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Old Nxt Promotion Topics / How about I build and sell cheap RPi NXT nodes?
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:33:45 pm »
You know, those plans you have had for a long time, and finally, things start to look increasingly feasible.

What I'm thinking of is to mass-produce standalone NXT nodes based on a Raspberry Pi. Now that Rev 2 of model B is out in the open, cheap yet adequately equipped "nano nodes" are more easy to come by than ever (disregarding those NXT'y times of just getting the blockchain started, the first few months).

What I'm here for now is basically market research:
  • Would you, or do you know one who would, be interested in buying and using such a thing?
  • If not, would you be at least interested in the concept?
  • What would be a justifiable price point for this? What would buyers regard as an acceptable profit margin? And ...
  • ... would I better make them nice and shiny, or as cheap as conceivably possible?
  • Maybe we'd even want to give some away, partly subsidized by bounties? Who knows.

I'm even thinking about offering all-in-one solar sets as an added treat. Those would be obviously more expensive than the node itself. However, it would be a nice stunt (at the very least) to have an autonomous RPi sitting at the window, NXTing without external cables.

So, what would your reactions to this be?

Nxt General Discussion / NRS misbehavior, or people not updating?
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:58:47 pm »
I just noticed that CCEDK produces faulty outgoing transactions. A user complained on the IRC that he recived a transaction from them, but it seemed to not register correctly as an incoming tx to him.

Take a look at tx 2307394319154337374 by CCEDK account NXT-D2HT-3FCZ-S8ZH-GV7AA. It seems to have propagated through the network without fail, as I can see it on my client(s). However, it does seem faulty, as it has supposedly 0 confirmations, or rather the confirmations line won't even show up at all in the client tx info box.

Add to that several anecdotes I have come accross, where people claim that outgoing transactions somehow "vanish". This was one of the reasons for jl777 to take the MGW offline, for example.

So, is this "just" an artifact of the network not updating their clients in time, or has the new NRS actually changed the nature of tx's in a way that can make them faulty?

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