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About our official Language and some process in EU at this time. BREXIT and Englich as official language of the EU......

The pain agains an nuclear war producing many problems on our globe. It is agains our true peace! It acting agains our civilisation. This pain producing (as a pain can naturally acting) aggressiveness, mental problems, ... It needs healing. At this time in many countries in our globe. Psychiatrie is a kind of a healing organization, but it can be used to act agains opponents (i.e.)... It can be used for political reason, it can be used through a mafia, ... Dangerous device. Please beware - it is better not to use, or very rarely. It is a kind of wich hunt! Today, and not in middlealter.


We defined some "bigger" physical denomination for our economy:

1 LOVE is 9 999 999 999 Charm.

Yes, we known - it isn't affordable with our virtual Charm - it is reachable only through the phisical form with many ATTENTION, HELPFULLNESS, CHEERFULLNESS, KINDNESS,
PATIENTE, RELIABILITY, ... They producing TRUST in long run - what as the only base for a true community (a partnershift, a family, ...) ...
But TRUST can't be transferred. It is a simple attribute of an acquaintances. It is a kind of KNOWLEDGE about the other side.
We known SEX isn't a LOVE - it is only more better with LOVE, but sometimes more better without LOVE :) it don't need it simple... LOVE is maybe better
simetimes without SEX - I hope, this is a truth for everybody.

I will be started later some poll - to define the "bigger" denominations, but please consider, we speaking about a true community...
We have one, here on our GLOBE - Gaia. Maybe bigger - our solar system, our galaxy, our universe, or our world. Our living environment in our world (!).
It needs many LOVE, ATTENTION, ... Or?

And this true community act if it can't trust things agains the LIFE in our GLOBE - Gaia. Merlin said - it is simple form of the Le Chatelier's principle.
Please consider this subjective truth of our LIFE in our GLOBE. Our industrie producing many contamination... To much. Our living environment acting!

Many thanks for your attention...

Happy new year!
Please follow our tweets: https://twitter.com/vortexledger/status/1080694072317235200
and join to our communities.

We will write to our Charm:
'In God's of life we trust'

We closed the auctions...

We started more auctions on bitcointalk.org - with different (less) values also...

To support our developments, I started an auction on the bitcointalk.org
Bids are welcome...

the object of the auction is an engraved, through GIA certified diamond, on a ring, see below:

Please read about the new name and the new membership fee this https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4392525.msg44049683#msg44049683 post in the bitcointalk.org . We decided to post the important announcements here on the NXT forum also. Many thanks for support :)

:DVery happy, seeing the process still alive

Yes - it is still alive. :D

But we have, at this time,  a focus on (central) europe, mostly on Hungary  - with a hungarian facebook group ...
"The NXT Nuclear Regulatory Comission – Ahogy mi, magyarul értők látjuk..."

We establishing a new Ideology (only hungarian documents yet):

We starting 'Nincs" Köztársaság (hungarian name) or 'No' Republica (catalan name) - a cashless, borderless, P2P society, with some law - a new type of governance - again big, centralised and corrupt governances, again diversity destruction on our globe and again nuclear hasards of course.

And we have the first project for our Economy: Dorothyum - the Auction House of Oz (Oz the Project Manager - anonym, I am - ifinta - the Project Owner - well known person) on the Byteball ledger ... Please see our official bitcointalk thread:

Ifinta informed me, he will close the escrow here on the nxt blockchain.
We consider, that I supported the NXT Nuclear Regulatory Comission since of beginning.
I gived some ideas, and hints an ifinta. ifinta gived me this amount of NXT (2800) as a little allowance.
The NXT Nuclear Regulatory Comission will use in future, the original NXT address - see first post.

ifinta informed me: The NXT Nuclear Regulatory Comission will have a friend 'Club', or better a new type of governance:

a distributed P2P society: 'No' Republica

I sent some support (2800 NXT) for 'No' Republica ~ from my allowance above ;)

ifinta will later post about 'No' Republica here on NXT forum also...

Viel luck for both organisations in the future!

Thank you, Yassin :)

What I did 2017:
- become some ideas ( https://curtly.club , 'No' Republica, ... ), some work, tests, discussions (with people with different religins, thinking...) about...
- issue CCT (Curtly Club Tokens - on the HEAT Open Ledger)
- a slack chat forum for Curtly
- https://github.com/ifinta/gondolatok/tree/english - please read firstly gondolatok.pdf . Be patient, it is a raw translation from hungarian, and maybe errorneous...
- travelling through south europe (from hungary to Catalunya, and back, then to Transilvania and back. A little visit in Germany (Passau, Rosenheim) and Austria (Koppl, St. Gilgen, Salzburg,...) ...)

My plans for 2018:
- peace, of course
- start the real development of Curtly Open Ledger ( not as a currency - of course :) Not more such failure! To support barter, but with decimalpoints!!! All goods, services, rights, ... has the right to be accepted as a kind of general equivalent)
- the real establishment of 'No' Republica ('Nincs' Köztársaság) in the world ( a distributed state - a new possible form of government - of course P2P )
- Nxt :) steps with NXT Nuclear Regulatory Comission (a review and the wide spread of https://github.com/ifinta/gondolatok/tree/english - be patient, it is a raw translation from hungarian, and maybe errorneous... )

Be our member :)

membership fee - You should pay some NXT weekly to this NXT account: NXT-KEBX-4722-NRWF-CBWPF (or direct to Yassin's escrow - see below) and you is a member. You can vary your payments. If you pay at least 1 NXT - you wish remain a member in the whole calender month - if you pay at least 10 NXT then you wish remain member in the whole calender year.
rules - This club remain open for everybody to join, and you can leave it if you wish. If you leaved the club you can join later. All payments will be used to support the target of this club.

My adress Nxt escrow service certified and validate!!  :D  8)


Public key : 0c11e1a9479070acf923c90ed9d47c9d7d9d9ec04053ea4de682853ecc63210c


An very important news:
(from now don't believe - there are no nuclear weapons behind Germany ... The three-pole world has born.)


Coming quickly to completion is the HEAT Dev Kit.

https://github.com/Heat-Ledger-Ltd/heat-dev-kit/blob/master/src/microservice/gateway/service.ts is a working ASSET to BITCOIN gateway microservice in just 22 lines of TypeScript (lots of comments for explanations).
So far completed:
1. Automatic Java class to TypeScript generation (strong typing for all heat java classes and most java standard lib classes)
2. Java Nashorn sourcemap support built-in to heat server
3. Visual Studio Code test run integration (run your microservice from within vscode, includes clickable stacktraces on Nashorn errors)
4. Heat command line interface for running microservice (tests)
5. Microservice client framework
6. Gulp build pipeline which does your typescript compilation, sourcemap generation and runs heat server to execute tests

It is very interesting.
But the link don't works (for me)... I see in microservice only sample and trollbox ...

MtGox :) in the Nuclear World?

"On Wednesday, Westinghouse Electric Company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in New York to restructure itself as a result of costly problems at the AP1000 power plants it's building in Georgia and South Carolina."


Testnet / Re: If you want some testNXT (or ARDR, IGNIS) - ask here
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:20:29 pm »
Can you give me some Ardor and Ignis for testnet? Account: NXT-4L7Y-KZTB-S8UD-46N3Z

Today a link on facebook to this thread:

I think, I should translate NXT to Hungarian also.

Can somebody help me?

I found: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=3485.msg60635#msg60635

We need a "Magyar (Hungarian)" Board in "Other Languages" in this Forum. To support Hungarian people, how to use NXT, ....

Can somebody help me?

I posted: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=13268.0

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