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Nxt General Discussion / Automatic coin tumbling when forging
« on: December 03, 2016, 03:39:24 pm »
Is there any reason that we do not have automatic coin tumbling as soon as someone sets up their forging.

It would encourage both forging and anonymity in coins.

Nxt General Discussion / Why not salvage Nxt?
« on: October 04, 2016, 12:58:13 am »
Instead of it crashing why not experiment with it?

eg change the core to a 5% inflation per year. Have 1% plus fees go to forgers.

have 3% go to a pool for voting on app devs proposals, have 2% go to core dev proposals and use the voting etc.

Set it up like a dash system of economics in the background. 5-10% per year inflation to pay for devs and more forging?

Why not prepare it to jump onto the Komodo DPOW using BTC security.

Give Nxt some new modern features that should be somewhat easily ported from other coins.

Nxt General Discussion / Shapeshift
« on: August 08, 2016, 01:54:12 am »
Where is shapeshift in NXT wallet now or is it removed?

Nxt General Discussion / NXT 2 highest priority
« on: July 16, 2016, 09:06:16 am »
I would say fix the blockchain download....

I had no idea it took so long and often i check why and it has just stopped dead..

I have to close it and open it again to start re-downloading.

So you cannot just open it and leave it - it has to be checked on and restarted..

With a lot of new people coming on board how many do the download then give up and leave.

I have a fair amount of NXT in the system and after two days of trying to get the blockchain i want to give up and leave.

What else is more important than getting someones system running ASAP

Nxt General Discussion / Asset prices
« on: July 01, 2016, 07:21:19 am »
Seems Asset prices are taking a general beating down.

I actually came into NXT just before last new year and i could see the price drop on the NXT coin and also the market had a large slide.

So a double loss on coin value and stock price, both going into long two year bear.

Now with the NXT coin increasing in value the assets are still going down.

So i guess the real asset is in the coin itself and not its past attempt at use cases.

Only Jinn is holding up.

So perhaps the bear in the asset exchange is over soon and the coin bear is over now.

So a good asset launch may ride both bulls up

Is it correct the more NXT (cash) i hold the more Ardor i get?

What about my use of the NXT asset exchange?

My idea was NXT is in a slump and so are all the assets.. A general slump...

So i bought NXT and then in turn bought many assets...

All in a slump, so when it goes up i get asset increase and nxt increase..

Same idea as short the market in USD and you get the short and the USD currency increase..

if i own 10,000 nxt
and also i have 20,000 nxt held in nxt escrow - to buy - on the asset exchange
and actually do hold 10,000 in nxt denominated assets...

what is my nxt balance _as ardor_ sees it?

i would have 30,000 nxt cash and 10,000 in nxt held assests.

is my ardor balance based on 10,000 balance only held in cash??

if not do i have to now sell all assets to get my nxt balance up?

is this explained somewhere??

Nxt General Discussion / The most exciting thing currently in NXT
« on: May 07, 2016, 01:08:24 am »
Shapeshift is fixed again...

Oh yea good times..

We below 20 yet.

DO we do any marketing on Youtube?

Any 5 min cartoon videos explaining the features of NXT.

Maybe we should learn from Lisk.

Youtube reaches thousands of people, it seems these live events currently being promoted to have under 20 people in a room.

Nxt General Discussion / Developer income with out nxt changes
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:16:27 am »
I always thought income was made from the Nxt fees that occur by using the network.

Can we not increase the fees for a year, and then set up a pool of forgers to then use the pool to fund developers.

So the game plan would be to encourage as many nodes as possible to start and stay forging and to lease the forge to JL forging pool.

This is and would be an ongoing income and not alter the ideals of nxt at all.

BTC seems that it will hold the storage of value role.

If it goes to $10,000 then 20% fluctuations will not effect day to day purchases eg a cup of coffee.

But will BTC be used in day to day purchases or just store value as people may start to just hord it or by alts to spend with.

How can NXT get its usage up, name well known and up to DASH in the capital invested order of alts?

This NXT year has to be a crucial one. Anonymity, ease of use, excitement, increase in investment...

Etherium has so much to offer and so much excitement behind it yet it seems scattered.

NXT is so clean cut it would seem the easier route for new and old BTCers.

I expect a big year ahead.

Disaster for the World economy is here this next year and NXT is needed to save it.

Nxt General Discussion / make enemies or friends
« on: November 30, 2015, 05:03:17 pm »
if you are active here be aware some may attempt a hack on you.

wild west is innocent here.

be  a-ware-ended.

friendly people will hate you if questioned

fight back or die young.

fuck the authority...

here and now/.

linq revolt

Pub crawl / are all hacks an inside job?
« on: November 30, 2015, 03:21:21 pm »
I think yes.

knowledge is gathered so the outside comes inside.

how close to you is the question.

that is why in my mind crypto is not matured.

everyone is a baby is the security field of enter your secrets.

can this be corrected to be educated?

Nxt General Discussion / Is come from beyond a retard?
« on: November 30, 2015, 12:28:41 pm »
come-from-beyond [7:34 PM]
SFW Porn features adult pictures that are made worksafe by funny reworkings of adult pictures until they are safe for work porn


As i see the hysory of NXT - BCnext seems like a bright alian paranoid young guy from eastern europe.

then instantly has CFB as a spokes person.

Who has said Jean-Luc was always in control.

So in the past - BCnext says he will be back with something new and better.

Coincidentally we now have the Jinn nightmare.

Yes i own some jinn.

is anonymity synonymous with a complete fuck up?

I look at Cum frm behind as an important player.

But see him also as a downside of craziness.

But i am never sure if it is a joke or a bot or what?

Was NXT formed by a waked out European Committee?

Whats that green liquor that legal there and illegal elsewhere???

Can someone shed the light on this charade?

Are they for real?

or is it part of the multiple split personality that originated NXT?

STILL maybe no one can no anything about others here if secrutity is tight.

But looking at Liquid and omg what is secure.

Nxt General Discussion / NXT killer instinct
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:54:53 am »
New meat. needed.

Nxt seems like the quiet kid on the crypto block.

Internally it seems we can do some combat.

Maths or features cannot be truly be beaten by violence.

unless you consider hacking a violent process yet it used maths and certain features.

I would like to see our updates labeled something like exciting name - color.

eg. Neptune Red 1.7.2

Also new assets... give a name: then short description...

Are our features dramatic enough?

is our add campaign dramatic enough?

is our attack on the crypto security privacy freedom new paradigm dramatic enough?

Is our team made of leaderless teamwork defiant enough?

Should we be getting along or striving for excellence due to diversity.

Lets send BTC back to the simple crypto currency platform and strive to enforce the fact we are the NXT crypto eco platform.

Come tumble with us..

Live Steve Jobs says...

Use big graphics use big fonts..

Hang it all out the window to win big.

Nxt General Discussion / Velocity of money. fiat is dead...
« on: November 25, 2015, 12:17:21 pm »
I do not really care if NXT is a money or a currency.

But i think they both die and survive on the same rule.

Rule number 1 .

Velocity of change.

If there is no movement... it dies.

If we all hoard it we all loose.

If we all spend it we all win.

It may seem insane but we need to try it.

Spend like mad buy stuff invest in stuff..

It interper-ates into being useful in stead of useless.

If we are a community that moves and shakes, then the World will hear us.

Store and hold... = death.

I have three and more products up on NXT.

How many do you have?

Even micro payments.

offer a service, someone might want it.

Fortune telling--- anything...

Shit ill give 1 nxt for my fortune...

Velocity of money... is so important.

Look up velocity of USD and fiat right now.... dead...

Are we going to pick up the slack???

Nxt General Discussion / ETH USD Hold using NXT
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:16:45 am »
Can i get advise on holding USD and ETH equivalents using NXT?

ANy currencies or assets i can buy that simply track these two hedges for my NXT?

Repeat thread but i want to start a discussion on this...

I think if there is no ongoing grass movement in publicizing NXT it will take a very long road.

No one talking about it means it is not useful or interesting...

Ethereum is all over youtube.

NXT is not at all.

I look for NXT and i have to sort through WWE and lego videos.

Take a look what google sees....

Compare that with the NXT price....

Now take another look at what is happening in google....


Even NXT foundation videos are over a year old.

So people researching NXT can go to youtube - which is exactly what people do -

they search and find WWE fake wrestling is more serious to Youtube than NXT.

Then get through the lego videos to find NXT foundation 1 year ago.

So of course they assume it is dead.

Dead by its second birthday.

Or if you continue to look you can find


Ok so i did and thats why i am here.

I think TNNSE should be motivating us before the members die off and so having more videos made....

youtube and social media offers FREE advertising. Who needs professionals - are you kidding..

MORE VIDEOS - YES even if they are boring, repetitive and all that.

More the better.

Inspiring and creating thought provoking would be great... but anything is better.

Without a Youtube video i would not be here buying nxt at these levels.

Are long time NXT participants buying now to hold the price? Check the google trends again above...

Maybe no- maybe long timers are done... maybe they are drained in what they can provide if they bought alot at higher prices.

Stop the price slide with new people.

Make forging worth while.

OMG i just realized to spend 1NXT costs 1nxt....

until i realized i am talking about ( half of 1cent )

Maybe fees should be a percentage of the current USD price and sliding scale down according to decrease and increase.

Do i want to forge or even bother to maybe get 1 in 1000 chance to win.... half a cent?

Promotions means making things known. 

Some image dude could make a thread uploding a new NXT promotional image per day...

funny provoking images with nxt on it.

Funny spoof nxt videos.

Ever seen those hitler videos,


ok lets do NXT ones...

Hitler declares war on Etherum with a NXT nuke. Tumbler... Asset exchange... Bombs away.

Calling our self a 2.0 cyrpto is not good, we will seem old when people call anything else type 3.0

We need a word cloud on the side of the forum collecting the most used nouns and verbs around nxt.

We need buzz phrases and interesting concepts that we can release on Facebook etc.

If there was a forum thread that collected funny NXT videos, Spoof NXT images.

I would check it everyday and add to all social media.

A serious tech thread with the same. Images and small videos explaining the BEAST that is NXT.

An ann rand ideological thread the same.

An illegal thread the same. eg tried to pay a hooker with nxt....i woke up and my nxt password was stolen from my wallet... etc

NXT is a great crowd but a tad bit serious.. Is it sacrosanct to make fun off and have fun in crypto.

Do we want to keep thes a small community thats safe or go for it and let the lunatics in?

I think Tennessee should have the job of scolding us and gilt tripping us if WE are not doing promotions..

Get on our backs and push the threads with images, videos, scandels, funny text, anything mentioning NXT.

Have a competition.

1000 NXT for the best joke using NXT

1000 NXT for the best image using NXT

Have different categories.

Tennessee could spend 10,000 like this and get a hole bunch of advertising material ----THAT WE WOULD ALL SPREAD.

I thought i would link to a video from the creator of Clojure, Rich Hickey


Features of NXT are great yet they must be aligned to what is needed in this space.

Anyway great videos and worth watching..

I have been looking over old and new NXT articles and Youtube videos.

It is always surprising to me how ignored NXT is. Actually shocking to me.

NXT stands out to me as a logical clear winner so what am i missing?

It still seems that people reject it because of security. POS

And because they consider the pump to be set up for profitability for Whales only.

Whales made the initial investment and so made NXT possible but is it now a negative?

If this is correct then the top 5 accounts hold close to 40% of all NXT


are these valid arguments for the slow uptake and price of NXT?

Whales can team up and control NXT = not secure....

Whales earn all the forging potential...

Whales were the first in and so any joining later cannot make profit.


I personally would like to see the spread across more people for the top 40% even if it halved the price.

I would be buying all the way down.

So i am interested in arguments for and counter - not that there is anything we can do other than see if Whales Chime In..

I hope they do...

Alternate Cryptocurrencies / Ethereum's success
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:14:11 am »
There are some great Ethereum public videos that could be used within the NXT ideology.



In 1971 15th Aug. we went off of a commodity balanced monetary system.

that's why anyone under 50 actually 80 thinks things will be like they have always been/

Buy and hold... the proof is in the graphs...

you cannot go wrong with this behavior and strategy.

Unless things are changing.

I think they are.

If nxt buys and holds we are doomed.

buy and hold an asset.

buy and hold your secret account...

usefully how do you participate?

tech and crypto?


I personally think J-L know exactly what he is doing.

It is not time for NXT to thrive.

The next releases are important.

the growth is not.

is nxt for asset collection or for monetary usefulness?

i do not know yet..

But i know one thing. if it has no turn over - active movement.

purpose - direction - fun -


i think it has all of the above...

Thats why i am buying...

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