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Transparent Forging / start forging of forged Nxt
« on: July 05, 2016, 02:00:55 pm »
To clear this thought I wanted to ask if it is true, that if I forge for example 100 NXT in one block, these Nxt are in my account and count as effectiveBalance right away?

So when I forge NXT those will help me forging instantly, right?

Nxt Helpdesk / Nxt Polls
« on: June 11, 2016, 05:01:21 pm »
Is there a way to get all past polls from Nxt via the API?

Nxt General Discussion / DED accepting NXT
« on: June 07, 2016, 01:52:13 pm »
Fresh sound coming from Berlin, the EP Dope-Est-Dope is now available via BTC / NXT.






Mynxt.info / Link to accounts - How to
« on: May 13, 2016, 03:08:10 pm »
Hi people, as you know we are always trying to find new ways on making blockchain technology easier for people on mynxt.info

Testdruif has implemented page linking into NRS - from Website to account or within the Wallet, you can easily switch accounts, land on certain pages and so on. We think this makes sense to use on the mynxt.info Blockexplorer, so you can go from the website directly to Nxt account, to a Marketplace Item, to an Asset or everything that will be supported by Nxt.

I have implemented a first link to demonstrate on the Account page:

Below the QR code you will find a button which links to Nxt NRS (if you have Nxt running) or to SuperNETLite NRS (if you have SuperNETLite running)


Try it out, I am looking for feedback and ideas how to implement the linking to the Wallet. Does it make sense for you to have it linked to localhost or would you prefer an online version so the user would not need to have it running locally?

I am looking for your input and ideas :)

As http://www.peerexplorer.com already shows, Nxt has a great infrastructure. More than 200 Nodes, around 30 archival nodes.

From that a bunch with Open API, a bunch with Hallmark and a bunch with open CORS.

But I think we can do better! So I am just throwing this out here, in hope I get some people motivated to install Nxt on a server and manipulate a conf/nxt.properties accordingly. As martismartis shows, just 4-5 lines of code in a conf/nxt.properties file (create it, if it not exists) are enough:

Code: [Select]

When you have no idea how to setup an open node, just ask. A VPS is helpful, on amazon you get those for a year for free as I heard.

The most relevant answers and questions can already be found here, feel free to post more:


Let's get more nodes up for Nxt :)

Nxt Helpdesk / Setup archival node
« on: April 19, 2016, 06:06:09 pm »
Node day - lots of questions I have today :D

What do I have to setup in order to be a "full archival node"? Thanks!

Nxt Helpdesk / Create a hallmark
« on: April 19, 2016, 03:20:33 pm »
I am just getting started launching my nodes as public nodes after a while, because I see that is a good thing for Nxt ;)

Long time missing experience, how do I create a hallmark now? I remember so time ago I could do that on http://localhost:7876/admin ?

But this site does not exist anymore?

Nxt Helpdesk / Public Node
« on: April 19, 2016, 02:58:35 pm »
Hello, I have problems coniguring my public node configuration file correctly.

Anybody here that can tell what I am missing? Thanks :)

Code: [Select]

# My externally visible IP address or host name, to be announced to peers.
# It can optionally include a port number, which will also be announced to
# peers, and may be different from nxt.peerServerPort (useful if you do port
# forwarding behind a router).


# My platform, to be announced to peers.


# My hallmark, if available.


# Hosts from which to allow http/json API requests, if enabled. Set to * to
# allow all. Can also specify networks in CIDR notation, e.g.


# Host interface on which to listen for http/json API request, default localhost
# only. Set to to allow the API server to accept requests from all
# network interfaces, including IPv6.


# Enable UPnP for the API ports.


# Enable Cross Origin Filter for the API server.


# Password that should be provided when executing protected (administrative) API
# requests.
# Please choose a decent password here. Preferably, use a password generator.
# Password protection is disabled and password is not needed when the API server
# only listens on the localhost interface, i.e. when
# nxt.apiServerHost=


# The maximum number of records possible to retrieve with a single request. This
# restriction is not enforced if the admin password is provided, or is not
# needed (disabled or listening on localhost only).


# API event registration timeout (seconds). The timeout is reset each time an
# event wait request is received from the application. The minimum value is 15
# seconds.


# Maximum number of applications with active event registrations.


# If an unsigned transaction is submitted with insufficient fee, set the fee to
# the minimum fee calculated for this transaction instead, as if feeNQT=0 has
# been specified. Default is false.


# APIs to disable, as a semicolon separated list.


# Enable Cross Origin Filter for the API server.


# Enable Cross Origin Filter for NRS user interface server.


# Hosts from which to allow http/json API requests, if enabled. Set to * to
# allow all. Can also specify networks in CIDR notation, e.g.

nxt.allowedBotHosts=; localhost; [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]; MY.IP.ADDRESS

# Hosts from which to allow NRS user interface requests, if enabled. Set to * to
# allow all.

nxt.allowedUserHosts=; localhost; [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]; MY.IP.ADDRESS

I have another password and MY.IP.ADDRESS is usually my IP address ;)

SuperNET Lite Releases / SuperNET Lite 3.0
« on: April 14, 2016, 11:41:53 pm »
SuperNET Lite 3.0


(Plase update now to 3.0.7)



SuperNET-Lite is a html based wallet for virtual currencies. You can use Nxt, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Dogecoin and other currencies with your wallet. You can store and use your coins easily. The Wallet is a nodejs based Wallet, coming with executable for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Supported Coins

Nxt (NXT), Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinDark (BTCD), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Influx (INFX), Litecoin (LTC), Opalcoin (OPAL) and Vericoin (VRC)

DASH and INFX are new additions to the SuperNET Lite multiwallet, and Influx joins the Multigateway infrastructure sponsoring one of the servers.


SuperNET-Lite connects to public nodes in the Nxt Network. Due to the lightweight nature of Nxt and the service to allow Assets and other Blockchain services, we can expand on the rich server structure of Nxt. The MultiGateWay service allows to store coins in distributed multi-signature accounts, and delivers equivalent coin tokens that can be used from your Nxt account in the SuperNET Lite Wallet. Furthermore, you can use the complete Nxt client with your account, investing in any Asset on the Nxt Blockchain.


SuperNET-Lite is based on html, javascript and nodejs. The Nxt NRS framework and Jay provide a javascript wrapper which creates and signs every transaction that is made within the wallet. This signed transaction will be sent to a public node of the Nxt network. Your password never leaves your computer. Accounts are stored local in the Browser. When using incognito mode, nothing will be saved. When a local Nxt instance is running, SuperNET-Lite will use this instead of any public node. Public nodes are chosen from the websites peerexplorer.com and nxtpeers.com. Both provide a trusted service to scan the Nxt nodes and display most updated, reliable and secure (hallmarked) Nxt nodes. The framework developed by @jonesnxt and @tosch110 then tests various nodes for time hashes and speed to find the best node for you to use.


The SuperNET Lite wallet uses the NRS and Jay framework. The NRS Framework is made from the Nxt developers, who secure that transactions are wrapper with javascript and your passphrase (the passphrase will never leave your browser), before they get sent to the node. You can have your localnode running (install and run Nxt - open CORS), if not, you will connect to a random public node from the Nxt Network. The Jay Framework provides some additional Nxt JavaScript functions that put another layer of security upon the NRS Framework. Jay checks several public nodes against each other to provide the quickest and most responsible node from the Nxt framework.

How to open CORS: https://medium.com/@Damelon/coding-for-nxt-crypto-platform-1-c3580b4cfd38#.7mswh42qu

Installation Advices


Run supernet.exe


Open a terminal window in the SuperNET Lite folder and start it with ./supernet


Open the Terminal in the SuperNET Lite folder and type ./supernet_mac

If one of the above options does not work, quickly install nodejs and run

node server.js


Donate in NXT or any crypto via the SuperNET Dashboard to: NXT-CJQ9-7CAG-8FW4-7F9P8


Core Development Discussion / generatePassphrase API
« on: January 14, 2016, 02:14:22 pm »

I have found myself in a situation where I am wondering myself about how to generate strong and secure passphrases and I have seen that a lot of other users sometimes find themselves in the same situation. In the official client we have found a good way to create human readable and secure passphrases but this function is not available on the backend. What would you think of an API call that creates a passphrase with high entropy and is recommended in length and readability by the core developers? This could help lots of developers not having to write their own function for secure passphrases, which might end up weak in some cases. When users know what they are doing, this is great and they can still write complex but secure passphrase functions that makes users secure.

Do you also think that such an API call could benefit developers to easier create accounts in the backend?

Nxt Helpdesk / Could not verify signature (server side)
« on: November 11, 2015, 03:33:50 pm »
When trying out using dividends in the SuperNET-Lite Client, the error "Could not verify signature (server side)." seems to be a bug I cannot solve right now because I am not exactly sure why I get the error:

errorCode: 1
errorDescription: "Could not verify signature (server side).

Anybody an idea what the reason might be to get this error? Thanks in advance!

SuperNET Lite Releases / SuperNET Lite v2.0.7-Beta
« on: November 04, 2015, 03:27:26 pm »

In SuperNET Lite (Beta), you can use the SuperNET Multigateway and NXT in an easy environment. Just as a plain html/javascript application, no further download of blockchains required. Open the supernet.html in your Browser and start using your favorite Cryptocurrency.

Use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, NXT, BitcoinDark, OPAL and Vericoin in a multi-web wallet.
All powered by NXT and the Asset Exchange, your Nxt represents your SuperNET account. NXT holdings are required as "fuel" for the Multigateway. Make sure you have some NXT in your Account.

This BETA release focuses on Multigateway and NXT functions, while we are heading to include more of the upcoming SuperNET features in future releases.


- Added MSIG generation button instead of auto-request addresses to stop spamming servers on reload
- Removed led-divs as they could not provide responsible information about the MGW status and were rather confusing
- Cache problems with wrong MGW addresses solved
- Maximum Withdraw for coins specified
- Hiding empty Coin boxes.
- Update to 1.6.2 Nxt API
- Including first steps to Cash Operations (coinomat)
- Optimizing MGW API time sequences
- Resizing coin addresses
- Hide ByMail operation because not functional yet

Hashes for .zip:

Code: [Select]
sha256: ddce4d3cec9157aca666bcd3f8dde5d935c0a0ea3e671b7b5a53b42e0981d01c
Nxt Account: NXT-4NJK-FK47-VSZE-A3G4Y
Token with sha256 as data: gdol41efi6eg3tqg4s6cr9ba1msomsl3b4fcm1ecn3c0l3gbl0souff73s7lei03culhafohbl6m8882fk82n156ves529i77q6399pr4u50fbsp3lu0n69s81apmo61s74c56n6vtl92vitunriluvo8ubnmah5

Nxt Monetary System Helpdesk / Rework MS (Client)
« on: September 28, 2015, 03:55:36 pm »

I am not very satisfied with a lot of things the current Monetary System implementation in the Client has.
Please let us rework some of the MS tools.

Here is a list of what I got as feedback, maybe others have some additional feedback:

Currently I am trying to use NAUT on the MS. Where I am struggeling, I am using it as example here:

I have tried to publish an Exchange Offer, I was trying to create an Offer, using no decimal places at all. It gives me the following message:

Warning: using less than 2 decimal positions or more than 6 decimal positions may reduce the usability of your asset

First of all, I am in the Monetary System, "asset" is the wrong term here. And why would it reduce the usability if I publish an exchange offer without any decimals? Something I do not understand...

I have been working alot (compared with most of the Nxt users) with the Monetary System. I understand quite a lot about it. Still, every time I am using it in the Client gives me problems, which is really problematic from my point of view, because even experienced users like me lack of understanding the Client. I have found myself preferring to use the API instead of the Client, which is a step backwards instead of making it "easy" for the average user.

I have commented some struggles on the Exchange Offer:

Furthermore, please make the "Offer" in the Client Clickable, so you can click on it and have the correct price in the "Buy" or "Sell" field of the Exchange box.

Coming to the most problematic window, the "Issue Currency" Modal:

I know we have the wiki and so forth to explain stuff, people can always come to the forum and find the questions answered. But I can tell that most people do not want to read through a page with thousands of explainings to find the correct one for them. Even though, it does not mean they will totally understand it. Before loosing money, I would prefer not to use it until it got better. (I have already made some mistakes and have lost some money on the MS. As a new user, I would never touch it again)

Thank you for considering and reading!

SuperNET Lite Releases / SuperNET Lite v2.0.6-Beta
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:27:32 pm »
Hello, together with eth, vanBreuk, t3cltd, noashh, james, nxtchina, toenu and others we are trying to realise an easy to step-in client for new and experienced users.


In SuperNET Lite (Beta), you can use the SuperNET Multigateway and NXT in an easy environment. Just as a plain html/javascript application, no further download of blockchains required. Open the supernet.html in your Browser and start using your favorite Cryptocurrency.

Use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, NXT, BitcoinDark, OPAL and Vericoin in a multi-web wallet.
All powered by NXT and the Asset Exchange, your Nxt represents your SuperNET account. NXT holdings are required as "fuel" for the Multigateway. Make sure you have some NXT in your Account.

This BETA release focuses on Multigateway and NXT functions, while we are heading to include more of the upcoming SuperNET features in future releases.


  • Adding BTC, LTC, DOGE as coins
  • Easy-transfer to other SuperNET/NXT accounts
  • Merging all coins to new MGW code
  • Adding more reliability to Nxt nodes and the Jay Framework
  • More reliable deposit addresses with checking for all servers, publicKey and regular re-check of addresses and node problems.
  • Tutorial/node display on front page, lockscreen background change, minor design changes
  • several minor improvements (check github log)


Source Code (.zip)
Source Code (.tar.gz)

.zip file
Code: [Select]
Sha256: 2DC6C0C723F38F510D0DE00A22ED4E491013A5D79EA80EA7B19AC6ED97E3248D
Nxt Account: NXT-4NJK-FK47-VSZE-A3G4Y (Alias: SuperNETLite)
Token: gdol41efi6eg3tqg4s6cr9ba1msomsl3b4fcm1ecn3c0l3gbapf8iff7vo5aqm836l47k59pa02ggo49ks0pg1kl6gnbacnha09s1nug2ac0crioqqoj5qqsm0tkbqqj79773tom7gs4rkcc49a7j55112c7ikda
(Generated from SHA 256 & Nxt Account)
.tar.gz file
Code: [Select]
Sha256: 767B639253DD3498EC1552FFB148C7A8CEF6324D7F654BEA72CAAC845B687EEB
Nxt Account: NXT-4NJK-FK47-VSZE-A3G4Y (Alias: SuperNETLite)
Token: gdol41efi6eg3tqg4s6cr9ba1msomsl3b4fcm1ecn3c0l3gbapfpaff7n8meo103c13oeahjl4gta7s391pnc4buo1qdgc4hpd90nlvom3b01h6m73jhn5j3v1u7h6eijofi7plqci4imb6kve22rh5t9na1n4qf
(Generated from SHA 256 & Nxt Account)

Nxt Projects / BonusGames
« on: August 05, 2015, 10:48:36 am »
For fun and experimental purposes I have coded a small gaming platform, where you can earn some BonusCoin (a MS Currency).

Currently there are 3 games, if you like it, maybe there will follow some more.

Check it out:


BonusCoins are worth a small amount of NXT, you can find them on the MS Exchange Booth

Nxt Plugins / Asset Information
« on: June 30, 2015, 05:35:34 am »
Usually I have always been using nxtblocks.info to see the ranked Assets... sadly this page is gone now. So I have made a Plugin, showing last week Volume and the Assets ranked by them.

Cost: 150 NXT

Get it on http://nxtplugins.com/index.php?details&id=4

or on the Marketplace:


General / Refer Transactions
« on: June 29, 2015, 12:32:01 pm »
Something which came to my mind. Is it possible to refer a transaction to another transaction on the blockchain?

So you could link certain actions to a transaction (a previous action from any account) on the blockchain.

When linking a transaction to another transaction, you could "answer" to public made statements from an account. This could be in the form of sending another public Message from your account refering to the original published message.

When creating a currency via crowdfunding, you could later create an Asset taking into account the currency distribution, when linking the Asset to the currency transaction. etc...

Is this somehow already possible? Would this be something we can think about including as "referTransactionTo" API?

We have been talking a lot about Free Markets with Nxt (Nxt itself has one of them). I have heard a lot of people saying "let's start selling drugs, this will give us the PR". Well, now the creator of Silk Road has been catched and here are his last words on the case:


For me, I even more understand that a bunch of people try to be as anonymous as possible. The words from Ross Ulbricht are more than understandable and you can see what might happen with creating such an opportunity for the people. What do you think?

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