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Nxt Asset Exchange / [ANN] Income Asset , ID: 327508399992504862
« on: September 27, 2015, 05:33:14 pm »
Hello I am the fund manager of INCOME asset, a joint fund asset, that is already present in the BURST cryptocurrency platform. We are expanding into the NXT platform, because it's similar, and because we hope to attract more investors into our project.


It's a decentralized referral/affiliate income based asset. We buy advertisements with the funds and then use the advertisements to promote various Bitcoin affiliate sites. The profit then will be distributed between shareholders. Currently we have only the casino investment branch fully started, so the income comes from there,the other ventures are on pause.

Asset Info:

Platform: NXT
Ticker/Name: Income
Asset ID: 327508399992504862
Total Shares: 50,000
Shares Owned by Me: 15,000 (30 %)
Dividends: Weekly if we made at least 0.05 BTC profit, but not more than once /week.

Here is the BURST counterpart's info:
My Bitcointalk Presence

Assets and Funds Inventory:

Assets------------Amount In Bitcoin
Yobit trading: ~0.5 BTC
Betking: 1.26 BTC

Funds ownership currently:
NXT:    18.33504%
BURST: 81.66496%

Current Investment Plan:

After an investor will buy INCOME shares, we will convert the NXT into BTC, invest the sum into SatoshiDice's investment program, both the NXT investments and the BURST investments will go in the same fund, but the dividends will be paid separately in each currency, based on the % of ownership of each fund has. Then we will take out the profits , convert them back into NXT and BURST respectively of %, and pay them in dividends to the investors.

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