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Nxt Asset Exchange / [ANN] CHARM - A very profitable altcoin trading fund
« on: December 05, 2015, 02:31:06 pm »

Hello NXT-ers. We are a small team of traders that trade altcoins on various exchanges: Yobit, C-CEX, Poloniex and sometimes Bittrex. We are currently managing around 3 BTC already of our own money an we are able to generate on average 5% return every 3-4 days. Our profits are higher than that but this is the % we can safely say to be able to generate. With some altcoins we are literally making 10-20%, however for consistency the average is about 5% / 4 days. We are not trading by doubling down/ using extreme risk, our highest risk is about 5% of our funds / trade which is a reasonable amount given the volatility and such. Therefore the 5% return / 4 day is achieved with relatively low risk.

We started out with 2 BTC, and increased it to 3 BTC in less than 3 months, thus we can safely say that our method works. Therefore we are not accepting new investors, capital, that we can manage. We are very short term traders, so our fund is different than others, in the sense that we can pay dividends very frequently. Other funds pay dividends monthly or biweekly, we can pay dividends every 4 days, which will make our fund very active and "charming".

Our little fund hopes to expand in size, and thus provide a decent profit for all of our investors. We knew about NXT for some time now but now we became confident to create the CHARM asset, to provide investors with a way to invest in us and profit.

How it works:

  • CHARM will be sold in small bundles, 1000-2000 pieces, initially at 5 NXT, and then increasing by 5 NXT each time a bundle is sold, thus ensuring early investors get more returns of us for a cheaper cost
  • The collected funds will be converted in BTC or LTC and sent into our exchange address where we will trade them. We inform you about every transaction and destination to ensure that we won't run away with the money.
  • Since we daytrade, we have more than enough time in 4 days to generate the profits, and we aim to pay out at least 5% every 4 days.
  • Then we will buy NXT with the profits we made and give it out in dividends every 4 days
  • If for some reason we make more than 5% we may reinvest the difference, and pay out more in the future
  • If for some reason we can't pay every 4 days (illness,internet connection problems,etc.), then as soon as we can we will pay the past and current profits out ASAP

Asset Info:

ID: 4789454523255533962
Supply: 20,000 CHARM
Decimals: 0
Dividends: Yes
Dividend size: We aim to provide at least 5% returns or more
Dividend frequency: Dividends will be paid every 3-4 days.
First Dividend: After the first bundle of CHARM is entirely sold (2000 pieces) +4 days


Feel free to drop me a PM or post here if you have a question. If I`m not online then you can e-mail me at:  jeffrey55@keemail(dot)me
(replace the (dot) with "." , i wrote it that way to avoid spambots sending spam to my inbox)

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