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Česky (Czech) / Re: pokec
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:00:08 pm »
Nxt se dá říct stojí hlavně na finančních projektech lidí. O tom přece celý crypto 2.0 je, ne? Dnešní cena Nxtu jen popisuje "úspěch" projektů běžících na Nxtu.

úspěšný projet:
- Coinomat má jen micro výdělky, vzhledem k míře risku v crypto světě

konec projektů:
- scam
- soon inc.
- neví jak dál
- programátor odešel
- nemá čas, má zaměstnání
- nemoc, rodina, soukromý život
- vývojář nic neřekne a všichni zapomenou
- funkční projekt tiše přestane podporovat už při vývoji a vědomosti se hodí jinde
- vývojář neřekne špatnou zprávu a prodá assety, po nečinnosti následuje pád

Coinomat mě napadá jako jediný dlouhodobě funkční asset. Aby měl reálný efekt na život člověka, musel by vyplácet například 1000 Kč měsíčně. To by vyžadovalo investici 300.000 Kč a věřit 6 let, než dostane zpátky investici a začane opravdu vydělávat (ani nemuvím o velkých změnách v kurzu během následujících let).

Napadá vás nějaký opravdu úspěšný hotový projekt? Znám jen desítky špatných "pokusů" s různým koncem. A pár dlouhodobých - Jinn, Debude nebo soon InstanDEX.

Za dva roky Nextu + 6 let crypto historie by se snad už něco dalo udělat do funkčního stavu.
Kdo mě přesvědčí o opaku?

Česky (Czech) / Re: pokec
« on: November 12, 2015, 01:37:37 pm »
Sice je to o BTC, ale peknej rozhovor - https://youtu.be/NKVFcD9nuJ8. Muze se to pouzit pro vysvetleni neznalym lidem.

Bylo by pekny, kdyby v cechach nekdo vytvoril velkej a funkcni projekt na Nxtu. Nedodelavani a opousteni projektu vidim jako nejvetsi problem.

50 InstantDex TNSSE tx:10289471808662882215

Great iniciative!

We just passed the 80% barrier :)

80.13% now!

3317 blocks or ~ 4 days to go!

In case MMNXT will donate the dividends. How much it will be in percent to Tennessee success? Only few days left.

Development Roadmap is depending on the TNSSE success too.


Nice! Thank you for clarification.

freebieservers.com - OK
www.freebieservers.com - KO

I saw this many times on different webs. Does somebody know why is this happening? In these day is forbidden to type www?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: [NXT.ORG] Content recommendations
« on: August 19, 2015, 05:28:37 pm »
In case we will have 100% secured web wallet like jay client - ready for new people. I would like to see short description how secured it is compared to the full client.

For example:
Nxt local client - full control
jay client - secured as local client
SecureAE - passphrase is sended to the web page

We don't need to have it interactive like this: BTC choose your wallet when you click on one. But short security information would be nice.

Nxt Plugins / Re: ShapeShift Integration plugin
« on: August 03, 2015, 07:07:45 am »
Great, here it is with dark background for better sharing.


Nxt Plugins / Re: ShapeShift Integration plugin
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:10:54 pm »
Folks, I still have over 4 hours left. Would someone be kind enough to create a cool logo combining the ShapeShift fox with the NXT logo so I can include it in my submission ?

I'm going to submit the project in 20 minutes. If anyone is working on this PM me now.

Shit ... too late?




Nobody forced him to start this asset.  --> Nobody said single word against pf. --> No reason to not be here.

This is not about money but about good manners and this is really not helping nxt and crypto world at all. As a captain he should leave the boat as the last one.

I'm still waiting at least weekly reports directly from pf.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: June 28, 2015, 08:24:12 pm »
I think that default client should be some lite client...

We MUST understand that most of the people just want to USE the currency/assets/platform in most simple way that is possible, not to mess with nodes..

They don't want to bother with setting up full node, downloading entire blockchain, install java... first they just want to see what is NXT and maybe try it a bit, but if that means that they will have to spend 2 hours messing with some very technical stuff  they will probably just go away...

So, it is probably much, much better to promote some lite client...

We must realize that not everybody is familiar with cryptoworld in way most of us here are... and many people DON'T want to get familiar with it, they just want to use it...
Entry barrier should be lowered to the maximum possible extent...  we need more users... when we have more users, the financial incentive for running full nodes will then be there...

So let's promote lite clients..!  ;D


I just actually wanted to say that that there are consumers of cryptoservices and entrepreneurs in crypto and we should give adequate product to each group... because NRS and lite clients have totally different purposes...

This is true.

When the lite client will be the first clear recommended choice on nxt.org and there will be description how secured it is compared to the full client. Then 95% new people will pick lite client, use it and recommand it to friends. For nontechnical people is even java too much. They will never learn how to install things like that. They will never even think about it.

Problem is that many from big brains around here wont believe me. This should be like cobweb and we will catch people into the simple working lite client.

I understand that this is not a simple project.

I think that VPN coin is little bit complicated and would be great to have some functions integrated in something ready to be used in one package.

For example TOR is hunted in china what I read in vpncoin forum.

Will be there some user friendly usage for BitNet VpnCoin? It is part of SuperNet.

Domain System
Website System
Vpn Proxy System
P2p proxy system
P2p Instant Communication System
Cross-Cryptocoins Networking System
AES Chat
P2P PhoneCall System
P2P VideoCall System
Network tip system

Nice, thank you.

shares in circulation: 1 000 000 (40% active)
income per asset: 0.0001%
price per share 20 NXT

coinomat + coinomat1
shares in circulation: 4 000 000
income per asset: 0.00000038% (1.5% profits of the total transaction amount)
price per share 4 NXT

Profits per asset are 266x higher in Bithaus. Then the price of one Bithaus asset at the same percentage income per share should be around 1000 NXT.

Height of volume is different question of course.

Is it correct?

Hello Marek,

thanks for bringing up the discussion about the assets. It's worth to provide some clarification on them. The Bithaus assets on the Asset Exchange are not directly affiliated with our business, were not issued by us and we do not endorse them. We are currently assessing a few options on how we can potentially offer a legit NxtHaus asset on the Asset Exchange, but that may still be some time away. In such a situation we would swap the Bithaus assets with the official NxtHaus assets. Right now the Bithaus assets act more as a ETF from jl777 (the issuer).

If you have any more concrete questions about the assets, please let me know.

Thank you. Do you plan to release official NxtHaus assets around the time when there will be trading fees in NxtHaus?

Do you have some info about assets?

It would be great to see some positive action after more than year of holding assets.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Lastpass hacked.
« on: June 21, 2015, 10:54:01 pm »
Is it right that one Yubikey can be used to generate:

1) one static password (for KeePass)
2) one 2FA authentication (for bitstamp.net)

That is all?

Promo videos looks like that I will use my single Yubikey everywhere and log in every web service with 2FA with single touch.

It is only my feeling or are we sitting in a queue inside the queue?

Could PF provide some information about our account and inform us about changes in the future?

Serioulsy? LTC Gear was a ponzi, and it isn't coming back. This asset is dead, and shouldn't be traded.

You are right and what is bad about it to see status of our ponzi account? And hear info from the main person here?

It is only my feeling or are we sitting in a queue inside the queue?

Could PF provide some information about our account and inform us about changes in the future?

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