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"Leaked" with permission:

DGEX and FIMKrypto present Mofowallet initial release v0.3.1


Multicurrency Operating Financial Offspring

MOFO Wallet is new generation wallet software for new generation cryptocurrencies. Multiple blockchain handling through native desktop software and full wallet access on a web browser of your choice. Client side signing of transactions make MOFO the leading and only multicurrency wallet on the market today. Because of modular design utilizing plugins, MOFO is expandable beyond your wildest dreams.

Supported coins and their embedded server versions:

 1. FIMK  0.3
 2. NXT   1.3.1

The following features are currently enabled for all supported cryptocurrencies:

 1. Block explorer
 2. Multi account support
 3. Create new accounts
 4. Add existing accounts
 5. Encrypted, freely named wallet.dat file removing the need to expose NXT / FIMK passphrase ever after creation
 6. Wallet file can be used locally or remotely (compatible with the hosted version at http://mofowallet.com)
 7. Send and receive messages (stored in blockchain)
 8. Send and receive payments
 9. Built-in faucet for both NXT and FIMK new accounts (through plugin)
 10. Mass payment functionality (through plugin)
 11. Run local server(s) (start/stop server(s))
 12. Forging (requires a running server process)
 13. Theme switcher (19 themes available)
 14. Public key announcement automation support
 15. Contacts database integrated with payments and messages

The following features are geared towards plugin authors and are considered
development/technical tools:

 1. Reload application (under settings menu)
 2. Database inspector (live view of the database)
 3. Public node manager (live view of all network API activity with public nodes)
 4. DOM Inspector/Console/Debugger (standard webkit dev tools)

We hope you will enjoy Mofowallet as much as you enjoyed the Offspring crypto client. Mofowallet is a descendant of Offspring.  ;)

Trading & Exchanges / DGEX updates
« on: October 17, 2014, 11:14:51 am »
DGEX is migrating part of its services, and email login verifications for previously unseen IP addresses unfortunately are offline until Sunday.

Nxt Asset Exchange / List of asset holders
« on: September 29, 2014, 08:47:03 am »
Is there a quick and dirty solution for listing all holders of an asset? Like a series of subsequent API calls with parsed input in between them? Thank you.

Trading & Exchanges / DGEX BTC deposits and NXT trading available
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:54:37 am »
DGEX now accepts automated (1 confirmation) BTC deposits to DGEX customer accounts.

NXT trading, BTC withdrawals and NXT withdrawals are also available.

NXT deposits will be enabled within the following days.

He can get at most 500 BTC from the black market for the 46M NXT remaining, while BTER is offering 200 BTC through very low risk escrow.
What a loonie to pass down this offer. But usually hackers are like that, going for the max kill and running for their life for the rest of it while it lasts.
He already got 100 BTC. So 300 BTC profit from a deal that everyone agrees with, or MAX 600 BTC IN HIS BEST CASE SCENARIO profit with run.. run.. would you take it?

I propose free escrow service to do option 1.

This is how it should be done:

1. I publish my BTC and NXT accounts
2. BTER sends 200 BTC to my BTC account (after that it doesn't control these coins)
3. We are waiting for a reply from the hacker (24 hours), the reply must be a public message with his BTC account from NXT-8WJ7-8A2H-MBYN-3W9K4 to my NXT account
4. The hacker sends 46'662'000 NXT to my account
5. I send 200 BTC to his BTC account
6. I send 46+ M NXT to BTER cold wallet that already got 5 M NXT

So, if the hacker trusts me we could do it this way (the 200 BTC are not mine anyway if he worries that I could break the deal).

@ thesircom:

This is BY FAR the best deal you are going to get.  The only other ways this plays out is either BTC is given not to you but instead to others to hunt you down, or NXT is taken away from your control. 


Nxt Community News and Announcements / Roll back BTER hack of 50M NXT
« on: August 15, 2014, 09:06:33 am »
Just yes or no. It will affect all transactions done recently. There is max 720 blocks time to decide.

A nightly build of the new DGEX is now open for tasters. Trading of NXT and FIMK works, deposits and withdrawals will be enabled within 24 to 48 hours. Further features will be deployed at regular and quick pace.

DGEX now offers as an auxiliary free service a blockchain.info -type Bitcoin web wallet that does not send your wallet credentials to any server. Anyone is free to inspect the code to verify that the wallet software, developed by Human Fractal and offered by DGEX.com, runs fully on your browser and is very secure to use.

Nevertheless, DGEX does not recommend you keep more than small change in any web wallets, as the possibility remains that an attacker could intercept traffic or infiltrate the provider servers and serve forged source code with malevolent intentions.

Current Features of the trustless BTC wallet:

    Lightweight BTC Client, no blockchain download
    Local in-browser BTC transaction signing - your Private Keys never leave your machine
    A one-time Master Backup ensures that you never lose your coins
    Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (HD Wallets)
        Your wallet keys are all derived from a single master key which produces a 'Tree' of keys, instead of a 'Chain' like Armory or Electrum.
        Receiving Addresses are used as public addresses, and all change from transactions you send out is sent to Spending Addresses.
        Based on BIP32 HD Wallets
    Encrypted and kept in Local Storage, Private Keys never leave your local machine
    Use Google or Yubikey Authenticator to add a second level of encryption to your keys
    For more information about Local 2FA. Full specifications will be available shortly

Future Features:

    NXT support
    Multiple Altcoin support
    USD Balance display
    Webcam QR support (HTML5)
    Denomination selection
    HD Tree view, full tree control
    HD Nodes control all keys created below themself.
    This makes it possible to set up organizational / corporate structures where master keys control department keys, and other uses like this.

    Address Book
    Custom Watch Addresses
    Automation Features - Transaction rules, forwarding, splitting, balance limits, delayed send
    Get a warning if a specific account is spent from
    Starred Wallets
    Blockchain abilities, full blockchain information within the app
    Custom Key import and storage
    Armory & Electrum Chain generation and storage
    Multisig support


Welcome back.

I have been provided with the following concerning reference below.

DGEX has not issued such update. It seems someone is sending out emails in my name - and doing pretty well in copying my style. I would not download any of the wares linked, as it is likely they contain malware. I'm also supposing the Bitbucket repository is not Wesley's, but again the attacker is trying to impersonate him in order to gain confidence in order to spread malware.

On Aug 1, 2014 6:28 PM, "admin" <admin@dgex.com> wrote:
Dear DGEX Trader,

DGEX.com is now reopened with a suite of new services and a 100% new infrastructure that should render hacking of customer funds practically impossible. Customers will be given control of their funds at all times through distributed client-side Bitcoin / NXT / FIMK wallets accessible through the DGEX service and shared with its appropriate automation facilities.

TOTP is now included in the Wesley Client. OFFSPRING NXT Client update is following with TOTP.
Mac: https://bitbucket.org/xxx.zip
Windows: https://bitbucket.org/xxx.zip

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Graviton Capital

This is a DGEX membership newsletter that is sent to all members. We do not send more than two messages a month maximum, and generally send only important system announcements. If you do not wish to receive important announcements through email, please let us know.

Trading & Exchanges / DGEX hacked for 52 BTC 1.2M NXT
« on: July 16, 2014, 05:28:55 pm »
Some moments ago an attacker has gained access to DGEX active reserves and stolen 1.2 million NXT and 52 BTC.

The bitcoin transfer remains unconfirmed, if you know of a way to technically dispute that before confirmations please post here ASAP.


Further info later.

UPDATE: Confirmed loss of 52 BTC and 1,206,725.06 NXT has been realized.

The attacker had triggered the DGEX server, waiting for incoming funds that arrive nightly to pay for the night's withdrawals. A few seconds after I transferred 52 BTC to the DGEX live account where withdrawals are performed from - the largest amount since March - it was gone. I did not notice this right then and was happily unaware that also the NXT account was leeched dry immediately after that through some, most likely automated, mechanism.

8 minutes later I was doing the NXT withdrawals batch script while waiting for the BTC top-up to confirm, and noticed bulk of the NXT had been gone. If the NXT community wishes to keep an eye on the thief's NXT account 15392455085897110023 for fund movements and inform us of any that would be greatly appreciated.

NAS and FIMK were not targeted and were transferred by us to secure accounts shortly.

It is unfortunate that these days DGEX was just in the process of migrating servers and deploying sizable changes and security enhancements to the web site and operations. We had some hints and suspicions of lax security in the service provider network but had taken care of securing our applications so that it was not considered feasible to warrant the large migration before software is ready.

I must admit we did not expect such sophisticated attack in that both NXT and BTC accounts would be directly targeted by automation once sufficient loot was present. Usually I transferred lower amounts to the online Bitcoin wallet and paid the withdrawals a few minutes after, expecting any attacker to be left high and dry without considerable funds. Giving way to the power of habitual conditioning of months, I slipped of this final manual security measure once and it was enough to take it the other way, winning him / them a loot worth approx. 70,000 EUR. I am especially stunned of the cunning plot to snatch the NXT account at the same time by the automated bot, as indeed the NXT would have been transferred safe right after noticing the BTC heist.

Because we don't know the exact method, timing nor point of the unautorized access, DGEX now needs a more extensive security remake than originally intended and we will take the necessary time to arrange this.

DGEX will not be trading nor performing any cash transfer operations until at least Monday the 21st of July.  I am going to cover the total loss of about 142 BTC from my own pockets initially, to be able to continue operations without loss to customers. Howewer, this loss is of DGEX and not only mine personally, and must unfortunately affect DGEX shareholders' near future profits. Exact details of how this will be done will be announced as DGEX relaunches. At this writing the preliminary estimation for payback time from profits of the new DGEX site is 2 to 4 months.

Naturally, I was struck down by the quick dawning of such sizable loss, but am already gaining confidence that after touching this ground zero the new DGEX will now be even better equipped to rise to its former glory with a suite of new services that have been long in the making and will be plenty. I am convinced everything has a meaning - it's not about how badly you fall but how spectacular your rising up will be. Thank you all for your patience and continuing support.

DGEX is partnering to act as the escrow for the initial stakeholder distribution of a new, interesting NXT based semi-national cryptocurrency project, FIMKrypto, http://fimk.fi

Within the next few days DGEX will update systems to carry the escrow allocation functionality through DGEX member account BTC or NXT balance. It is also possible to reserve a stake through BTC directly by following the instructions on the FIMK web site http://fimk.fi/en/allocation.htm

I thought we have to provide a remedy for the darkness of AE...


..which will be the launch page for DGEX AE operations. Enjoy.

Note: On the Firefox browser you need to click on the shield icon, on the left side of the address bar SSL lock to enable the required client side asset data processing.

The NXT AE assets display was hidden in the default client 1.1.4, with assets available only through entering the issuer account or asset number. Please voice your opinion based on what you think is best for NXT's future success and mass adoption.

Nxt Asset Exchange / Can you adjust the number of issued shares?
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:36:06 pm »
A couple of simple q's:

- Can more shares be issued to the same asset?
- Can shares be removed for good (by sending them to Genesis block)?

General / API call to get the current block height
« on: May 12, 2014, 08:40:20 pm »
What is it please? This has not been required earlier but with the recent versions our online client seems to be constantly behind.

http://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/Nxt_API I know...

General / Is there a major fork right now
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:21:45 am »
We have serious troubles with a blockchain fork. DGEX NXT daemon and my workstation show a balance of 364885 for DGEX and blockchain height of 133980. Both are running 1.0.0. There should be nothing else in common with these two nodes but they still show the same, even after blockchain reset. Network monitors at and http://nxtportal.org/ show over 500k balance and block height of 1000 more. Does this imply a major fork or compromised hardcoded node for 1.0.0?

Nxt Helpdesk / Discrepancies between client balances
« on: May 11, 2014, 07:50:30 pm »
What could be the reason that our online NXT server shows a wrong balance (supposedly, as everything else show a different figure)?

Code: [Select]
curl -k -sLk -m 30 -G --data-urlencode "requestType=getBalance" --data-urlencode "account=6635869272840226493" http://localhost:7876/nxt
Code: [Select]
Whereas nxtportal.org and have shown 200k more for the whole day.

nxt db was reseted and reload, client restarted with no effect.

General / Offline transactions
« on: May 09, 2014, 08:23:05 am »
Is creating offline transactions as simple as using SendMoney API call on an offline machine with NXT on localhost, then take the transactionbytes from the response and broadcast them from an online NXT daemon?

The goal is to avoid passphrase exposure through any unknown methods when transferring funds from larger storage accounts.

DGEX has last night enabled trading of NAS against BTC.

This decision serves several purposes:

- testing the DGEX software for trading multiple currency pairs
- experimenting with the price dynamics of a NXT clone with somewhat tighter distribution and much smaller audience
- offering liquidity for the first functional NXT clone
- establishing more profit channels for DGEX shareholders

Trading of NAS is currently experimental but LIVE.

Trading & Exchanges / DGEX shares
« on: March 31, 2014, 08:04:54 pm »
DGEX public shares, total 108900 out of 330000 released in private placement and IPVO in March for 100 NXT to 125 NXT each, have started trading on the DGEX web site.


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