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NXTventures / Re: [Official] JLH-jl777hodl - description & news
« on: January 20, 2015, 11:56:55 am »

SinceJanuary 2015, the revenue will be partly distributed to the JLH holders as a bonus. A big part will go to the holders and the rest will be used for JLH management and promotion.

Hi there, thanks for the "bonus" :) As a small holder of the share, can you further detail in % how much of the revenue by the fund will be diverted to bonus holders vs. spending on market making, promotion, and such?
Because some days before the 50,000 disbursement i can see on JL777HODL account a transfer out of 175,000 nxt ( http://nxtreporting.com/?tr=10844963550355067069 ) which i believe it was handled for that task, so i don't know if the shareholder part will be the "big part" or the other way.

PS.- As this is a forum and not real life conversation, i just want to clarify my tone here: Not saying that you guys don't deserve whatever thing agreed with James, as this is basically HIS stuff and he can do whatever with it. But i would love to have a more clear idea of what to expect every month, % of profits of JL777hodl wise, apart from the (already good news) of having a market maker in the value, something that I'm sure less of a 1% of all crypto stocks have atm. So no omgscamfudponzi cries here or something, just honest interest from a prospective MOAR holder of... Hodl . ;-)


I apologize for the delays.  Been a rough couple weeks.  I finally got Supernet to work and, low and behold, has been released and I can not send dividends.
I have 2 weeks dividends in wallet NXT-NH5K-A4PC-YQQC-A7L25 if you would like to take a peek.
Will be sent as soon as I can. 
Thanks for the update Ike, yeah i know how it is when the time seems to run at x2 the speed -.- So payments today if possible? I have a newcomer to NXT that bought some assets and i want him to see how flawless things work around here. Ty

I've now talked to Chris twice, every indication I have recieved is that he is not out to burn anyone, but he is just buried under an avalanch of problems that started with people managing to attack his site with CSRF attacks.
And unfortunately he's still running a one man show, but he almost has things sorted.
Hey pf. Im glad Cris will pay soon and that. But still i would like to get our 3 missing payments of HRNXTpool already, if your delays with daemon, fork etc have finished. Just lets get this asset on track finally, so you can concentrate on the ltcgear issue; I'm sure that everyone here in this thread wants their payments from this thread asset made. We know there are some remmnants from the LTCGear portion, but the main payments should be done already. So please process it all away, ty!

Nxt Monetary System / Re: Monetary System Not Appearing
« on: January 10, 2015, 10:59:01 pm »
Im sure that this happening at the same time than the "coin reservation race" is a mere coincidence.  >:(

Hi Jason and welcome to NXT, although we have talked about this a few months ago  on twitter :-) Little by little , the best of the alt coin scene is arriving here, which only reinforces what NXT users already knew.
Im salivating in expectation when you and James can cross some chat in Slack. This can be great. Again, welcome, i will follow this development with attention. :-)

Thanks for the update pf, and I'm glad you are catching up :-)
So Tomorrow or Tuesday the payment for this sunday will be up, thats great  :)
Now if this Cris guy start paying again this will be a true nice 2015 "back to business" style :-)
Giving the "volatility" or "uncertainty" of ltcgear, have HRNXTPOOL considered purchasing a new physical miner like the S5? Another options? GAW stakes are working for me super fine, but seems that everyone is screaming scamponzifud on them so i will not suggest that.

I was about to ask about this.

Assuming the worst from LTCGear for a while, are you planning on making regular, Sunday payments again, until Chris gets his act together?

Thanks for your work.  I still love these assets.
Yes, that is the plan
I have been out in Vancouver on a business trip building a new office for ~300 engineers, hence why this last weekend was delayed.

So we are still waiting on this past sunday dividends or is just me? Also yeah i would like to know the % of LTCGear, physical miners and multiple. thx pf!

Payment for HRNXTpool are on Sundays, right? I understand that HRLTCGear is on hold while the drama unfolds, but, what about this one? Just wondering, as the last payment arrived late past Wednesday. I prefer to keep deferring the LTC part but still getting the physical miners + multiple part (which I'm pointing at btw :-)

Whatever the new "my dog ate the homework" issue on LTCGear is (got several red lights on the whole thing, maybe I'm wrong but i already made a decision about this Cris guy) , i suggest you to pay the SAAS available dividend asap. The leftover from LTCGear can come later, as pf did with hrnxtpool in last payment (still didn't pay , tho) .

You will be the first mining asset from 6 that have paid last sunday date. And thats a feature!  ;D

Thanks pf, this is a great asset that supports NXT so I'm all in. The LTCGear roulette should be anecdotical.

hey guys
I will likely send out the dividend for this asset later today

Hello pf, how are you today?

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] NXTinspect - the first CryptoAudit service
« on: October 06, 2014, 11:45:17 pm »
But what if the scammer runs a successful operation in a scale of 100,000 NXT, then "expands" on a spin off for a second location of his super successful chocolate banana stand, raises 1 Million NXT, pays off successfully interests and dividends, and then makes a expansion to Europe, opening 12 venues, only this time is fake, raises a 50 million NXT and flees away to Maracaibo?

Your metric is valid (and very smart) for one single operation. What i meant is that the fact of someone paying on time is not a guarantee for future results. Eventually the power of true identity and physical centers will show off. I know people loves anonymity, but at the end of the day everyone wants to know the neighbor.  ;)

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] NXTinspect - the first CryptoAudit service
« on: October 06, 2014, 11:03:30 pm »
Anyone who thinks all their AE purchases are rock solid needs to be more diligent.

Or course, none of my AE purchases are rock solid. I always have doubt until more is paided that raised. I can't really trust 100% someone without this. So the ratio (total paid)/(total raised) is very important in my opinion.
you mean ROI in the case of dividend assets?

Well, (total Nxt dividend paid)/(total Nxt raised) in case of dividend assets, yes.

Yeah i guess as an investor when you have been paid out more than you invested, you are usually in the clear ;)

Yes, but the ratio tell a bit more than that:
This is a metric for trust.
In the limit of 0 for too long time, the didivend asset is a scam. As it get near 1, you can have more confidence toward the assset. When it worth more than 1, then the asset is very thrustable. If it is largely over 1, then that is very very secure asset.

EDIT: and it is not a metric for the individual investor money invested, but of the overall asset issuer trust.

I strongly disagree here. Remember the old adage: "Past performances don't guarantee future results".
Of course a good past behaviour is valued, but specifically that kind of trait will be looked by any Ponzi wanabee.

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] NXTinspect - the first CryptoAudit service
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:51:39 pm »
A question which I have been considering for some time esp. in light of my own asset,
Are you prepared to become liable (by choice, or as a result of legal action) should you write a negative report that contains untrue statements?
I'm sure over the course of the next year you will write both positive and negative reports. But if it can be demonstrated that a negative report from you causes financial damage to a company in terms of lost investment (and this will become obvious over time) and you accidentally say something you shouldn't, you are likely to be sued. What contingency plans do you have in place to prevent that or in case that were to occur?
I'm worried about the same thing, personally, but I am asking this question as a private investor.

Hmm good question...
So the veracity / basis in fact of what we report has to be clear.
So 'scam' is a pejorative term which we will not use.
An analysis drawing a conclusion that something is worth 1 NXT when it is being sold at 10NXT is different and we will not tell you what to do - if you still want to buy at 10NXT because you disbelieve us that is up to you.

EDIT: Of course people can request a 'private' report which we can be more open in as this is private and specifically commissioned.

Jumping at the ship here, i think that it will be difficult to find any "lie" on NXTi reports. What people should expect is a no frills, facts only analysis. When possible scenarios are discussed, it will be conveniently signaled.
Is in NXTinspect interest to be cristal clear about the facts provided. If at some point some data has not been verified, it will include source or reason for the lack of verification.

NXTi is expected to never take sides, so, as a NBA referee, will take some flak from dissenters, but ultimately people will understand that is not a good business for NXTi to present opinions instead facts.

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] NXTinspect - the first CryptoAudit service
« on: October 06, 2014, 04:30:46 pm »
I think the NXT community is small enough to separate insiders and outsiders.

Thats gonna change fast :-) 2015 is going to be madness, when newcomers see what is NXT in comparison to Bitcoin: A complete ecosystem, stable, community driven and with several layers of decentralization and self-empowering trust connections. This is the new deal. Satoshi was the Vision. But this is the "NXT" step :-)

We're putting together a head to head mining hash report if anyone wants to see all these numbers in one place. Price per share,  hash per 1nxt, reinvestment rate,  and current weekly ROI. We feel anyone looking to invest in mining funds will benefit greatly from this weekly updated subscription.
We also think it will help clear up the FUD and trolling in the mining forums.
I would suggest mining asset issuers subscribe, and quick.

Fantastic! Mining is a very attractive field, and unfortunately the newcomers land in there seeking for a steady dividend flow, but often are blinded by the large quantity of factors that can alter the ROI. Besides, is a very ponzi friendly industry.

Assets Board / Re: [ANN] NXTinspect - the first CryptoAudit service
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:43:45 pm »
hey Top8 welcome back, and thanks for your input.
 I'm a bit confused on the wording of your exercise. Proof there is no conflict. I'd like to hear more.

Hey there. What im trying to show to the general audience is that when NXTi makes some assessment of any already listed company, any given outcome can't be as weighted as for a new company. An already listed AE project has had its own "market control". Investors, speculators and adopters have made their own due diligence, and pushed to a price that summarizes the company perceived value, P/E ratio, competition, and exogenous factors like market conditions and BTC/NXT price in fiat. I still remember when NXT went from 6K to 11K almost overnight and Jl77hodl shares went from 2 to 1.  ;D NXTi will simply re-assure some customers about their thoughts on the company. Its an added feature, so to speak.

But the true test is made on the new projects. There is no way NXTi can remove completely any concern about mixed interests. Is like trying to find if Moody's analysts don't have a stepfather who is investing in the stock exchange. But this wall of worry can only be confronted with the test of time. the job of NXTi is to perform due diligence, present sounding financial data, personal data if needed, business plan and certifying the best way possible that the plans of the issuer are valid and trustable.

What average people needs to understand is that NXTi is not a safe net. If NXTi issues 5 new portfolios with a 4 star rating, 4 star, 4 star, 3 star and 5 star, and after one year the companies have gone Bust, -50% market cap, Bust, Ponzi/Steal/Drama and -50% market cap ,and the casual investor yells "Hey NXTi guys told us those were SAFE values! SCAM!", then clearly he hasnt understood the value that NXTi proposes.

I think NXTi is aimed to the medium-large investor, NXT new adopter, and semi professional trader. It will provide an extra layer of trust, but in some reviewable form so we avoid the dreaded centralization. More of this in the next paragraph.

We have also added discussed stars or approval tokens, but these could be gamed. You could play a long ponzi game, build trust and then exploit your rating.
As news happens, updates will occur. Recent info is best.

The using of some AAA system, Star tokens, Super Mario Mushrooms or Little gold coins à là BitcoinTalk  :D is not an obstacle to keep a solid reputation system.

Every time a rated entity needs to perform a new AE offering, stock operation like split or expansion, make a significant purchase/acquisition/sale/liquidation or any other news occur that can substantially alter its business outcomes or financial results, he must provide a "relevant information" comunication to NXTi. Of course, that exchange, as well as the outgoing revision of the rating, is protected with a NDA until the public news by the issuer.

One of the great things of our ecosystem is that we can fight the dreaded "centralization monster": Either the relevant info and the outgoing rating update can be tracked and secured in the blockchain, so any NXT user with some nice "hound" skills can check if , for example, the relevant info was submitted on October 15th, the new rating confirmation was on October 18th, the public announcement was on 20th October, but during 19th October there was a x6 volume trading of the underlying asset in the AE. That will smell funny and could lead to a potential downgrade from NXTi if it were probed some internal trading... (examples, examples) possibilities are infinite.

At the end, is just a matter of corporate governance and rating agency ethos :-)

Sorry for the brick, haha :)


Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Re: Bitcoin Crashed - Anybody Else Buying?
« on: October 06, 2014, 02:37:02 pm »
Is this right time to buy BTC?


BTC @ $375 after a high of $1200 and a correction that now took 11 months, is a strong buy.

Agree. The retracement is almost academical. Im divesting fiat to BTC and NXT at equal parts atm. Not a big amount, but some spare change, so to speak. Is not important to score the exact bottom. At this levels, and with all the crypto industry that is forming, i think its super interesting to have a position in BTC/NXT and in my personal case, Blackcoin as a representative of Scrypt. Just everyone has his favorite money-losing alt. Its like being a supporter of the football team of your small town :-)

Lyth, the Nxt MMO / Re: Competitor?
« on: October 05, 2014, 09:04:43 pm »
The "instance" approach solves modeless both scenarios.
It gives the devs some relax in terms of server load and player management, and blocks camping and bot farming (or at least makes it way more manageable). Im thinking on Atlantica Online zones, for example.
You have the "world" layer, the "zone" layer and the "combat" layer. That helps with lag, helps with data collection in order to check if some element of the "rulebook" is being exploited or if some adjustments are needed in any player or environment category.

Not sure if the place to ask for, but a game dev diary will be great, so game design junkies can spam err contribute i mean .  ;D

PM sent about Economy field position.  :)

NXTventures / Re: NXTventure - bringing only the best issues to NXT AE
« on: October 05, 2014, 06:37:53 pm »
The outside world is very exciting, there are too many good projects need financing,those who have a good product but lack of funds,Crowdfunding is a good application in crypto currency. so nxt AE has great potential and NXTinspect will play an important role in the process.
100% agree, this service will add dinamization to the market. Still 99% of the work to do. In "Bitcoinarmageddon" days like this is when you realize the huge energy that is stored in the NXT ecosystem.

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