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Nxt Projects / Asia JPL promoters to entertainment industry
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:43:22 am »
Did you guy paid attention to these ? ETMtoken 1618883051062809664 / https://tokenmaker.vip 

I just decided to support them.

First, they cleverly "spammed" NXT : one month ago, they sent 360 public AM to accounts with specific activity: balance leasing, it seems, not bad... may have been better targeted but shows a rare knowledge of a good marketing practice!

*Very well* targeted spam is not spam anymore but super efficient communication ! [I'have been debated about this marketing subject for 15 years now!]

Their goal is to promote the NXT Blockchain Creation Kit by coaching companies of the entertainment industry to using it.
They will ask for 10% of the new tokens issued by the company to be distributed to the ETMtoken 1618883051062809664 asset owners.
The funds collected during ICO will finance them. They need about 70 000$ to start, and will refund us if they can not reach it.
And off course, their clients will also have to issue the extra 10% to NXT holders to comply with the JPL licence.

They have good pedigrees, several years in web related stuffs (CRM, websites and NXT) their first client is known:
a team out of Tapei Taiwan whose plan is to build a blockchain based CEO game (good for our kids to train to their futur world)

What I found interesting, is that they market the JPL as a promotion vehicle. And I feel ashamed to not think about this angle first !

If you have high margins, like in entertainment, you easily send out discounts, but in the real world, you have to pay networks for your discount to reach people. But thanks of JPL, you send out discounts (10% tokens) to the entire NXT community for free! Word of mouth will relay your existence and you will get a good deal of early adopters out of this. A percent of them will support both your project and your network (they know how to run nodes). And this community is the best you can dream of! If you seek serious long term business, you'd better do business with nexters than with dogesters. You also have the most polite way to truly get in touch with the brightest minds outhere.

So that convinced me they needed a push. If you guys follow, I may buy more.

NXT clones are the solution for entertainment because, entertainment always require cheap fees. Main chain will always face expensive fees because of inclusion competition. The solution is *cloned chain* whose weakness is the network size. But with gamers + freebies to nxters, you can expect to initially get around 50 nodes network fast + you do not fear censorship that much so a small network can still be good enough to work with.

So they have the fundamentals right, and they are from Asia, I feel NXT is stronger with this kind of initiative active than not! Therefore I tell you.  :)

Nxt Projects / NXT PHP Client Library
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:00:50 pm »
Here is my PHP client library for NXT on Github.

I use it in my projects, I extend the CNxtApi class which contains the basics to query the NXT API to devellop more specific function. I cleaned it such it is always a good base to start with.

Making a request to your node in PHP then goes like this:

Code: [Select]
$oApp = new CNxt;
$oApp->aInput = array(
                'message'=>'Here is your payment',
$oResp = $oApp->getResponse();

It also comes with a class and bootstrap script to make a command line tool (on linux only after seting up an alias in .bash_aliases) that simplify updates, network checking and some api queries.
It can also serves as a good example on how to play with NXT and PHP.

Here is the output for

nxt help

USE: nxt {commands} (optional: -json, -ssh)


The command line utility can be used for any NXT API Request,
{command} is equivalent to the http query string of the API but
value pair are separted by *space* instead of *&*

Examples :

nxt requestType=getBlockchainTransactions account=NXT-THLJ-CYAL-JQST-6FNS5

OPTIONAL parameters

 (default) - returns the CURL request and readable output of objects (good to be used on the command line)
 -json : only returns the json string (good to be used by programs).
 -ssh : a usefull workaround for nodes that do not have https set up, the distant node must have this library installed.
        Then the node is queried via ssh and then makes it's final request to the NXT server with with http://localhost:7876


Below are custom commands that are defined in commands/boostrap
The options -json and -ssh described above are also available

nxt getBalance NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA -json
-- NODE OPERATION on LOCAL MACINE --------------------------------

nxt version               : Retuns version of the server
nxt update 1.10.3            : Update to the version given - Manual confirmation required after download completed and sha256sum of the zip is outputed.
nxt start                : Starts the local NXT server
nxt stop                : Kill NXT server process
nxt restart               : Stop then Start
nxt unlock                : Start forging interactive screen asks for passphrase
nxt lock                : Stop forging, interactive screen asks for passphrase
nxt stay_alive               : Restart server if it is not runing
nxt stay_alive forge            : Restart server if it is not runing + alert admin that forging has stopped (if it did..)
nxt backup               : Creates a backup of H2 database (blockchain) with minimum downtime (speed up recovery if DB files get corrupted.. which still happens sometimes)

-- NETWORK INFORMATIONS -----------------------------------------

nxt getconfig               : Get the config parameters
nxt getState               : Get blockchain state of the NODE in config
nxt network               : Gives data about nodes that you survey
                  - defines the nodes in private-config.php with php array, example:
                     $aWhiteListeNodes['nxt'] = array('','http://nxt.scriba.io:7876')

-- ENCODING DECODING -----------------------------

nxt getToken www.notbot.me         : create token, interactive screen asks for passphrase
nxt decodeToken www.notbot.me sbfmg...88jh   : decode token sbfmg12288jh
nxt decodeHallmark shall65s4fps         : decode hallmark shall65s4fps

-- ACCOUNTS --------------------------------------

nxt getBalance NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA    : get balance of NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA (accept also the numerical account format)
nxt getAccountId             : return accountId, interactive screen asks for passphrase
nxt getAccountId 9fdg87hf9d8g7h9d8f7gh9      : return accountId for passphase 9fdg87hf9d8g7h9d8f7gh9
nxt getAccount NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA    : get a bunch of informations about account (accept also the numerical account format)
nxt getAliases  NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA    : get all the aliases owned by an account (accept also the numerical account format)
nxt getAlias scriba             : get the informations about the alias "scriba"

-- ENCODING DECODING -----------------------------
== BLOCK ==

nxt getBlock 17643352830869739755       : return block data

-- ENCODING DECODING -----------------------------

nxt getPeers                : return peers of the node

- Options
nxt getPeers active
nxt getPeers connected
nxt getPeers disconnected
nxt getPeers non_connected
nxt getPeers API
nxt getPeers API_SSL
nxt getPeers hallmark
nxt getPeers prunable

-- HELP ------------------------------------------

nxt help                : return this help

-- FUN -------------------------------------------

nxt mine whateverpassphrase          : return accountId and Balance if you are luck enouh !

I hope it will be usefull to you.

Nxt Projects / Branded Nxt Accounts for your business
« on: October 08, 2016, 03:04:17 pm »
I believe it is useful and that you may even have fun using it.

SECRET MINER delivers tons of NXT & Ardor accounts with the 4 first letters of your choice. It can be used to reflect the name of your company (think MSFT, APPL..) or the purpose of the transaction / product (DEAL,PAYE,FUND,FJLE, you name it..). From a marketing perspective vanity always helps.

So now, anyone can easily pick up great account names to better serve their niche.

For the time being, the search is limited to the first 4 letters. It may be extended to 5 in a near futur but 6 will require a clear commercial success.

The delivery is fully automated, secured and 100% blockchain based.

Have fun!

Core Development Discussion / Reference Transaction: Insufficient Balance
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:23:48 pm »
I think I need your eyes if not a new understanding. I'm trying to send a transaction with API and it returns "insufficient balance" error.. while.. it should not.

Look at this :

Code: [Select]
curl -sk --data "requestType=getAccountId&secretPhrase=Sorry_but_I_can_not_tell_you_what_it_is"
{   "accountRS":"NXT-3D2L-CCSX-487E-GM8FP",

Code: [Select]
curl -sk --data "requestType=getAccount&account=NXT-3D2L-CCSX-487E-GM8FP"
{   "unconfirmedBalanceNQT":"62299999668",

Code: [Select]
curl -sk --data "requestType=sendMoney&recipient=NXT-SL44-R65Z-HMNZ-7WVJM&amountNQT=55300000000&secretPhrase=Sorry_but_I_can_not_tell_you_what_it_is&deadline=2880&referencedTransactionFullHash=3d542da2b77a219c8427d1df35b400c58345c7fbfabead74b55402450bbd2068&encryptedMessageData=8eab8c3c3f1033eff28d17acf025055618df9208c877ba2a9b6049db6fc71a1c3dfab6b6429f72079708135a39be8345955874800845d0300037a5ea7ffcc20c4f4960a59747f39ad1261250e002c273d7eb7e2d899da0b69beed5a7cd213f0f4434b8da947f1d3710bd0b9ec545bcf98b9f2d4dcc3e9f9b98a6e99d4a08527488c556e44525204dc9fb6c766cb3d3b79641f30f966a821d9bfbfcf630e471caf0e9987d8dfbc19a668519c0e254ed3de4e2bb6436995670f0b94fe84e0e46b7&encryptedMessageNonce=07bdb2a1e481c69ce1ed144d0982ca276fd4456763a6dfe250faf5b4410d5279&encryptedMessageIsPrunable=true&feeNQT=200000000"
{   "errorDescription":"Insufficient balance",
   "error":"nxt.NxtException$InsufficientBalanceException: Insufficient balance"

So the passphrase corresponds to Account NXT-3D2L-CCSX-487E-GM8FP which as a balance of 62299999668 NQT but API tells it can not spend 5530000000 + 20000000 (fees)

I have double check passphrase and amounts, and can not find out what is going on.
Any help is welcome. I can MP the passphrase if necessary.

Nxt General Discussion / Coinimal now accepts Visa
« on: April 12, 2016, 02:54:20 pm »
So now, one can buy NXT directly with Visa. Great Job from them.


They offer Bitcoin, Nxt and Ethereum - good choice.

Core Development Discussion / The Return of the Colored Coins
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:02:16 am »
Were are the colored coins ? Hidden in asset exchange, monetary system and DGS ?

Doesn't this mean we have apps where we should have functional bricks for outsiders who could create a greater variety of specific apps ? As an app maker, you now must learn all the implementations (and all their details because every detail matter..) and then figure out if it is possible to re-orient one of them such that you can build your own original offer on top of what is available. It takes a very long time to assimilate.

Don't you think it should be time to generalize and factorize ? AE, MS and DGS could be only one implementation of the larger object whose name looks like now forgotten in the Nxt sphere, while it is a very great term: "the colored coin".

The success of Ethereum is (according to me) because the unique selling proposition offer it makes : "program it". I now remember I opted for Nxt because of this same type of offer : Colored Coins
For me, it was something you could do "whatever you want" with... But it turns out that it is only true for core java devs who get the consensus. It could be much more opened.

Since we will not have in-chain contracts, instead, we can have typical exchange mechanisms that can be tuned to the colored coin issuer preferences.
= The colored coin has his exchange mechanism as an attribute but the exchange mechanism has parameters that are decided by the issuer.

I'm not considering the client (the show case) here, only the API. The client is stuck under two opposite priorities, being simple and being a complete API implementation. It is a separate subject.

Does it make sense to someone what I'm talking about ? Does this kind of healthy re-org has been discussed. Isn't 2.0 the best time for it ?

If you want outside creativity, you must not restrain it. You must copy the Lego ingenuity.

Would you appreciate help at this architectural level ? I didn't yet tried to look at modeling most typical type of exchange mechanisms but I start to believe it is not that much.

Bonus : you ends up with childchains of colored coins, a true "fountain of rainbows" which is much sexier than childchains with AE MS and DGS.

Nxt General Discussion / Nxt is NOT for Stakeholders, its for Users.
« on: April 08, 2016, 05:51:48 pm »
This is a provocative title to express my opinion that Nxt stakeholders are not share holders of a company.

Marc is now promoting a lot this idea : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ThZ3PAWuKg

I originally agreed but the more I look the more I convinced this is totally wrong.

BCNext did not created Nxt such that it becomes a return on investment medium for the original stakeholders.

Have a look if you don't trust me : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=303898.0

He needed stakeholders to distribute the original coins to people, such that his POS hypothesis and protocol could be live tested.
The fund collected were just an arbitrary way to decide how to distribute the coin. He judged this to be the best alternative available.
He originally wanted to have at least 4000 people to distribute to ! We know it didn't happent this way, the 4000 were finally only 73.

Then, off course, the consequence of a POS protocol is that the blockchain security level is caped to the cost for an attacker to acquire a 51% stake.
So the only way BCNext was interest in the coin price was that it defines the security level of the system.

BCNext created Nxt but he doesn't own the project anymore. So anyone can do what he wants, including suggesting others to pursue other goals than those of the original creator. It's ok if people acts like that.

But I'm trying to recall you, what I think the original goal was. It is my right as well, and I sum it up this way :

Why do you create a currency ?


... Please meditate a little bit ...


Money is, by essence, nothing else than the intimate value each user gives to an artificial medium. Therefore, there is no other valid reason to
create a money system than to provide a tool which existence equally benefit those who choose to use it for their business. If they
hold the coin or not, from the creator point of view, they are all equal.


... Are you a creator ? / Are you a speculator ?


If you buy to resell, or if you hold to increase your portfolio worth : you are speculator.
If you buy stuffs with Nxt (or plan to), Sell stuffs with Nxt (or plan to), use Nxt to speculate on assets, if you are a core or client developer, if you are talking out there about Nxt : your are a Nxt creator.

The only thing here, that creators have organized for those who hold the coin is the consensus about the forging fee to compensate for the cost of the technical infrastructure and to mitigate spam. The fact that the security of the coin (= the cost to acquire 51%) has, at start, benefited from the speculation about the future coin value, is only a chance, or perhaps the ultimate failure in the defense of the enemy that makes it possible that a POS coin can ever survive. But it must not make us loose the fundamental idea that the coin value is nothing else than the one users are willing to give when they use the tool.

What is a coin that is not used to do anything but still has a value on exchanges ? It's a collectible.. It has only value for collectors and speculators. By definition, it is dead !

So are you Ying or Yang ?

A coin is money when it is used to exchange things that have value .. now.., the more exchanges of this kind, the more it is a tool, the more it is money. The price given by speculation is not the price we want it to look at. We do not care about that price. We do not care about the valuation speculators give to our young creation, they are not at all our target. We only care because we are exploiting their cupidity for our security. The whole point of this cryptocurrency endeavor is too start it all over again. Not to profit from being first, but to build a system that is way more fair than the one humanity is currently jailed in.

Truth is that we are all both creators and speculators, their will always be both in human.

That is the POS ingenuity! It exploits both faces of humanity. However, every day, every hour, you choose how much energy you put on which side of your reality.

Marc, stop thinking Nxt stakeholders are shareholders of a company. Think Ying, less Yang. You have invested too much value in Nxt. Sell more, continue the work with us, build assets and be Ying again.

Marc opened a Nxt poll with this topic : https://www.mynxt.info/poll/8456081814557957525

But I think a poll without a thread does not offer the right answer, because of nuances in interpretation and a potential lack of discussion around the question So here is one..

And here is what I think :
This is a strange question. Because it mixes whish and results.
Off course, NO, it is not good to split, but it may well be the only solution.
Then, if it is, it becomes a good solution ? => YES...

Did we do everything we could to find an alternative : NO
Is this the best solution in term of computer performance : YES probably.
Does this makes it the best solution : NO an alternative with lower performance if it exists may reach more concensus.

Your turn.. 

Marc opened a Nxt poll with this topic : https://www.mynxt.info/poll/3510133375396421772

But I think a poll without a thread does not offer the right answer, because of nuances in interpretation and a potential lack of discussion around the question So here is one..

And here is what I think :
It is not important if we do not have scalability solved in the coming year, but I DO FEEL VERY IMPORTANT that a credible/feasible solution is being developed at a protocol level.
So I will vote no, but that does not mean I consider no effort should be made at all on the subject. A lot of effort, from many people have now already been made.

Now your turn guys !

General / "Buy Offer Confirmed Order Book" for shops ?
« on: March 15, 2016, 05:16:56 pm »
What would be the easiest to do that ? Semi controllable currency ? A no resell option on AE ?

I had this idea while I was watching a tv ad about a super cooking bot sold at 399 € with "a special tv offer" at 299 € (lucky you !!  ;D) .. Where I thought : "hey, I'd be ok right now at 150 €"   8) - But they will never know... 4 years ago a good friend of mine also told me that if he had the competences, he would launch Yabe : the reverse Ebay.. so I suddenly matched...

Think at this :

In the old times, people where trading for everything, seller asks for a price, buyer offers a lower price, time goes one, one changes it's offer or cancel it, this iterates until there is a match and while you have at least an offer on each side. This tradition still exists everywhere when big sale or concerned, and this occurs every second on every exchange for very tiny sales...

Why isn't it yet implemented for every goods and services sold online ?
I know why : because website designers copied the street shop model, which for reasons I don't really care (probably speed at the cashier)... discarded offering a voice to lower buy offers.

But, if we are promoting a deflationary system, then we should also promote solutions for symmetrical price discovery. Nowadays, in shop or online shop, the price discovery is only at the initiative of the seller who has one interest: maximize his profit. So he creates the liquidity (or the bank does..) and the buyers are only takers. On any coin or asset exchange both side have both role. They have opposite interest but symmetrical power.

In NXT, we already have the mechanism of an asset exchange, couldn't we have it adapted for SHOP sales ?

The difference with AE is that a buyer must not be able to resell what he just bought on this channel. Only the asset issuer, can place a sell order.
It looks like controlable MS with only issuer offering to sell but it also needs anyone to offer a buy !

As a seller, I'd love to know that I have a ton of confirmed orders that are just waiting me to accept them.
I do not know any symetrical price discovery tool for goods and services.. its crazy !

Every shop should work this way. They don't because they do not have the tech solution.

For a buyer, a buy order on a blockchain is really good, because they do not give the money to the seller unless he accepts the lower buy. The buyer can cancel it at anytime.

No smart contract here but a very strong marketing appeal ! The possibility to make a buy offer is worth the pain to buy some NXTs.

What do you think ? Can we do this already ? Or am I right when I think it is a matter of a new optional feature request for MS or AE ?

General / verifyPrunableMessage in Javascript or in plain english
« on: January 25, 2016, 06:50:39 pm »
Here is a prunable message transaction :

Code: [Select]
    "senderPublicKey": "420468dfe267571e27429920d215de6bcbcc930dde1ab485dbc4f1b51197fb01",
    "signature": "65faced1a7b76cba99e6d07df0a77545284d16f2ae4d0e2cf9d7b378015c740a28a3dd719aac36d50141b805ea7f7a14cd5d3c5a666e878ebb483ba7b89a9539",
    "feeNQT": "100000000",
    "transactionIndex": 1,
    "requestProcessingTime": 0,
    "type": 1,
    "confirmations": 20,
    "fullHash": "f51983f24ad53ff554c33c5409fdf4c07712f4fae74b0b0689a57f8339eb8bbe",
    "version": 1,
    "phased": false,
    "ecBlockId": "9167853488908390031",
    "signatureHash": "bcc4ac2e7b70cb3bc3b165e751f2890e8f5e1307f7e8d60ce162f175674a86af",
    "attachment": {
        "version.PrunablePlainMessage": 1,
        "messageIsText": true,
        "messageHash": "d48e7cbc08b6ff1fc755b49d90d56d0fc347cd4e2b3ba7c4eaade6ac36a94d3e",
        "message": "db8b6b796c56927a41d9f195407ae712b71514343c420fdf75c95b5cfa69c47a",
        "version.ArbitraryMessage": 0
    "senderRS": "NXT-39LJ-V67N-TJB9-EHUKA",
    "subtype": 0,
    "amountNQT": "0",
    "sender": "14143360948395613776",
    "ecBlockHeight": 624346,
    "block": "8168468208213467054",
    "blockTimestamp": 68426470,
    "deadline": 1440,
    "transaction": "17672077980698089973",
    "timestamp": 68426434,
    "height": 624355

I know that at anytime the API allows to verify the message that will be pruned thanks to this call :


Which returns ok

Code: [Select]
    "version.PrunablePlainMessage": 1,
    "verify": true,
    "messageIsText": true,
    "messageHash": "d48e7cbc08b6ff1fc755b49d90d56d0fc347cd4e2b3ba7c4eaade6ac36a94d3e",
    "requestProcessingTime": 1,
    "message": "db8b6b796c56927a41d9f195407ae712b71514343c420fdf75c95b5cfa69c47a"

But I would like to verify it in javascript and I keep failing. My real goal is to explain it such that someone else can do it too so I need to succeed it first.

In the java source, I found in Appendix.PrunablePlainMessage

Code: [Select]
            MessageDigest digest = Crypto.sha256();
            digest.update((byte)(isText ? 1 : 0));
            return digest.digest();

which seems to be how "message" is transformed to "messagehash"
The wiki seems to confirm but is not accurate enough : http://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/The_Nxt_API#Verify_Prunable_Message

I have tried to concat 1+message, '1'+message, true+message, converters.int32ToBytes(1)+message, converters.int32ToBytes(true)+message and all kind of combinations I could think of but with no success.

I've used different libraries, which all gives the same, so my problem is really that I'm missing something.

Does anyone knows what I can do to go from "message" to "messagehash" ?

I believe this is a general useful question since we should not only rely on the API to verify that some prunedmessage retreived is correct.

Admins disapeared with 40,000 BTC from customers centralized wallets

Now let's hope some devs will start to use Nxt Marketplace to build marketplace sites on top of it since it is the only safe solution!

Don't trust anyone!

Nxt General Discussion / Nxt energy efficiency is insignifiant
« on: March 10, 2015, 12:30:13 pm »
Of course Nxt (PoS) is far more efficient than Bitcoin (PoW) : https://nxtforum.org/infrastructure-committee/nxt-energy-and-cost-efficiency-paper-update/
But this is an insignifiant argument in favor of Nxt regarding mass adoption because even the energy cost of Bitcoin is in the end very small.

Bitcoin energy consomption is high if you consider it today per transaction or per user because only few people use Bitcoin.

But Bitcoin is meant to be used by the 7 billion humans, and if it would, the cost would be roughly the same than the one of today (cost ~= cost of PoW)

Even if you take 1W/GH and the today level of 340 000 000 GH/s, you end up with  0.048 W per human, or 1.16 Wh per human per day. 1.16 Wh = 172.8 J.
So if you take 60kg as an average human weight, Bitcoin is only using for its PoW the enegy it takes for each human to travel 28 cm every day.

Can every human devotes a 30 cm move, each day, for their ability to use a decentralized world money ? Considering all the freedom and equality improvements it brings with it, I'm sure the answer is "Yes of course".
So with NXT it's only a move of 0.15 mm, ok, it's far much much better but who cares ? This is not this argument that can turn out some Bitcoin network effect in favor of NXT.

I just thought about it and wanted to let you know.


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