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Really looking forward to this!!! Great job dev team!  :) Should bring a lot of new opportunity to us developers.

LIFE / 1st Monthly Distribution - A New Pinnacle
« on: February 08, 2015, 02:06:03 am »
The first distribution of Life to nonprofits, charities and space exploration has arrived upon us. The cut off date for funds to be allocated to nonprofit/charity/space is the 7th of every month, at 7PM (GMT-7). This is also the time that you must purchase LIFE by to qualify for interest (given on the 14th of every month).

So far, it has been very humble beginnings, due to the wallet still being in development and marketing efforts being held off until its launch. In total, 10,462.72 LIFE (7,413.104 NXT worth) has been purchased by 3 different people. 5189.177 NXT (70%) was used to purchase 7308.70 LIFE back on the market. From this:
  • 1046.27 LIFE will go to (RED), Lifeboat Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. 1046.27 LIFE will go to Penny4NASA. This is being held in a separate wallet (NXT-N5PF-X6Q2-YK9E-2AA76) until the respective foundations get back to my emails about receiving their LIFE.
  • 5216.16 LIFE will be distributed equivalently (according to people's stake in the currency) on February 14th.

Future Notes:

Since it costs 1 NXT to buy life on the market and for each transfer to people, in the future these fees will be deducted from the distribution as the ecosystem grows (for instance, if transferring to thousands of people every month, it could become quite costly). This time around I have no problem spending my own 2 cents to distribute without those deductions.

Make sure to buy LIFE by the 7th of March to ensure you qualify for interest on the 14th! :)

EDIT/UPDATE: When emailing Habitat for Humanity, I accidentally told them that I would give them 1046.27 LIFE, when in fact I meant to have that amount split among those 3 nonprofits/charities. In good faith, I will honor that email, and, to be fair, told (RED) and Lifeboat Foundation that'd I'd give them that amount as will. This will come out of my pocket. If anything, I'm happy to help those causes! :)

LIFE / Re: Introducing LIFE, The Currency That Cares
« on: January 19, 2015, 05:37:13 am »
When it start?
It began with the launch of the currency on the 14th of January. It's available in the Nxt Monetary System.

LIFE / Re: Introducing LIFE, The Currency That Cares
« on: January 17, 2015, 07:08:51 pm »
I like the idea, but how can I trust you? (Though I am one to be talking with my high trust MSCoins).
I can understand skepticism upon first impression, but there are a lot of things coming in the future which will assure your trust.

I don't intend on staying anonymous, and I will have a website up within the day. In the future I will also be making a video (with me talking on camera) once things are a bit more advanced in the project. I will have public disclosure of use of funds and it'll show very clearly where we are sending the currency to on the blockchain so you can check for yourselves (for example, charities/nonprofits and NASA/space research), and we will list in detail when it is sent in addition to proof of our contact to the respective organisations receiving funds.

LIFE / Re: Introducing LIFE, The Currency That Cares
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:30:51 am »
Oughtn't you post a sell offer in the MS exchange booth for this to work?
Sorry, in my tired state I'd posted a request instead of an offer. LIFE is up for grabs now.

LIFE / Introducing LIFE, The Currency That Cares
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:59:34 am »

LIFE is a Global Currency built on the NXT monetary system. 7 billion exists (1 for every person on Earth).


Pre-Sale (700 million)
Proceeds from 50% of the pre-sale buys LIFE back on the market, and distributes to owners of active supply (LIFE bought on market/received from someone that did), rewarding early adopters with interest given on the 14th of each month. Dormant supply is ineligible for interest (we won’t collect interest on the LIFE we’ve yet to sell on the market).
Proceeds from 30% of the pre-sale goes to YawLife Inc. to develop services for LIFE and ignite innovation. This will include paying bounty’s to members of the community and other developers.
Proceeds from 10% goes to nonprofits/charities chosen by the community, to brighten the world we live in and ensure its continued existence.
Proceeds from 10% goes to NASA/Space Research, to search for life in space: the endless horizon of opportunity, solace and clarity.

***The distribution of LIFE after the pre-sale is subject to change after community feedback. We want to give 7 million per month to nonprofits and charities (and match people’s contributions to them), but we also want a good balance between funding NASA/Space Research and giving interest to holders. This is currently a point of inner-contention and as such I would love for everybody’s feedback on the matter. It is possible that we could buffer from the pre-sale to different stages in order to minimize future market volatility. Additionally, in the future I want to use company profits to invest back in the currency and give away as free interest to owners.***

Proposed Distribution After Pre-Sale (6.3 billion):

70% Given to nonprofits and charities (at a rate of 7 million per month (plus matching contributions)

10% Funds the Search for life in space, supporting relative research/development in space exploration

10% Buys back on market to facilitate 7% annual interest to holders)

10% for YawLife to develop services for LIFE and ignite innovation
A bright future lays ahead for LIFE, because we are passionate and dedicated to creating a valuable currency and building a valuable service. We see before us a world bridged with connections through LIFE, and as long as we live, we will not give up on the beautiful vision we have fostering a caring currency.

To exist is to persist the unknown. To excel is to accept that no challenge is too great, no hurdle too high and no world too big to change. Together we can make a lasting difference, and share the bond of growth and prosperity for our ethical actions.

The price of LIFE starts at 0.7 NXT/LIFE (available in the NXT exchange now).

So, why the name LIFE for a currency?

LIFE is the incumbent stare of sentience. It is the mid-summer glare of happiness and our species future progress.


LIFE is the youth in all of us. The growth, the experience, the ingenuity. It is the creations from the pursuit of our passions.


But most of all, LIFE is a currency. Because without money you can't buy food, shelter, or have the energy to pursue your dreams.


What is Our Motivation to Succeed?

Being driven by the inert desire to leave the world better than whence we came is more powerful than the desire to make a profit for luxury's sake. The more we profit as a company, the more valuable the currency is and the more we can accelerate our species.

LIFE is about preserving and ensuring our continued existence. It's about having a proactive stance on our own humanity, following our morals and using our powers for good.

We as humans have so much potential, but our scientific advancement has led us to have weapons with the ability to obliterate ourselves. But hope is not all lost, we are not dead yet. We can prevent an impending doom. We can try to shelter ourselves from killer weather, or we can control the weather itself, stopping it from even happening.

We can show the future generations, the cosmic atmosphere itself, that we may have walked upon the edge of a knife, but we strayed to safety and the prosperity of a continued existence, by not challenging our ghastly capabilities through the provocation of our worldwide kin. We've made it this far. And we have technology that can be used for the betterment of each other. But if we don't place the proper importance on using that power for good, we'll cease to exist.

We can all look upon and cherish our existence or we can be the voice that diminished into darkness. LIFE is a currency with the founding principle of ensuring the survival of humanity, of following the proper procedures when it comes to safeguarding our home, our future homes, and our ability to care for one another. It's about viewing the world as the living organism it is, of seeing the beauty and the plentiful, potential possibilities and perpetual posterity of our people, across the world, across the stars, full of LIFE.

Jobs board / Currency/wallet built on Nxt monetary system
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:07:57 am »
I'm looking for help with creating a currency + wallet with the NXT monetary system. I know the hard fork is happening in a couple days, and as such I'd love to get this going so that I can focus on the other parts of the business that will make it successful (The currency will only be one part - albeit an integral one - of the business).

I've been doing all the design myself and programming is not my area of expertise. So if you're competent in Java/Nxt I'd love to have your help.


Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, Dev here!
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:49:19 am »
Depending on the amount of work, I'm sure there are a few devs here who would be glad to help you.
Do you happen to have anyone in mind that knows Java/Nxt? Regardless I'll peruse the forums to see if I can find someone.

Welcome and have fun with NXT!  :)
Thanks, I shall! :)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, Dev here!
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:47:32 am »
+1. It is a wise decision to use the MS instead of forking. It will save you from all the technical hassles and allow you to focus on the business development.
Thanks! I'm not going to lie, at first I was hesitant, but the upsides outweigh the downsides. Plus I've always been a fan of Nxt and I support the work they're doing, so I think it'd be mutually beneficial for both Nxt and my company to use the monetary system.

For me it's actually perfect, because I have a bunch of revolutionary ideas and designs I want to implement across a range of different areas, and this way I don't have to worry about the hassle of the currency breaking in the future or (security issues), and can instead focus on what's important: building my business and changing the world.

The only thing I need now is to find someone good at java (and knowledgeable in NXT), and in the future get a subforum in the Nxt-related projects :)

Introduce Yourself / Hello, Dev here!
« on: January 06, 2015, 12:58:06 am »
Hey guys, so I've been working on design for my cryptocurrency company for a while, and for a long time now I've been greatly interested in the Nxt platform.

I'd love to utilize Nxt and its monetary system for creating a cryptocurrency (in the past I had a PhD graduate helping me fork NXT, but that didn't seem to be the best method as he didn't have the time to fix a bug with the blockchain not downloading, and cryptocurrency in a sense is just one part of what the larger business is going to entail).

I look forward to working with some people here to create something amazing.

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