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Thanks to an awesome contribution, the pools website is now also available in Spanish!

Direct link to the Spanish site: https://www.ardorpool.org/?lang=es

To celebrate the websites improvement and to honor the hard translation work, until block height 1,000,000 there will be no payout fee substracted from your earnings if you are paid out!
This means the pool pays the transaction costs!

Thanks again to the anonymous translator.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions, just let me know!

Ardor Helpdesk / Re: Ardor
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:25:53 pm »

that highly depends on the type of hosting/domain you have. Normally you should find a DNS/Nameserver section on your registrars website.

Here is a short article that might help you: https://www.wired.com/2010/02/set_up_a_dns_name_server/

Ardor Helpdesk / Re: Ardor
« on: July 20, 2019, 06:12:34 pm »
Thank you for your help.
Another question.
When i use "sudo ./run.sh" at terminal to run the "run.sh" file, after i closed my ssh connection, the blockchain will stop and the page also down. May i know how to make it "run.sh" shell keep running even i disconnect my ssh connection?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Try Screen.

Pool was just updated to Version 2.2.5

Umm, can someone explain why on the pool website the Ardor Paid field says 18.06822390 yet checking my actual account I only see 1 transaction paid by the pool for 9 ARDR. Am I missing something?

Sorry that my response took so long. But you were absolutely right. I've corrected the amount and send you your ARDR.


I know that not every block contains fees, but in the pool ledger I could see block forged that did contain fees but the amount didn't change for 4 days or so. I checked it extensively, I don't want to write a forum post unless I was positive there was something wrong.

Anyway, all is fine now, thank you very much for the fast response!

my explanation was not meant as an offense. Sometimes people do not know how ARDOR works and that the transaction fees are the earnings for a forger.

Anyway, as I said, you were right, I hope that the small changes I made will prevent something like that in the future  :)


is there a problem with the lessors page on the website? I'm stuck on the same earned amount for a couple of days while I see the node is generating blocks.

thank you


not every block that is forged by the pool contains a transaction and therefore fees.
But the calculation of the shares was running a bit behind. I've runned the script a few times and now the distribution to the lessors should happen faster.

Thanks for mentioning  :)

Hi there. Good job on the pool. May I make a small request. Could you put a contact us page on the pool's website. You don't have to share e-mail, just a link to the pool's forum thread would suffice. I was one of those people that did not know about this pool's thread and it would've been great if there was some directions on how people can reach you in case they have some small issues.

Hi there.

I've added a link to this thread on the pools website. I hope that this mitght help some other people, if they have the need to get in contact with me.
I've also responded to your message and hopefully solved the issue.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

Hi everyone,

the ARDOR blockchain has reached a height of 500,000 Blocks and therefore the payout fees are subtracted from the withdrawals again.

Since the start of the pool, it paid over 275 ARDR to it's contributors.

Keep up the great work!

Does anyone have any contact info fro the guy that runs ardorpool.org. I had to move the funds from the forging account registered with the pool and I don't meet the minimum auto-withdrawal limit by 2 ardor and I'm kind of screwed and it seems the coins will be stuck with the pool forever. This does not seem fair and it sucks that the site has no way to contact the admin.

I am the admin of ardorpool.org.
Also the pool has it's own thread:

Please send me a pm on this board with your adresses. We will find a solution  :)

Sad to hear that you are ceasing operations. What's the reason? And are there any other options?


Hi everyone,
I've encountered a flaw in the payout mechanism, which made it impossible to send your earnings to your account.
I've fixed this problem today and everything should work fine.
It already worked well with 2 testpayouts to a participant.
No earnings were lost.

Also I'd like to remember that there is currently NO PAYOUT FEE for the pool.
If you lease your ARDOR today, you still have over one month to receive your earnings without a fee (until block 500,000).

The pools website www.ardorpool.org got some small design improvements.

Also the number of blocks generally forged by the pool are added to the status website.
Thanks to some great contributors the pool is now able to find several blocks per day. Let's hope there are a many transactions on the chain  ;D

Again: until block 500,000 there will be no payout fee substracted from your withdrawing. Until then the pool pays the transaction costs!

ARDOR is getting old  ;D Over 250,000 Blocks were already created on this unique blockchain.

To celebrate that a little, until the block height reaches 500,000 (approx. by the end of the year 2018) , there will be no payout fee substracted from your earnings if you are paid out!

Payouts are now done automatically if you have earned more than 10 ARDOR.

Also there is now a German version of the website and new languages can be added.

Leasing & Pools / Re: ardorpool.org - Ardor Forging Pool
« on: February 18, 2018, 10:46:59 pm »
The Pool is now running on the latest ARDOR Version 2.0.14

Would love to hear some feedback from you guys or see more active lessors  ;D

Howdy folks,

after falling in love with NXT and ARDOR, I've decided to also build up a forging pool for ARDOR.
I did my very best to make it as stable as possible but it is still beta.

You can find it under ardorpool.org

I'd love to see some of you to lease out some ARDOR, try it out and earn a lot.

If you have something to correct or improve, please write a comment in this thread.

In short:
- URL: ardorpool.org
- Pool-Fee: 0%
- Payout: Automatically if you have earned more than 10 ARDOR
- Payout fee: 1 ARDOR (transaction fee) NEW: NO payout fee until block height 1 000 000
- Payin fee: 0.1 ARDOR (transaction fee)

Thanks to amazing users, the pool is now also available in different languages:
German version: https://www.ardorpool.org/?lang=de
Spanish version: https://www.ardorpool.org/?lang=es

If you want to translate the pool to your language, just add another language column to this spreadsheet:

Nxt Helpdesk / Re: Forged ARDOR differs from Block fees
« on: January 18, 2018, 11:46:56 pm »
afaik some fees are distributed between several last blocks ::)

So how can I measure how many fees I get with one specific block that I forged?
Is that even possible?
And why doesn't getBlock deliver the "real" amount of fees that this single block contained? This doesn't sound very logical to me.

Nxt Helpdesk / Forged ARDOR differs from Block fees
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:13:56 pm »
Hi everyone,

I've set up an ARDOR forging pool, and we already found 3 blocks (yay!).
One didn't contain neither transactions nor fees, it is negligible for this problem.

The first block with fees was Block 6719925464900040732
The second block with fees was 12958501120991007805

The first block had one transaction with 0.10 ARDR fees.

The second block had two transactions with 0.0105 ARDR and 1.05 ARDR. So in total 1.0605 ARDR.
If I check the block with getBlock on the API I can see this amount at totalFeeFQT: 106050000.

But if I check the account (3760494019995089863) with getAccount on the API, it says "forgedBalanceFQT": "62762500" (0.627625 ARDR).

Why is there a difference? I expected it to be the sum of both block fees. But its even lower than the block fees of the second block.

Since the pool is public and should distribute the profit to its participants I want to make sure, the calculations are correct.
So can someone tell me what I'm missing?

Ardor Software Releases / Re: Ardor v2.0.3e
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:04:19 am »
I just created a testnet account (NXT-EFDD-JXLN-2WYB-2XX9G) and I would like to test something with the API, but I need a few ARDR to do so.

Is there a way to receive some testnet Ardor for a newly created account? Or something like a testnet faucet or something?

Sent you some ARDR and IGNIS.
Note that this thread is dedicated for bug reports. We have another thread for testnet token requests https://nxtforum.org/testnet/some-testnxt-to-test-asset-exchange/

Sorry, haven't seen the whole subboard  :-[ Thanks for the token. I will report bugs if I find some. Keep up the great work!

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