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Assets Board / Re: ScryptMine-Scrypt.cc - ASSET LIQUIDATING!
« on: June 10, 2015, 11:35:40 pm »

Hi there!

Sent transactions liquidating the asset to asset-holders.


Total return of this asset has been 40% + capital invested.

Have fun :)

Assets Board / Re: ScryptMine-Scrypt.cc - ASSET LIQUIDATING!
« on: May 26, 2015, 10:38:23 pm »
Dear Asset holders:

Regarding this Asset:

- I couldn't get a clue how exactly was hacked, and even why; as they were not able to get anything appart from unsold assets.
- I don't have much time to dedicate to managing and securing an asset as I'm quite busy in other nxt related projects.
- Right now Scrypt.cc is already paying 50% of what it did some days ago; being expected to recover up to 70-80% at the end of the month, it makes a good ROI so still recommend it to you.

Liquidating the asset:
- I will be LIQUIDATING this ASSET within the next days; before 15th june.
- As a sign of appreciation to the shareholders that decided to trust my idea; I will be reimbursing the whole investments + 2-3 weeks dividends to the legit shareholders, directly to their accounts.
- The buy backs done some days ago, will be complemented up to 100% of its initial investment
- Until liquidating day, no more payments will be made. Liquidated tx will be posted here.

For any doubt or comment, PM me or catch me through Slack.

Assets Board / Re: ScryptMine-Scrypt.cc - ASSET LIQUIDATING!
« on: May 23, 2015, 10:13:03 am »
send you some info twin!

Ok, I have been working to further secure my computers. No money has been lost, just the Assets stolen.

As I'm into many things and precisely I did this asset to learn and fully understand what it means to run an asset I will liquidate this asset soon.


- I have the LEGIT investors adresses. I will pay back their amounts directly. Will inform about a good price, next days.

- While I prepare to pay back, I will be dividending the divs from Scrypt.cc directly to the legit investors.

- No more trading will occur. I will be abandoning this asset.

best regards


It's strange as I've only been accessing to it from 1 computer running linux and connected through ethernet.

As I get home I will check everything, if it's the case as it seems I will re-check computer security, create a new Asset and send the Legit Assetholders the correspondant shares


Recalculating escrow:

Shares sold: 253 nxt
Shares bought back: 100
Shares left for escrow: 153

Amount already dividended as all investors are early investors from 1rst week: 34%
Amount not yet ROI'ed by investors: 100 - 34 = 66 nxt
Amount to Escrow per share= 50% of 66 nxt = 33 nxt/share

Amount for NEW ESCROW = 153 shares * 33 nxt/share = 5049 nxt

Actual amount escrowed = 8 375  nxt
New amount to escrow = 5049 nxt


We have had a quite busy week...some days with scrypt.cc not paying due to electricity problems; now paying again at lower rates; and promise to go back to higher div rates during next days/weeks....
By the way with the "lower" payment rate we're getting about 10-15% monthly, which is not so bad...in case Scrypt.cc continues to be there for months of course :)

By the way this week we have 2.06 NXT/share (2.06%) which, after all the show, it's not so bad 
that means we've already dividended 34.72% in 5 weeks

Appart from that I'm setting a BUY - back wall for those who want to get out. I'm applying the conditions stated at the TOPIC

Investment: 100 nxt/share
Roied: 34.72 nxt/share
Left: 66 nxt/ share (I'm not taking decimals to shareholders favour)
Buy back fee (10%) of 70: 6.6 nxt/share
Buy-back price: 59.4 nxt/share

I'm setting buy-back at 60 nxt/share

If I see the buy-wall wall gets emptied by tomorrow I will set it up again. In case it doesn't I will take out the buy-wall probably on wednesday. PM for any doubt.

For the ones who wish to stay, next payout, next SUNDAY.

Have a nice week!


Update from scrypt.cc

They keep paying at lower rate than before, page stable again and KHS price going up again, already nearly .8; before crash it was at .12 and we entered at .11

About rewards seems admin is negotiating new electricity contract and will post news on tuesday. Whatever this news hope will allow to increase rewards again.

Will keep updated

Official statement regarding shares BUY BACK:

1 - This is a mining asset, and I'm buying selling KHS on your name and convert: KHS to BTC to NXT.

2 - As the asset it's not functioning normally (scrypt.cc) I can't rebuy shares at market price today. Website is unstable and payments are just being re-stablished. 1 month non-paying would mean using escrow.

3 – Actually the buy-back price today would be:

Investment: 100 nxt/share
Roied: 30 nxt/share
Left: 70 nxt/ share
Buy back fee (10%) of 70: 7 nxt
Buy-back price: 63 nxt/share

4 – If Scrypt.cc keeps stable, and I can pay dividends on Sunday (able to withdraw etc), even with lower payment rates from scrypt.cc, I will setup a buy wall on Sunday, recalculating the buy-back price with this week dividend.

5 - If I can't pay dividends on Sunday because Scrypt.cc is not paying or functioning properly; I will start counting 1 month or offer you a deal to get out before 1 month escrow conditions

6 -It's non-sense to ask me to Buy-back as stated in OP if Scrypt.cc it's not working because then the amount in Escrow wouldn't have any sense. The buy back only has sense if Scrypt.cc works properly, even with lower rate.

Best regards.


Scrypt.cc having problems this days. As you may have read at bitcointalk thread, they're having electricity issues. They resumed payouts but at 65% lower.

Admins says they're searching new provider and news agreements on electricity price... let's see how it goes; right now for next week you can wait a much lower revenue than usual.

Will keep updated with relevant info.

best regards

Time to pay again.

Today we got out...7.55 NXT/share (7.68%) 

So that means we're already with a 33% Dividended back in around 4 weeks

Recalculating escrow:
Amount escrowed: 12 500 nxt
Amount invested: 25 000 nxt
Amount already dividended as all investors are early investors from 1rst week: 33%
Amount not yet ROI'ed by investors: 100 - 33% = 67% = 16 750 nxt
Amount for NEW ESCROW = 50% of 16 750 nxt = 8 375 nxt

Actual amount escrowed = 12 500 nxt
New amount to escrow = 8 375 nxt

Amount to be un-escrowed = around 4 000 nxt
Will ask Vanbreuk to withdraw this amount from escrow account during this week.

nxt payout scheduled for next week, on SUNDAY.


Time for dividends is here !!! Going out in a few minutes  ::)

Today we got .....

Dividends being paid to asset holders: which means we are sending out 7.69 NXT/share (7.68%) 

nxt payout scheduled for next week, on SUNDAY.


hi there,

I have around 210 ltc2nxt3; will you put up a buywall or...?


Nxt General Discussion / Re: The digital challenge
« on: April 27, 2015, 11:13:03 am »

Glad to be able to share some thoughts with you. Thanks for your comments! We should enjoy this new times coming  ::)

Time for dividends is here !!!  ::)

Today we got .....

60% dividends being paid to asset holders: which means we are sending out 6.839 NXT/share (6.839%) being sent right now

nxt payout scheduled for next week. Will be sent out on MONDAY 4TH MAY as I will be on a trip.


Nxt General Discussion / The digital challenge
« on: April 24, 2015, 09:01:21 pm »
   The digital challenge

I’ve been always organizing and creating projects since 18 years old; European funded intercultural projects, ngo’s, associations and now… my own digital ones. I consider myself highly critical with government; highly devoted to build a better mankind.

I can say that, during this years I became quite specialized in creating participation frameworks to allow & improve its member participation skills (do you know Harts’ ladder of participation? which can quite easily be translated to adults ) 
In fact, I find myself in eternal love with free education systems, where we are given the tools to create, discover and think by ourselfs. Where we are students and teachers at the same time.

I find myself discovering there are some many ways of doing&thinking things, that the path is much more interesting than the endpoint. It's so easy to fall in love with non-formal educations methods; learn by doing, learn-by playing...

When it comes to create my own businesses and projects I really want to have fun with them; to learn; try to catch my visions, fullfill my dreams.....and after nearly 7 years working in standard companies, my spirit still remains. But in real world, you know, whatever you want to do....we are smartly stuck by bureaucracy.

Accountability, legalframeworks, tax obligations, rules and even more rules we where never asked about. I can perfectly say 70% of organisation resources are dedicated to this. Not to devote to its own aims, not to deploy services to people. Not to  learn or create. Just designed to blindly follow & accomplish rules. Our “XXIst century” organisations have not been yet created. I can't do what I want, and devote to that.
Until now: DACs, DAOs, DAPPs are here.
Our decentralized organizations, are based nowhere but everywhere. Freely traded. Freely managed. Freely organized; voted or participated. Freedom; dangerous word; holding huge amounts of responsibility.
Fearing that our society, our world might not be prepared?? Our world is ruled by values, ethics, of its individuals. So, allow individuals to participate, collaborate, create & learn and we will do amazing&terrible things. You don't need to be told who is the “good” and the “bad” in a film; don't you?

Forget imposed rules, but agree and create our own ones: the organization values, prestige, trust and transparency will define us in this world. Our organisations can be funded freely and its resources can finally meet its aims.
Do you realise we just reversed our nowadays country-wide organization models?
We are reeducating ourselfs. We can't be controlled any more.

Time for dividends is here !!!  ::)

Got 1737 nxt in exchange of this 5 days mining operations at Scrypt.cc, you may check our asset issuer balance: NXT-YBH9-BHZX-8N23-79F8S with the 1737 nxt just entering now.

40% dividends getting to my nxt account as Backing fees.
60% dividends being paid to asset holders: which means we are sending out 4.11 NXT/share (4.11%)

nxt payout scheduled for next sunday 26th april.




Dear investors:

- I have updated the escrow amount up to 12 500 NXT you can check at: http://www.mynxt.info/account/11698615362518426903

- We have nearly 100.000 KHS, you can see on the banner at main page.

I will be sending dividends next Sunday.

Have a nice week

Operations report for today:

- Adding equivalent to 0,42 btc to Scrypt.cc hashrate. You will see the added KHS in the main topic banner in a while.
- Will be updating the escrow funds up to 10.000 nxt this afternoon. You can check in the main topic escrow account link.
- Updated Scryptmine asset conditions: Whenever I consider the operation of this asset too dangerous to continue; I will be selling all KSH at Scrypt.cc and reimburse the buyers shares at the price 100 NXT - Dividends already received taking into consideration the buy-date.
- When I have some time I will make a public spreadsheet with dividends paid/share and by date; so if someone need to sell back or if we close this asset it will be really easy to calculate the reimbursement amount for every one.

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