hits back 1.30 though.

Well, maybe not all the 40M but he needs to keep some assets for a possible capital increase in the future. What happens if thing go very well and he's in need of some more capital to utilize?


Please read this and inform yourself on the impact of buyback program on the long term. I will not get into a number debate.

I don't really have much information or wisdom about finance so that's why I'm trying to figure it out. Those are my humble questions and concerns. Maybe someone else will come up with numbers.

The example on that link doesn't exactly apple to our case. And I'm not against the buy-back policy in general, I just don't see it fit in this case.
In real-world, 1 year is mid-term, 5 years is long-term. In crypto, 1 year is long-term, 3 years is eternity.

If someone would show my mistake in the following calculations I'll gladly thank him and vote for the buy-back policy, too.

Simplified numbers:
Average weekly profit: 60000 NXT
Current MMNXT in circulation: 8200000
Current MMNXT price: 1.05 NXT

With 25% buyback:
After 6 months:
60000*0.25*26 =390000 NXT used to purchase 370000 MMNXT leaving a total of 7830000 MMNXT in circulation  ==> 45000/7830000=0.00574 NXT per share
After 24 months:
60000*0.25*104=1560000 NXT used to purchase 1355000 MMNXT (assuming asset price climbed very little for an average price of 1.15) ==> 45000/6845000=0.00657 NXT per share

100000 MMNXT would bring ~ 62400 NXT

With current business plan:
0.00731 NXT per share

100000 MMNXT would bring ~ 76000 NXT

So even after 2 years, I don't see the dividend catching up which is really, really distant future. If you want to cash out after 2 years, with the higher asset price, you will profit more though. Buy-back program will be helpful to increase the asset price IF current investors won't leave in this 2 year period which would decrease back the asset price. Losing 25% short-term profit will definitely move away some investors but not sure how many.

(We should assume weekly profits to remain the same for the relativity purposes. Assuming profits will sky-rocket doesn't mean anything as it would increase exactly that much on the other scenario, too)

I'm doing some math to see it happening but failing to do so.

In order to reach current dividend level,  the profit must increase by 33%.  I don't see that happening considering coinomat itself won't get any new investment.

The number 33% won't change easily because at current level,  15000 NXT will  only decrease the total number of mmnxt in circulation from 8015000 to 8000000 which is easily ignorable.

How/when would the dividend reach its current level as long as 25% of it is subtracted?

BTW I want to get opinions from the pro-buyback people.

Why do people buy MMNXT and why do they keep it? Because it pays a nice dividend every week.
Considering the asset is paying a decent dividend - nice chance of ROI I would assume that the asset would become much more valuable but that's not case; even though we've seen 1.30 prices, we are almost at the initial value; 1.05.

So decent weekly dividends is not enough to create enough attention. How would a decrease of 25% in the dividends help? Why would a new investor join if he is not buying while the price is at 1.05 and dividends are at 100%?

Would a weekly injection of 15000NXT (0.2% of total assets worth) for buying the asset really overcome the 25% loss in dividends?

Edit: typo

Hmm, then I might just play it dirty and won't vote at all in the hope that we won't reach majority :P

BTW I don't know how to vote system works but it has abuse-protection, right? So I cannot just transfer my assets and vote again? :-)

Is it just me or having 3 days of voting to change something major in kinda not right?

If by the end of the weekend more then half of the asset holders vote for a change it's alright but other than that, this is extremely short notice. Many people won't even notice that there was such a discussion let alone being able to vote.

Sebastien; that 25% number you come up with, is that the total assets of those ~20 voters?

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