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Nxt General Discussion / Re: Will Ardor childchains enable mining?
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:56:56 pm »
how are childchains different from mscoins? they seem very similar.

Child chains are small blockchains where the issuer can enable or disable features that the users of the child chain are able to use, for example voting, marketplace, asset exchange, secure messaging etcetera.

The child chains are secured by Ardor (main chain).

So in a child chain you can issue MS tokens if you want, but they are not global if i am correct.
Assets are global.

as far as I know they will be global.  the devs seem to have added cross chain support

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Sales Inspiration for Jelurida
« on: December 05, 2016, 03:01:06 pm »

I was always impressed by the work done by the Nem team even though in many cases they mostly copied NXT or were at least inspired by NXT designs.

My impression from reading this document are:
1. Re-writing the Catapult blockchain in C++ is a disastrous decision. Java's cross platform compatibility, huge 3rd party eco-system and being the most corporate friendly computing language are in my view way more much important than getting few more percentages of row performance from C++ implementation, also given that NEM already has a working Java version in place.

2. Their "cross blockchain" solution (again copied from or at least inspired by NXT and Ardor) is not explained technically in this document. Perhaps it's explained elsewhere. Would be interesting for me to compare the implementations.

Hi Riker.  I love your work at NXT and think you guys are doing really going in the right direction with Ardor. Both you and JL are quite talented devs IMO.   

NEM was definitely originally inspired by NXT but very quickly went it is own way and I can't say really copied much or anything from NXT. NXT had pass phrases, NEM had wallets.  NXT had aliases, NEM had a completely different namespace system.  They both have assets, but NXT AE and MS are completely different from NEM's mosaics. And NEM had a good multisig implementation before NXT's two-phase tx.

Things that NEM took after NXT was that NXT's PoS implementation was pretty awesome and helped inspire to some extent lots of different PoS off-shoots with NEM's PoI being one of them.  NXT was also the first good blockchain written in Java which NEM followed in that, but now we are switching to C++, so even that will be different.  NEM had something like leased forging which can be kind of compared to NEM's delegated harvesting but with some key differences. Both systems have encrypted and regular messages, but NEM added hex and NXT has pruned messages to make them different. NEM will someday add voting and will draw inspiration from NXT's voting feature as it currently has the most advanced feature set with any blockchain voting, although we will plan on offering a different flavor to meet some different needs in NEM.

NXT made things like the Digital Goods Store and Market Place whereas NEM is adding things like Apostille.

Overall, I still think there would have been no NEM without NXT as most of the early NEM members met on the NXT forum and reflecting on the NXT chains strengths and weaknesses helped shape it into a completely different product. 

As for Catapult, the coding started secretly 11 months ago and was discussed for many months prior to coding.  So that was completely independent of NXT.  As far as Catapult, it isn't a few more percentage points, it will is a full order or more.  As for the cross-chain support, that was being discussed since the early days of NEM privately but as Rockethead said, that won't be discussed at least for the moment, and I can assure has little in common with Ardor.   

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Lastpass is now free on all devices
« on: November 06, 2016, 03:29:47 pm »
if people aren't using a password manager, they should

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Announcing Jelurida!
« on: October 08, 2016, 06:50:32 pm »
I think that was a very smart move.  Congrats.  I hope you guys go on to do great things.

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Re: NEM Development and Bug Bounties
« on: September 18, 2016, 09:19:44 am »
There would definitely be no NEM without NXT.  It was a big inspiration.  NXT is kind of like NEM's Godfather. hahaha

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / NEM Development and Bug Bounties
« on: September 14, 2016, 03:11:34 pm »
5,000 XEM Bounty for finding bugs in the NanoWallet.  https://forum.nem.io/t/nano-wallet-beta-1-0-13-testnet-5-000-xem-bug-bounty/2791/14

Up to 10,000 XEM Bounties for finding bug bounties in the mobile apps. https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-mobile-app-open-beta-and-up-to-10-000-xem-bug-bounty-testing-mainnet-release/1825/109

75,000 XEM project bounties for making example projects on the NEM blockchain. https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-s-prototype-project-bounty-program/2822

5,000 XEM ~ $30
10,000 XEM ~ $60
75,000 XEM ~ $450

NEM is a 2.0 blockchain with advanced on chain multisig contracts, namespaces, assets, and messaging.  It is a public chain and paired with its counterpart Mijin which is a private chain that is successful in Japan.  The NEM/Mijin combination is the first public/private chain combination.

Great video.

About NEM, just to be clear.  It is not now, nor has ever been a fork of NXT.  During the crowd funding stage it was billed as a fork, but by the time the first line of code was written it had been decided to write it from scratch. 

Riker was also correct.  NXT has more features.  NEM also has a very strong core though.  Almost one year live and no fork, no emergency updates, no problems really at all. 

Here is a list of NEM's features and you can see it is very different from NXT.

- NEM is built 100% from scratch (not a fork of any existing project)
- NEM is built with test-driven development
- NEM uses innovative Proof-of-Importance algorithm: first reputation based blockchain algorithm
- NEM has customizable assets called Mosaics. Editable supply, levies, description, transferabillity and more.
- NEM has Namespaces to help maintain reputation of Mosaics
- NEM improves different features of POW and POS coins, being more efficient and environmentally friendly
- NEM one minute average block times
- NEM is the first crypto with delegated harvesting
- NEM is the first with localized spam protection
- NEM is the first with Eigentrust++ peer reputation management
- NEM is the first editable m-of-n multisig with blockchain based alerts
- NEM is the first every P2P network with nodes time syncing in a decentralized manner
- NEM offers encrypted, unencrypted and hex messaging
- NEM is easy to install with a one click installer
- NEM zero monetary inflation (fixed supply, all 9 billion coins released at launch).
- NEM relatively large egalitarian distribution
- NEM will offer a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android (coming soon)

What we couldn't tell you until the PR from the Linux Foundation had gone..........

Congratulations Damelon. 

And to everyone else, I want to say that real deals can not ever be announced before hand.  I have learned this the hard way. 

Anytime you see somebody announcing a big partnership with a large known organization and especially a publicly traded company you have to sign a NDA.  This means you are not able to talk about it at all. 

So when some app says they will work with Citibank, they are lying if Citibank didn't announce it first in a press release.  Or if some project says they are working with a big company, again they are lying and it is a pump.  These guys saying they have "big news" are just pumping, because if they did have big news and they were leaking it they would be risking getting sued or worse. 

Real news just gets dropped like Damelon just did out of nowhere.  I hope in the future there can be more announcements like this. 

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / NEM app testers. 5000 XEM reward for bugs.
« on: February 11, 2016, 03:39:23 pm »
The Android and iOS NEM apps are beginning open public testing.  There will be a 5000 XEM reward for bugs (of which there are surely still many).  Help us get these apps launched in top shape. 


Core Development Discussion / Re: Nxt 2.0 design
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:31:12 am »
What's the advantage for me to build on a child chain verses the main chain?

Secure Asset Exchange / Re: Secure Assets Exchange is Shutting Down
« on: January 24, 2016, 02:10:50 am »
Thanks for the good work Kushti and opening the source.  Maybe somebody else will take it and run with it.

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: January 21, 2016, 02:41:23 am »
What will it mean if banks and govts just create their own digital currency?


It'll mean, when the people realize how it is no different to every other government authorized/monopolized and regulated currency, they can more easily convert to a true decentralized currency owned by no one. Not necessarily nxt.

I agree.  But part of the reason why gold was the first money was because it had intrinsic value, it had utility.  It was pretty, you could make jewelry out of it, and it wouldn't rust.  Bitcoin as a digital currency doesn't really have a lot of utility.  NXT has way more.  it does messages, and voting, and so on.  Actually, of all the blockchains life, NXT has the most utility right now.  Although Ethereum is a huge utility chain; it is basically all about utility.  But I think that NXT stands a chance to become real money because of some of its inherent properties and uses. 

Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: January 20, 2016, 04:13:24 pm »
So XEM shot up and lots of people are talking about it.  There have been some statements on here and I would like to clear them up.

Can anyone tell me if NEM scammed me for the 4 silver coin tokens they sold me? I have asked 10 times atleast but never got any ETA when I get them.

You haven't been scammed just really really delayed.  I seriously apologize (although I don't actually have anything to do with that program and I bought a coin too).  The problem was up until now, there was no marketcap and definitely no volume to support the large up front fiat costs to fund that program.  Things are looking much better now and if this kind of volume, 250,000 USD per day, is maintained, it is very possible that the program could indeed go forward.  More big announcements are coming, so I think it is possible.  There is a ton of XEM sitting in a fund to pay for the silver coins.  It hasn't been touched and won't be.  Here is the fund.  http://chain.nem.ninja/#/search/NAFUNDCJBFWXJWQZITUJOIW4O3E6YHQYQYSISPVA  and here is a blog that talks more about the fund in general http://blog.nem.io/update-sustainability-fund-final-redemption-numbers/

A hard deadline of V1 has been set to have sliver coins delivered or all funds refunded to the investors from the fund linked above.

1) http://www.ournem.com/

2) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcbZePkFpr9UFQzhYX9Tfg

Website is now http://nem.io/

XEM is nothin more than NXT with better  distribution.


Its quite a different platform, nothing like NXT.

NEM is 100% code from scratch, none of which is related to NXT, although the NEM devs did all meet on the NXT forum and at one time it was possibly going to be more like NXT.  In reality as it was built it has a completely different feature set than NXT and architecture.  Here is a feature list of NEM.  https://forum.nem.io/t/features-of-nem/1717

As you can see, NEM and NXT have little in common other than they are both blockchains and written in Java. I also would not like to get into a NXT vs. NEM debate here.  I personally think that NXT is an awesome platform and actually has the most major features of any blockchain.  For instance somethings that NXT has that NEM doesn't is a great voting feature, shapeshift integration, singleton assets, account properties, prunable data and so on, none of which NEM has.  Lastly, I also have a lot of respect for NXT devs, especially JL who has done an amazing job holding this chain together. 

I have seen the road map to NXT and know the future for NEM, and I can say that they are evolving into two very different platforms to meet very different needs and use cases.  I personally am confident that both projects have some talented devs that will see these projects through and both will be successful in their own target markets, and about the only thing they have in common market wise are speculators pumping and talking. 

If anybody else has some questions or comments, there is a NEM thread in the alt section of this forum, or they can visit the NEM forum.  The NXT main threads though are probably not the best place to discuss NEM in my opinion. 


Something similar to this actually has happened in the past. Consequently, JL updated the licensing for NXT. More information on this should be available on this forum if you look up for 'NXT license'.

I'll get back to you when I found the URL.

Hi Shin, I am really curious about how this turned out still.  Any news?

Consensus Research / Re: Interactive Proof-of-Stake
« on: January 06, 2016, 05:51:06 pm »
I'm really looking forward into seeing it in Scorex in some form.  :-)

It is nice to see somebody doing work on trying to make a stronger and better PoS. 

I am curious again about the licensing they use. Is Mijin MIT, GPL, or is it not open source? If open source with permissive licensing, how are they going to deal with clones, and how will they make money from potential customers who don't feel like paying for support but just use it under that open source license? Or is the idea that even though you give away Mijin to be used for private blockchains for free, some of that use will eventually trickle down to the main NEM blockchain and result in increase of XEM value?

The Mijin website states that Mijin will be open-source but dual licensing.  I don't really know what that means.  http://mijin.io/en/about-mijin

I'm seeking feedback from you JL.  If a big exchange hired you to build a private fork of NXT, what kind of licensing would you use or want for that fork?  (I'm very curious and its an honest question as I have always respected your role and work in NXT and I know you have thought a lot about licenses recently.)

NEM devs admitted they've had to abandon developing NEM for a few months to work on Mijin, a private fork of NEM. A conflict of interests?

Since NEM has launched I have been testing new features and new releases on the testnet constantly.  I often test a couple new versions a week and give feedback to the devs.  Rarely does more than 10 days go buy without a new version and if that is the case it is because they were on a vacation/wedding or something like that. 

There is constantly new work being done on NEM to upgrade it, and at no point have the devs stopped working on it.  Hopefully soon all this new tech will make it to the mainnet. :-)

If anybody would like to follow up and help test the new features, here is the link.  http://bob.nem.ninja/beta-testnet/  Come back in a week, and I bet we have a new version for you.  0.6.68 was literally just pushed today and I was testing it and giving feedback.  The last main release was 0.6.43 so that means I have tested about 25 versions of the testnet. hahaha

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Re: How to clone nxt?
« on: December 20, 2015, 03:33:14 pm »
If you clone it, please look at the change in license with recent versions.


The NEM core developers and marketing team have been working very hard silently in the background.  Today I would like to announce official deals that have been signed. 


Nxt General Discussion / Re: Price speculation
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:05:09 am »
Is it legal for NHZ to fork in NXT still?

Yes, it is.
Nxt 1.5.x is now distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 except the GUI source code, which still remains under the MIT license.
Affected horizon source code is now also distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2. GUI code is not affected.

Sounds good. 

Forks are interesting because some fear that it will take business away, but in someways it legitimizes a chains technology.  Kind of like "imitation is the best form of flattery".

But I guess this is the last version that NHZ can copy?

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