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Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: August 11, 2014, 04:10:23 am »
jl777, did they return you unspent bitcoins you sent them for Payexpo? (7,5 btc)

Ive got 15 BTC just sitting, so no problem. Just get me your BTC address and I can send it to you, we can figure out the conversion rate, how much you need, etc later. For now you need access to the BTC


I went back through my PMs to verify, we worked with James via PM to send him an agreed upon amount of Nxt to cover the BTC:

send to NXT-ZWW7-PSXW-89TR-AA67Z
@ .00007 -> 214285

Here is the transaction: http://nxtreporting.com/?a=9807316573859277452&c=USD

ConnectTropolis / Re: CoinTropolis & Tokens Update- 6/26/2014
« on: June 29, 2014, 07:02:35 pm »
so quite here?

We will still be posting on the forum and helping out where needed. We feel that having a central place for everyone to go to find updates for us would be easier then having multiple threads in different places on the forum.

Hey guys, here is a link to the Prezi used at PayExpo. This version is editable if you have the Prezi application so do with it what you would like :)


Let me know if you need anything else!

ConnectTropolis / CoinTropolis & Tokens Update- 6/26/2014
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:49:29 am »
We will continue to update our blog with information about CoinTropolis and our tokens as well as progress in different areas. Please take a look and drop us a line if you have any questions



ConnectTropolis / Re: AMA June 8
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:34:35 am »
What about transparency? Will there be any kind of mechanism to keep informed about ConTropolis revenue streams, verify profits made compaired to rewards payed out to token holders?

We are working on a way to track these types of transactions in order to verify rewards based on revenue. When we fully develop the mechanism/method, we will let you guys know the process.

One thing I can say for sure is that Nxt needs to keep the status of cryptocurrency partner of PayExpo, it is a great venue to be in and need to retain that designation.
Just out of curiosity, what has prompted the immediacy of committing to continuing on so soon after the past expo? This year we were a late addition and now they are requesting our continued participation 2 weeks after the last one passed? What type of good faith are they seeking at this point $$$ wise.

And, btw, thank you for posting an update.

The urgency is the fact that we only have the spot reserved for another 20 days or less. When that time lapses, the spot will be open and the Bitcoin Foundation has already asked for the position but was turned down since we put a hold on the sponsorship. Since we were this years partner, we were offered to come back and have the spot secured for the time being. As a side note, they really like what Nxt is doing and what we offered to the expo.

I think this is an angle Nxt can continue to have moving forward and would be a good move for a greater reach in non crypto circles. In my eyes, Nxt is built perfectly for businesses and I think that could be a good marketing angle to pursue. The PayExpo has payment plans that you can set up I believe so the whole amount would not be due up front. I believe the Bitcoin Foundation saw what we did and wished they would have thought of it.

I hope that answers your question, if not let me know :)

Hello good folks!

I just want to personally assure everyone that we are very much still here and pushing for Nxt. Yes we may have been a little more quite on the forum but that does not mean any of us are "too big" for anyone. We have been focusing on leads and getting our company in order with the expansion and assigning projects. A good deal of this is very much for Nxt, so please do not think we are forgetting about anything.

I will be getting with John in the coming days to put together an update of things from the PayExpo and will post it in the PayExpo thread. One thing I can say for sure is that Nxt needs to keep the status of cryptocurrency partner of PayExpo, it is a great venue to be in and need to retain that designation.

If you have any other questions in the meantime, please drop me a PM and I would be happy to answer them.

Please post an update.

What's the situation for NxtVenture (+investors) now that NXTautoDAC has been dropped?
>> https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/nxtautodac-all-of-bluemeanie's-automated-profit-making-blockchain-companies/msg48435/

Thanks in advance. 

Oh, and also, is Justabit / Cointropolis still with NxtVentures?

We are putting our full man power behind this project with James; Nikel is already whipping CoinTropolis into shape with his Redbooth project management. We've dropped 90% of projects to focus exclusively on NXTventure.
NXTventure will continue what it is chartered to do and I will be a lot more careful in the future with the people I work with. I wont put any value to having a real world identity. After reflecting on what happened, I have realized that is what caused my mistake. I substituted having real world identity for forum track record, especially since he was actively engaging bitcoin core developers in meaningful debates. Unfortunately I did not see the Open Transactions thread until just recently.

In anycase NXTautoDAC completed the NXTventure cycle, so moving forward it will be new assets to put into the pipeline. voldemort is still locked up with real world stuff, so the June offering will probably be delayed. Now I am working on several unpublished assets and recent events will not change my long term efforts at all, maybe I will not be seeking external coders, so a possible delay in the release cycles, but at least no chance of another incident like this!

People kept saying I am doing too many coding projects myself. So I actively sought out other coders to lessen my workload. maybe I should just do all the coding myself? just dont complain that I am doing too many coding projects!

cointropolis was very busy with payexpo and prior to that we had one possible deal, but have not heard anything else from him. I have no idea what his plans are at this point.

John and I have been working through the all the business cards and personal contacts that were made at Payexpo. I will handle more front end forum requests, John will be busy with any meeting, phone call or interview requests on the backend.

We have a good amount of contacts that should be of good use. I’m emailing JL today to discuss how he best wants to handle mutual introductions as well as next steps.


The point is that there is no good proof against John.

I remember few years ago how this systems were so expensive.

In my last flight I enjoyed a free wifi, quite cool. Next time I´ll check how Tor works in there

There is no Wifi on international flights to London on Delta. The only international flights with this available are to Tokyo at this time.


Some questions were asked of us in a different thread and thought the answers would best fit in this thread:

1. "Where is Cointropolis incorporated and under what legal authority do they claim to have made the "agreement" with GoCoin"

Any service is able to accept NXT, it's completely open source and needs no permission from any entity. Ever since Miami, we worked to get them to accept them.  If you look back over the last few months, there were a number of swarms created, just like we've done with exchanges in the past.

So when you say agreement, it's nothing more than GoCoin committing to add NXT. Just like any exchange, any other service. If someone is able to bring on Coinbase, Bitpay etc.. all the better. It's just one more company willing to accept it.  All we've done is help promote it since it brings a fiat option for NXT, nothing more.

2. Blindly hyping a poorly defined and executed deal while failing to perform adequate due diligence is a surefire method to ending up with a divided community.

We were excited that after tons of swarms (check the history, we even had swarms on their FB from community members) they finally were willing to add it to their offering.  There is no deal, they decided to accept NXT. 

3. "GoCoin and Bitcoinshop appear to be bleeding VC cash at a rapid and unsustainable rate. What guarantee does the NXT community have that GoCoin doesn't go bankrupt taking millions of NXT with it?"

There are some exchanges that currently support NXT that I'm not particularly comfortable with myself. With that being said, nothing stops any community member from contacting a service and adding it.  Like anything else, it's up to the community to keep a watch on how NXT is being used and do what they can to warn others.

One of the biggest barriers to adoption is making it easy for merchants to accept NXT. I understand some believe businesses should just hold NXT directly, however, the reality is that doesn't pay the electric, the employee salaries or supplies.  As mentioned above, I would hope NXT would be on all payment processors.

4."What we are witnessing is a form of a "Network Fork" within the NXT community. NXT Marketing Committee declined to support the $30,000 for PayExpo, and then a group of private NXT donors and the NXT Community Fund paid for the PayExpo AGAINST Nxt community consensus."

This was a private venture with Salsa. He brought it into the community after meeting Lee and fund raising already began. If we look back through the history, we had no part whatsoever with that initial piece. Funding came in from some of the larger stake holders and Salsa asked if I would speak and network.

At the time I was extremely skeptical on the ROI, I didn't think NXT was ready.  Frankly, Lee came in like a tornado and wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  I believe we were right to be skeptical, but he delivered. The speech was standing room only, the interviews were back to back and the exhibitors were receptive to the message.

5.  "How do you plan to rectify the lack of communication between Cointropolis and NXT community? "

When it comes to setting up swarms, assisting others (like Amsterdam) on conferences and bringing new business in NXT, I seem to do pretty well.  When it comes to communication with the community, I just didn't live up to expectation.  NiftyNikel is far better at this piece and will be a better communicator moving forward.

6. "Under what business structure is Cointropolis operating? LLC? C Corporation? No corporate structure?"

We are currently a group that's looking to work in the crypto space. We are looking into an LLC, however, this is an important distinction. There are no legal agreements with ANY payment process, exchange etc.. we don't have any legal authority.  We're just trying our best to bring in as many services as possible into NXT. NXT being open source and not a company, nobody has any right to make a legal agreement for the whole. All CoinTropolis can promise a company is we'll do what we can to help get the word out. Businesses don't add NXT because they're bored.  That's all we want to do.

7. "That being said; the Cointropolis team appeared to do a good job representing NXT. Thank you for your hard work, every member of the team that attended."

We really appreciate that. A lot of great people helped.

8.  "When chanc3r has to publicly state that he is not seeking a portion of the "Donations for PayExpo"

This is a great question and one I'm glad that got brought up.

1. If the booth was co-branded with CoinTropolis, I can understand all the benefits of being there.

2. In the speech, I was not from CoinTropolis.  In the 400k interview, I was not from CoinTropolis.  Everything about that conference was about NXT.

3. Expenses were covered, fantastic.  However, the reality was we also had to take time off from our full time jobs to be there. Maybe in hindsight, we should have just charged for our time as part of the initial proposal. Our thought was simply do a great job, outline what you did and whoever wants to donate, will donate.  That's cheaper for everyone.

4. With the virtual token, any event we attend is tied to the asset. Going to the conference was part of the EventTropolis service.  For those that bought the asset, I would like to think they would like to see us ask for some type of donation so they can see the rewards from it.

If we do things for free, now we're upsetting those that want us to bring in money for the asset services. I felt like this was a good balance.

1. If we don't charge for the event, the community isn't forced to pay.

2. If we do a great job, some people will have no issue donating.

3. If we ask for donations, our asset holders will be able to share in that in rewards.

Let's say we raised 20,000k in donations, that would be earned money for the asset.

9. Developers notified

As soon as I posted the 'big announcement' thread, I PM'd wesley, Jean-luc etc.. and asked who else I should bring into the fold.  The bridge guys were also include in the announcement.

As soon as GoCoin's development team is ready for implementation, I will do a dual introduction.  When we were first trying to get Cryptsy to add us, after the miami meeting, I did a dual introduction with their key people and our different developers. If you need a date, I'd be happy to dig back through the emails.

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Re: C - A View from the Audience
« on: June 16, 2014, 03:36:51 pm »
Here is a link to the presentation in case anyone is looking for it:


Hey Everyone,

We are working to dig down into the details of what happened here. This was indeed not John posting which is why the account is currently in a banned status to prevent further unauthorized postings.

We are working with an admin to figure out what happened and provide them with information. Once this all gets sorted out, details will be posted.

Thanks for your patients and understanding.


I have a serious issue with someone who doesnt keep to previously issued information regarding the IPO table, and a bigger one when the issuer is actively trading the book against people selling.  :(

Please try and justify this please?

I agree that this is seriously questionable that asset issuer would be pulling their highest sell orders and reselling them at 5 against the order book 1 hour after ipo...

This is a ridiculous accusation. The people selling at 5 are the people that bought at 2.


What is that?

This was to fill buy orders that were not filled due to all of the lower prices being bought up so quickly.

Our goal is to get as many people involved in this as possible so we used some of the assets from the canceled orders to fill them.

Love the feedback. We will issue a 1 and 2 nxt option as well. As for top heavy, we have a lot of people working in the backend. When x payment processor and y atm come out... that's salaries we pay to assist the community without a fee. I believe the  market will find a balance.

Consultant fees alone should bring in a nice long-term return for holders. As always, I appreciate the interest!

What do you mean by "1 and 2 nxt option?" Thanks.

We will be adding the option to buy at 1 Nxt and 2 Nxt when it launches tomorrow so that everyone has an opportunity to get some.

Testnet / Re: Some testNXT to test Asset Exchange
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:13:16 am »

Testnet / Re: Some testNXT to test Asset Exchange
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:43:47 am »
Please send me some TestNxt, I would greatly appreciate it!


Amazing work!! I think this is a brilliant idea!

Pics of flash drives.

(this was just a paper prototype laid on to evaluate the sizing/color)

Here is the design for the front:

and I'm still working on the design for the back... but I'm thinking about going with this:

Me,  ;D ;D

Finally i bought a flight to london, so I will go with my camera and everything will be recorded and uploaded to youtube. Dont worry.

Perfect!! :)

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Re: Pre Conference Marketing
« on: May 30, 2014, 04:17:51 am »
It would be nice to have https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/nxt-promotion-to-investors/ done.

We know about 4 members attending conf (2 USA, 1 Txtcoins, 1 lawyer), so we can still talk about the fifth member. Or even pay for the sixth's ticket

I can be the fifth, and will be paying my own way should the community need me there.

I was talking more about official paperwork that needs to be completed, booth stuff, etc.

We need banners, graphics, all that jazz as well. I can bring two laptops and am familiar with the cryptography behind NXT and the services it can offer.


I think the more we have the merrier :)

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