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AEUR / AEUR to Cash Transaction
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:33:33 am »
Hello Folks i have a question what is the best and easyest way to get a CASH out from AEUR for example you have Ardors or Ignis doesnt matter you are Buying AEUR token that each token is exactly 1 EURO but how then you can transfer it to MrTango?

In Anotother Words i have MrTango account and from the marketing i read that AEUR is a bridge betwen ARDOR and the EURO and that Mr Tango is behind this project but from the real expirience its seems i cant get cash asap from my AEUR tokens?! str8 to my Mr Tango Account.

Thanks in advance

Nxt General Discussion / Re: where is the marketing???
« on: February 09, 2018, 10:39:45 pm »
Let me tell you something i read all of the comments here and YES most of the people are really right.

From my expirience i know that in the days we live now ALL is Marketing it is a WAR.
No matter how good is one Technology if there is not marketing and the people are not familiar with this tech who care will stay the same way after 5 years just because there is no marketing!

I will give you another example from the real Life!

Take one Big Company for Hi tech Stuffs like HTC well i love them, they have great tech, make gread devices using HI END materials and if you don`t know probably not many of the things we are using now and we have in the Smartphones are 1st inovated by them! here is the breakpoint MOST of the people don`t know this you have to digg it to realize it.

They was the 1st to Implement 2 Cameras Senzor on the back well now this days almost every company use this setup but nobody know that HTC did it 1st.

They was 1st to make a UNIBODY design from amulimium one block... well nobody know this if you ask APPLE or SAMSUNG or most of the people think Apple did it.

WHY? because of the Marketing.

this is just brief example in the Hitech World the Inovation made by HTC that are used today in the Smarphones are over 20 but guess what NOBODY KNOW.

Most of the people don`t care other part of the people think SAMSUNG, APPLE or somebody other did it.. why?!

Again Because of the Marketing.

Every year HTC complein and they lose money every single year because they don`t have SALES and this is repeating every damn single year when they have a new flagship... on the same time they never DID a Marketing im talking for a Big marketing like SAMSUNG do it all the time everywhere in the whole world like Apple do it all the time 24hrs a day!

So people are not familiar with HTC and all the inovations they bring because lack of marketing = lack of sale = lack of knowladge.

The funny thing is that Google like bvery very much HTC because they know what they are doing in fact most of the PIXEL phones are manifactured by HTC for Google!

The funny thing is that Everybody know Google Pixel but nobody know HTC. and Google sell 10 times more than HTC why?

Because of Marketing strategy nothing more or less and for this reason Google Bought part of the HTC to use the potential they have in manifacturing mobile devices and many more.

This all above is just Example but the funny thing is that is all real example from the real everyday life.

NO MATTER how BIG amazing tech is something without Marketing its worth nothing.

Many scam, tokens and coins that doesnt have even working product or a wallet, are far more popular than Ardor and also far more recognizable this is SAD.

WHY? Because of the Lack of Marketing

THe people behind Ardor have to STAND with proud and to Market this Product because is something more than the others it is a working product it is new it is a hi tech and have alot of potential IF only IF they push the marketing to a new level.

I dont think a youtube homemade video is serious Marketing. like i say this is a WAR and if you want to build something you have to fight and to know what you got.

This is one of the reasons with NXT in the past 4 plus years is in the same situation. Cmon Guys

PLEASE i really please you DO NOT DO the same Mistake with ARDOR because i really trust in this Tech.

Im SAD not because of the PRICE of the ARDOR... this is not most important i really believe in this TECH and when all went good and the people get familiar with this everything will come by itself the recognition, the price the value, the usability and so on.

I really hope someone from the TEAM read this im a friend of yours and i wish you and to Ardor only all good things posible but you have to understand the example above.


Why no one see the potential of the Aliases on the new Blockchain and the childchaines?

FINAL SALE updatet the 1st post!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Best NXT Exchange!?
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:49:24 am »
https://changelly.com its safe?

Why im asking is because
1st look to shiny and second seems very easy even making an account you dont need any personal info.

And email and password thats why im asking it is legit exchange?

Nxt General Discussion / Best NXT Exchange!?
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:14:40 am »
Hello guys im looking for best Exchange by best i mean EASY transaction and secure and not complicated way.

To sell/Exchange some NXT

1st Option to  Exchange them for Bitcoin.
2nd to Sell them for Cash.

I prefer the 1st option anyone familiar with this please advice me!

Thanks in advance

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:33:58 am »
well i had two wallets and the same happnd on both in the one i had to had small amount of Ardors well i have only the 1/3 of the Amount i have ot have.

The other account, this morning i had the Ardors and Ignis from the airdrop im cheking now again same Half of the Ardors and Half of the Ignis gone without trace without any transaction?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:12:43 am »
where to report missing Ardords?

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: December 24, 2017, 07:29:13 am »
Now many people can become millioners in a Day if they are smart enought and know what to do.
To use this AirdDrop as smart as they can for the full potential of the profit they can gain this heppans once a few years!

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:20:42 pm »
I know exactly what will happen and what price will reach NXT week by week to the next 3 Months.
But I do not want to create chaos among anyone, so I'll keep it for myself if there's someone who worries about their investment, I'll help!

The only reason to not share it its like i write already No one want Chaos among the community.

Trading & Exchanges / Re: NXT for sale
« on: December 21, 2017, 07:25:38 am »
Im interested

Bump Final Sale  all 72+ Premium Aliases transferable to the new blokchain for just 5k ARDOR tokens

Nxt General Discussion / Whats going on with NXT? ANy idea
« on: December 17, 2017, 02:16:55 pm »
Hello guys im wondering whats going on with NXT friend of mine send me 2K NXT`s str8 to my wallet well this was before 4 hrs till now i dont have any NXTs from him in my wallet also not pending or whatever.

On the same time he used his wallet trought SEND NXT Button added my wallet and procede like it should be so how long it can takes the funds to be transfered from his wallet client to mine?

We both Use the official Wallet software 1.11 and they are both Updated to the latest block 1620707

Any idea what we have to do ?

Thanks in advcance

Trading & Exchanges / Re: ARDOR
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:28:53 am »
If there is legit seller that have Ardor for Sale let me know will be easyest way to by them str8 from the Waller in Marketplace!

WHat i want is to buy some ARDRs as far as i know they are only ARDR assets to keep them in my wallet and once when the official ARDR is lunched to recive the Amount of the ARDR COINS

Thanks in advance

Trading & Exchanges / ARDOR want to BUY
« on: December 17, 2017, 08:11:24 am »
Hello guys, can someone Sell me ARDOR? for NXT or is there a way to by str8 from my NXT client wallet Ardors for NXTs

Thanks in advance

Nxt General Discussion / Please Help me Out.
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:42:37 am »
Hello guys i got NXT in the very begining from the 1st block till now i keep them in my wallet client all the time.
I want to keep my NXT save for future as well but i read that after 26 28 December we have to move our NXT in another wallet?! Because the NXT wallet will be not more supported so i get confused exactly what to do.

Can someone give me a read or explain me what i have to do in order to have a new working wallet and to transfer and keep all my NXT coins for the future

Thank you in advance!

The Alias are still UP for SALE in a BULK order like we know every single Alies is Unique.


Marketplace / Re: (SELL) Selling 71 Alias PREMIUM on a BULK ORDER
« on: March 20, 2015, 07:43:45 am »
Bump Bulk order only 50k NXT coins

Nxt Client Helpdesk / activation public key
« on: September 28, 2014, 11:29:34 am »
How to activate NXT client?

Im asking because before when i did it there was a faucet that give you few free coins and you juat have to public ur public key once and thats it

Now i will install NXT client wallet to another PC one of my friend will become nxt user

After the installation since the faucet is not working anymore hia account will be zero and i want to send him some coina from my wallet to his wallet but how to activate his wallet to be able to rexive the coins i mean wherw to typw hia public key?

Thanks in advance.

Marketplace / Re: (SELL) Selling 70 Alias PREMIUM on a BULK ORDER
« on: September 26, 2014, 10:20:54 am »
Update the list with 70 Alias

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