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Nxt Projects / Birdlance: decentralized reverse image search JPL-compliant
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:23:54 am »
Birdlance launched on the 7th of june 2019. NXT holders were allocated 10% (ten percent), proportional to their NXT holdings.


Birdlance is giving out up to 1,000,000 BLNC as extra node rewards each month.
Read full here: https://medium.com/birdlance/birdlance-is-giving-out-up-to-1-000-000-blnc-as-extra-node-rewards-each-month-d7f8baf0e3f6

After cafeful consideration, we have decided to stop all co-operation with Vindax Exchange

BLNC can now be traded on SatoExchange.

Please not our whitepaper is outdated since we shifted our main focus to a decentralized reverse image search engine. You can use our online service to protect your pictures, illustrations and artwork by submitting them to the Birdlance blockchain and track where your images are being used online powered by each node in the Birdlance network. Use our developers API  to easily add image recognition and reverse image search to your own applications or submit an URL of any image and get a unique hash backed by a blockchain transaction.

Our blockchain API capabilities have been extended with a reverse image search developers API.

Calculate Image Hash
Calculate a perceptual hash of an image by using an URL to the image.

requestType is calculateImageHash
url is the URL to the image

hash (S) is the perceptual hash of the image located on the URL
requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)



Perform Image Search

Perform a search by using an image’s perceptual hash or URL.

requestType is performImageSearch
hash is the perceptual hash of the image; or
secretPhrase is the secret phrase of the funding account
5 BLNC is needed for this request, 4 BLNC gets send to forger of the last block.

imageSearch (B) is true if the operation completed successfully
requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)



  "requestProcessingTime": 6396,
  "imageSearch": [
      "image_uri": "http:\/\/ogsteviestrow.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/09\/Patreon-320-320-300x159.png",
      "phash": "f01b07f82fe6f8073a116aac87cb877bfdf86c9a783707e487cc7031044b8c0f",
      "base_uri": "http:\/\/ogsteviestrow.com"

Whats next?
  • Integrate our reverse image search with each node. Each node will crawl the web to improve our reversed image search. This means that the more nodes the birdlance blockchain network has, the more powerful our reverse image search will become. We will contineously work on improvements to the blockchain to make our reversed image search smarter and self-sustainable.
  • Our indexed data (hash and image url) is too big to store on chain. To be truely succesful we need around 40 billion of crawled image data. Right now this data is centralized. We are working on an OrbitDB(P2P database) to make this decentralized.
  • Integrate our reversed image search APIs in the next node update. Everyone will then be able to use his/her own node for our reversed image search APIs by simply enabling the API functionalities of their node (setting in the properties file).

Read full here:https://medium.com/birdlance/decentralized-reverse-image-search-blockchain-api-8b5f261f0fbf

This is perfect for reverse image search, matching, image verification and recognition solutions.

Who can benefit from using our Developers API?
  • Online marketplaces can identify products and find duplicates
  • Resellers and insurance companies can use our API for fraud detection
  • Travel and booking sites can verify listings and update them by finding copies
  • Dating and social media sites can detect false profiles
  • Trademark offices can detect infringing trademarks and protect them with blockchain transactions

As an example we have implemented a reverse image search bar on the homepage.

As an another example you can now login to your account on birdlance.com and navigate to the upload photos section.
After upload your image will be protected by a unique fingerprint saved on the Birdlance blockchain and will be linked to your BLNC account.
This can be viewed on the blockchain explorer by clicking the link provided in the details of the image in the my photos section.

If duplicates are found, a red border will appear around the image and a "show duplicates" button will be available in the details of the image.
The fee of uploading a picture is 4 BLNC(this fee is rewarded to the node that forged the block).
In the current alpha version it is only possible to upload a single picture at a time and Birdlance will cover the transaction fee of 4 BLNC.
Read full here:https://medium.com/birdlance/image-protection-and-reverse-image-search-alpha-version-powered-by-the-birdlance-blockchain-cf5e7248966c

Birdlance was mentioned on Jelurida's Weekly Wins newsletter as JPL-compliant
Link to full article

BLNC is now added to Hebe wallet and our roadmap has been updated.

Google play(Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hebeblock.hebewallet&source=post_page-----ed1b0901cfc0----------------------
App store(iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hebe-wallet/id1453374447?l=en&source=post_page-----ed1b0901cfc0----------------------#?platform=iphone

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