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sorry guys, but they all seem not similar good as the nxt logo...
I suggest, that a good designer tries something more like the 5 one but without the need of different colors...

This is really unbelievable you funded money for your movie an didn't even make it. On our project noone wanted to put any money although we really wanted to make it. Ridiculous community, really... in our world we call that scam...


Assets Board / Re: SNcoinv1 - Supernet Silver Bullion Coin
« on: January 31, 2015, 03:31:38 pm »
ARGH... I accidently bought on your red numbers of your anouncement now... can't you strike them out at least? I thought, they are the right ones...

Ok, this is the last day and we will cancel. I have to say that I am really disappointed. Not support.
To reward all the people, that wanted to help, we buy assets back at 150%. Thank you.
Over half of the shares sold were bought by you (you realize we can see that, right?).

Anyway, you guys were only taken for $17 this time. Maybe there is hope.

i know, that you can see that. I even named my account, because I want to make things clear. I bought it with my private account, if you allow...
Even more sad, that there was so less support for it.

Ok, this is the last day and we will cancel. I have to say that I am really disappointed. Not support.
To reward all the people, that wanted to help, we buy assets back at 150%. Thank you.

Why? That doesn't make sense and suggests there is not a disciplined business behind what is going on here. Why not just 100% or 101% if you want to be generous?

I mean, thanks, but it doesn't make sense. Businesses fail all the time. There's no need to reward people for investing in a failed business (sorry that it happened, but...)

Business didn't fail. We didn't even have the chance to because community failed before.

Ok, this is the last day and we will cancel. I have to say that I am really disappointed. Not support.
To reward all the people, that wanted to help, we buy assets back at 150%. Thank you.

sad that the times are over, where being the first was actually counting...

Oh and sorry regarding ldf.   That was the company from the most recent teaser on your website.  Just noticed matador in this ann.   Went to check out their website. But is currently down.  Any other links to their work?

Omnia? Where did you see anything of LDF there?? Its made by brand pictures and UMOS.
i linked to matadors facebook page, where you can see their work in the last posts.

No script? No determined title?

  That would probably be a good start.  What's the Horror movie about and how will nxt be mentioned and/or promoted?

   Horror flicks of course require an exceptional amount of skill in regards to makeup artists, special effects and music production.  Do you currently have relationships with anyone high caliber?

  I understand better quality means better budget.  But there ain't nothing quite like cold calling with a fistful of dough.. Easy to get take advantage of price wise if there is no current working relationship with high end support.

  As far as distribution, do you currently have distribution deals?   If so where and how large?

 Also how many cinemas have you released your projects into? Are these commercial cinemas? Or independent?

  And yes.  I would love to see this project benefit you and nxt. And I would like to believe. So think these are some good questions.

We have no full story, wrote only a part of the "pitch" (in the announcement). Of course we have already some ideas on the murderer.
I didn't want to tell too much but ok.

Spoiler: (This are only ideas, they may or may not take place in the story)
It's probably a girl and she will sit in the wheelchair because of an accident, but she can still walk. Her father was killing her mother during a bondage session. She saw that. That's why she has a little "different" view of sexual fun. The victims will have to take place in undesirable practices. But don't be afraid. We don't want to overdo that of course...

A pitch is normally the only thing you have before you get the budget. Everything else depends on it. Also the final storybook.
We need at least 20k assets sold to start with it. The movie will not be made, if we have less. (Refund)

We didn't have any cinema "release" yet because of too less budgets. Of course some were running in several independent festivals also in cinema.
For example Omnia run on a german, a netherland and a spanish festival. We won the first price on the spanish one. But it was a small festival. Of course with that low budget (way less than the 20k Assets) you can't expect too much... We don't want to work on that low quality any more.

As said we have relationships with sellers that have relationships to high quality cinema and dvd labels. Of course those people don't want to be named...
In our announcement we write, that we see a good chance for the cinema, if we have enough budget. But at this time we can't make any concrete contracts.
For this we would already need the budget to announce actors and so on.

As said, we need 20k assets as initial budget. Then we can start showing things and set the ball rolling.

i strongly approve of user kyox

As I said, we are hiring people depending on the budget. Better budget, better people. All previous things wouldn't be meaningful with a different budget...
Numbers are also not meaningful yet, as movies can be sold on dvd/bluray every 5 years again and to different markets all the time. I just can say, that matador made a pretty plus with all of their movies, though they are not out very long yet (maybe the last one is not yet in plus, as it is very fresh).

We could show you a lot of the work for this movie, but at the moment, there is no budget for anything to show. No budget, no script, no teaser...
We need not much for that. its only 20k assets and then we can go further together...
We offer the possiblitity for nxt to get mentioned in a high quality movie, that is not only watched by a few crypto people but by anyone going into the cinema or buying a dvd for a nice horror dvd night.
Additionaly investors can participate on earnings. But if you don't believe, it can happen, we can't make it happen.

And I dunno.. LDF is about the only one of your teasers that seems like the potential for more then a 20 or 30 thousand dollar budget.   At least theyre using a camera that can shoot 1080..

 Any sales figures for you or your partner?  That would be a fairly crucial thing..

a projected budget of 1.5 million? what's your market? will you be subtitling the movies? blue rays and dvds? Does any use those anymore? you got deals with walmarts or future shops or something?

  Seems to be more of an independent film company, and your market should more likely be shooting towards online subscriptions and such.. but I don't know germanys markets and have only seen a 15 second or so clip of ldf's work.  Looks like some potential and high quality gear tho.. Anywhere else to view you partners work?

Thanks for your reply.
Noone shoots lower than 1080p these days. If you see lower quality, the internet connection lowers or settings maybe lower a result (standard youtube on umos.de is 360p as i saw). Umos Productions old Partner Brandl Pictures also didn't upload the highest quality because of their bandwith.

Anyway, cinemas don't even take 1080p into account. So of course we want to shoot at least 4k if the budget lets us.
Everything you mention is depending on the budget. You can't find partners, if you don't know the budget. Impossible.

We know how to do movies with low budget. We know, how it makes the movie look better with higher budget.
We would make the movie with a budget from at least 40 000 € (we could also lower, but its annoying and we want to look ahead). But everything more is helping us of course.

We have partners for no budget (thats how its called up to 50k and all below 2 million is still called LOW Budget) movies already. But we have also selling agents that have connections to high quality labels in other countrys like USA. Our goal is the cinema, but competition with hollywood is of course not made with 5-digits. Its ridiculous. And we shoot in english, as I wrote. Other countrys, we sell to will probably be dubbed. And there will be at least a german dubbed version.

So again: everything is depending on budget. Better budget enables better movies. We can find better actors, better technicians. People working for high quality movies are always freelancers. You only can hire good ones, if you have enough budget.

I can't give you any representative selling numbers from the Brandl-movies of Umos yet, as the movies are not out long enough and the labels are not yet selling the FSK-Version, but maybe I can get some more details about the movies of the new partner Matador. But with very low budgets you often have contracts, that you are not allowed to tell, how much the movie did actually cost. Of course with this movie we can't make such contracts, because we want to show you as much as we can.

What do you mean with LDF?

for 50 million NXT i hope you include a free blowjob
  Its not like I'm gay.  I'm just a businessman.  Hahaha

Screams Budget: $15,000,000 and that was 1996, where movies were kind of cheap.

I highly suggest you read about the recent Moolah debacle before you claim that having a registered company makes you legitimate enough to invest sums of money into.
So you really have only problems with trust here? (BTW how is this with the other NXT movie? BTW, we were the first asset...)
I have no problem giving all our assets to any escrow of your choice. But we need the money for the movie and can't give dividends before its ready.
So what do you suggest us to do? I guess showing our faces won't help as well...
Sad, that our very detailed announcement isn't showing you our sincerity.

We are talking about a registered company in germany man...
its like a stock...

We are talking about a registered company in germany man...

Bit late to start planning a Halloween sca ... er movie, doncha think?
would be probably ready next year. movies take their time...

Well, 50 million NXT is only $1.4 million... pretty low budget for a big movie... pretty big payout if there's no movie though! :-p
Haha now you're getting into the spirit of things.
90% of new assets are scams, I would guess

Scams don't offer identities...

for 50 million NXT i hope you include a free blowjob
better read first, what they payed for similar movies, before complaining :-)

Well, 50 million NXT is only $1.4 million... pretty low budget for a big movie... pretty big payout if there's no movie though! :-p

kidding me, why should there be no movie if we raise 50 million?
This should be more trustable than any so-called anonymous escrow.
You have an official registered german company involved here! The german law would help you in any fraud case.
There will only be no movie, if we raise too less, but then we refund.

Crosspost from Bitcointalk Thread of September 29, 2014

What's this project about?

This project is about the budgeting of an international feature film project exclusively on the NXT platform. The marketing effect for NXT is just as important as the fact that one does not need the support of Hollywood producers for a professional high-quality feature film.

The company UMOS Productions UG lenses an exciting slasher a la Scream, Friday the 13th and Halloween. We work for the first time together with the partner Matador Film.

Camp Hell (Working Title)

Image made by our partner ParaGrafixx

Vanessa and her boyfriend Steve enjoy their vacation in an outlying camp. One day a roommate is brutally murdered by an unknown person, the murderer has cut out her eyes! The police are baffled. Another murder happens, again the corpse is terribly disfigured! Who is the masked killer and how can he be stopped?
Official Page: UMOS Productions Crypto Asset Anouncement (english) - (german)

What is the goal of the project?
For the commercial exploitation of the film a worldwide marketing in DVD and BluRay area is provided. Furthermore, aimed at an international theatrical release. To offer the widest possible marketing potential the film will be shot in English.

Several feature-length films were already successfully produced and marketed by our partner. So feature movies in house as well as in order production were successfully refinanced and placed on the Bluray and DVD market by known film labels. The personal and professional experience shows that this project has very good chances of success mainly through the genre.

Your investment enables the production company UMOS Productions UG also future film projects, which may further increase the awareness and success of this film. The majority of revenue is paid directly to you, the investor. Larger investors can also be listed as a co-producer of the film or participate in any form (e.g. as a supporting actor) in the film on request.

The film also has a marketing effect for NXT. The Coin is mentioned prominently in the film and there are preferably used cost carriers, that can be paid with NXT coins. The film thus actively supports the NXT community and the spreading of the currency.

How will we use the money?

The budget of the film is used for the salaries of the actors and the crew, the technical equipment, general production costs such as catering and accommodation costs, venue hire and accounting as well as for the professional post-processing of the film. Leftover money is considered income and will be paid the same way.

Budget Setting

We already have a lot of experience in the implementation of films with low budgets. Of course, any additional budget is a relief and increases the quality of the film. We try to get the best quality out of your budget.

Maximum number of assets: 500 000
Asset starting price: 100 NXT
Asset Name: umosSlash
AssetID: 11482246150566980010 (Caution! We are not responsible, if you buy the wrong assets!)
Issuer Account: NXT-AH72-5DQE-J679-6QCKJ
Sell start: 1st October 2014

The film project will be implemented with a minimum amount of 20,000 purchased assets.

From 40,000 purchased assets a well-known international actor is committed.

From 200,000 purchased assets a prominent star actor will be engaged for a supporting role.

From 350,000 purchased assets a prominent star actor will be engaged for a main role.

Correspondingly higher budget allows of course several more well-known actors and higher quality of the film. If all assets are sold and the income is more than the budget, investors will get an additional 10% of the shares of a next film budgeted in a similar manner.

Until the minimum amount the price of the shares is fixed at 100 NXT. If this is not achieved till 1st December 2014, all shares will be repurchased (investors have to place a sell order at the issue price for their assets). 
If the minimum amount is reached, the asset prices turn variable and are based on the market by publications. For obtaining more investors there will be shot a teaser and finished the screenplay. A purchase prior to that date is probably cheaper. Further sale of assets can be proceeded until the completion of the film.


If the film is completed, it will be sold the best possible way. 90% of the revenue of the film will be distributed via NXT directly to the investors. All owners of assets with the exception of the not sold assets on the expense account get their share. The distribution will take place on a monthly basis after the completion of accounting. The remaining 10% are used by UMOS Productions UG for the maintenance of the company and if appropriate as budget for future films, which also support the marketing of this film.

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

The budget settings refer to the NXT value of the 29th of September 2014. The company UMOS Productions UG is not liable for NXT exchange losses. If value increases, there will be a positive impact on the quality of the film.
If the value of NXT falls sharply, it is necessary to change the asset budget settings or increase the asset prices accordingly. If the value of NXT plummes during production, so that the budget is no longer sufficient for the completion of the film, the production is put on hold. Should this condition persist longer than 1 month, the production is aborted and assets are repurchased. But the assets can then only be bought back with the leftover budget (price = Number leftover NXT / number of sold assets).

UMOS Productions UG buys back shares only if the minimum budget is not reached. If it is reached, there is no repurchase and shares can be sold only to other interested parties. UMOS Productions UG is not liable for losses that may arise from the purchase and sale of the shares. <br/>
Though UMOS Productions UG tries its best, it does not guarantee profits or sale amounts. Furthermore, we can not guarantee that the film will get a theatrical release or is marketed worldwide via a well-known DVD label. But we can assure a release in Germany (and thus worldwide export) on DVD and Bluray.

After ensuring the implementation UMOS Productions UG reserves the right to have parts of the resulting budget available on other public NXT or Bitcoin accounts. Furthermore there will be regularly transfered parts in Euro to the business bank account, as the biggest expenses are expected to be paid in that currency. UMOS Productions UG is not liable for losses resulting from exchange rate fluctuations of Bitcoin or NXT or by trading or transfer fees. Values ​​are exchanged to ensure liquidity in another currency in the first place, to pay expenses in Bitcoin or Euro or to ensure the distribution of NXT to investors. <br/>
The decision how the budget is used exactly in the film and how much budget is kept in which currency is solely decided by UMOS Productions UG. Investors have neither claim on participation nor any direct rights on the movie. They just have a promised share on the expected income of the movie.

UMOS Productios UG is not liable for security holes or availability of NXT or Bitcoin. If the software is hacked and/or the currency (or currencies) has (have) a downfall the project will be canceled if the rest of available budget is insufficient for completing the film. If the income of the film is greater than 50% of the market cap of NXT, all funds beyond remain at UMOS Productions UG. This also applies to high price decline and especially when the software was hacked and NXT is virtually worthless. Should in this case an assignment to the original asset holders not be possible anymore, there will be no distribution.

You as an investor bear the whole risk of loosing your funds and have no rights for a refund of your deposit if prices fall or a failure of the film. Furthermore UMOS Productions in this case doesn't guarante for follow-up projects and other marketing attempts.

You fully accept this conditions by buying assets. Purchases are allowed only from 18 years.

Edit 15.10.2014: The revenue is calculated after taxes.

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