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Multigateway++ (jl777) / Re: MGW BTCD not working?
« on: July 05, 2015, 07:15:45 pm »
Is there a way to convert old MGW assets like these into BTC or LTC right now?

mgwBTC Asset ID - 4551058913252105307
mgwLTC Asset ID - 2881764795164526882

The old development servers that handled those assets have been offline for some time, so these cannot be withdrawn directly anymore. But no coins/assets are lost.

There is a MGW Redeem account ( NXT-6YQW-HHCG-NATW-DCHJ3 ) where development assets to be updated have been sent since last November. However, the new superNET assets for BTC and LTC, among others, are already alive (and the service can be beta tested, see instructions here).

So I think you have two good options. One is waiting for a bit to get your dev mgwBTC and mgwLTC swapped for the superNET assets, superBTC and superLTC. As soon as the new superNET client version including them is released, asset swap for the new assets will be active. Another option is cashing out the dev assets at current BTC/NXT and LTC/NXT market rates, which I'm sure james can do for you.

It does also depend on how many assets you have. Contact me by PM and we'll take care of it.

Thanks for the info, I have a small mgwBTC  amount, will probably wait for new SN client.

Multigateway++ (jl777) / Re: MGW BTCD not working?
« on: July 05, 2015, 12:52:16 pm »
Is there a way to convert old MGW assets like these into BTC or LTC right now?

mgwBTC Asset ID - 4551058913252105307
mgwLTC Asset ID - 2881764795164526882

Would it be possible for you to contact NXTinspect guys, pay them some fee and get confirmed by them? Thanks.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: [ANN] DApp Store
« on: May 12, 2015, 03:24:56 am »
How is it connected with CRYPTI's DAPP? They've being calling this Dapp store for months now?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: May 12, 2015, 02:58:53 am »
I'll tell you this. I have thousands of items to be sold here. Months ago I removed every listing from eBay due to the crazy 20-30% they charge. I would list those on the freemarket, but with every whale dropping price 10-20% each week it makes no sense to me. If freemarket was tied to coinoUSD or some other "stable" currency, the implication would be much MUCH bigger.
I do have some investments with NXT in different accounts, and what I see every day is "loss". FREEMARKET is the only opportunity NXT have to go mainstream. What I do not understand is WHY? I have $200-$300 for play here, but there are multiple accounts with tenths of millions NXT. WHAT DO YOU GUYS ARE WAITING FOR??? ME?

Do we really need multiple shitty assets everyday? Aliases, plugins, monetary systems? What else?
Daedelus, CFB, JL, James? WTF?
Let people sale for almost free here, the implication would be huge.

EDIT: Just think, why would I lower NXT price having stable assets I can redeem every moment. On the other hand, good and reliable assets like PonSea's need to be converted to NXT, then to USD, thus lowering the NXT price to recoup losses (or investments) each day. We need "free" trade with stability imbedded (Goods For Assets), otherwise the price is doomed to go down.

Pub crawl / Re: NXT for Free
« on: March 23, 2015, 09:19:16 am »
OMG. Thanks man, I had never saw that before. What will you do with all that ref money now? I can suggest HRNXTPOOL.

Pub crawl / Re: Solar eclipse
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:15:10 am »
It's happening. Good, us, Europeans can see this live from our yard :) For others, live broadcast at http://new.livestream.com/accounts/8724297/events/3807156/player?width=560&height=315&autoPlay=true&mute=false
Thanks for sharing. Very nice!

UPDATE: Most of balances left in pending mode will be cleaned as late as this weekend.

Do you really think that 5BTC for an asset is a good idea?

It's about 2.5BTC, but yes, I would like someone already having money to manage my money. How about camel-milk-transfer-from-bter? ANYONE with 0.2BTC can try to scam people, anyone. What I was saying - at least we would know that person already has some funds to loose. Not just try and forget.

Or just make it worth 50000NXT to list, HA. It will need to be very-very good scam-idea for investors to fall in. And imagine the risk of selling no assets. LOL. He'll have to be very imaginative and persuasive. 50K will go to forgers, scammer scammed, we have less headache. Fewer options to choose from, true. But as of now it sure looks like there are only a hadfull of really nice, working assets here anyway.

let's start the next drum roll....  :P

From LTCGear.com :

Quick announcement

There will be some posts on litecointalk on Feb 12.

Kind Regards,

"Quick announcement" and more can be found at the link below:


Did anyone fallow it? He basically said people need to wait more... LOL

I hope you understand that pituitary gland is just a fraction of the brain, perception of the individual's gray matter can vary independently of the social status. Although, I personally regret your recent “adderable” experience, (considering you are a very attractive woman) I am sure you learned how to fight-them-off.

Having said that, I joined this community couple of months ago, and being here and there in the cryptoland found myself way better then someplace else. You'll find a lot of scammers and brutes here, but majority is well educated and truly trying to make this world better. I strongly advice you to spend some time browsing forums and genuinely try to understand the idea behind NXT. You will like it here. I did.


Hey, don't ruin my karma. It's not blood in there. It's fermentation mass for the home made wine :)

Right now, I'm watching this one: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-autodiv-a-steady-stream-of-automatic-dividends-paid-daily-(1-2-5)/ The issuer, autodiv, has deposited more Nxt than he's paid out in dividends; the deposits came from Polo. He's also withdrawn the Nxt he collected from selling his Assets and ran them through a jitney account NXT-YWMZ-E76X-JS5Q-AHYWD before sending them back to Polo.

autodiv is a trustworthy guy!
NXT-Y99J-H8G9-Q8TV-CPLWH thats my account! when will you send through the 1000 autodiv! cant believe i won!

awesome asset!

Do your own conclusions.

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