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Old Nxt Promotion Topics / NXT & SuperNET Annual Report
« on: October 01, 2015, 06:41:51 pm »
What: A nice report in PDF format to promote this platform
Why: Because not everyone reads NXT forum
When: Publish it at the end of 2015

Mission: Provide transparancy and visibility about the platform by brining all the relevat information into one place.
Vision: NXT and SuperNET are seen as the leading platform of decentralized solutions

Goals of this project
  • To provide information about the platform that is being created by NXT, SuperNET and BitcoinDark.
  • To provide transparancy about what is working at the end of 2015
  • To provide future outlook: what to expect about the year 2016
  • To explain the vision: what to expect in 2020
  • To provide information about the existing assets on the NXT Asset Exchange as well as to promote the platform for future assets
  • inform investors about investment opportunities
  • promote trust by giving the devs and other community members and organizations a face

Style of the report
  • Estimation about length: 50+ pages
  • Light, easy to read, a lot of graphical content and white spaces
  • Compact writing, using any extra words should be avoided. Every sentence should have a function and be precious.
  • This report is not for print, thus it makes a lot more sense to design one page to fit a screen of PC or tablet.
  • Page layout and color scheme is still under development

The assumption is, that most readers open the report and are not ready to read pages full of text. We want to make sure, that those type of readers get a lot of information without really reading. Then hopefully the report sparks their interest and they will go back to read all the details too.

Contents of the report

The contents can be found from here (final texts) and here (pad)

In short, I have divided the contents into 4 main sections:

TECHNOLOGY: What powers the ecosystem.
PROJECTS: What is being built on top of the ecosystem.
PEOPLE: The community and the faces behind the projects.
FUTURE: What we try to accomplish; what is our vision.

My suggested mission & vision statements

Misson: Make it easy for individuals to store, send and invest money and to fund and operate their own businesses through a decentralized platform.
Vision: Global Decentralized Financial and Banking services for everyone.

Mission: Provide a platform of support and cooperation to new innovative blockchain technologies. Give an access to the best innovations from one place.
Vision: Harmony and collaboration between decentralized technologies.

The Budget

jl777 has agreed to give 2500 SuperNET bounty for this project.

We will allocate it ourselves once the project is finished. If you are working on this project, it's important that you keep taps about the time you are using.

The size of your bounty as a contributor depends on
 - Your own assessment about your time
 - The outcome

I'm sure we can find a way to distribute it that make's everyone happy.

People behind the report

Designer, writer: Audo
Editor, writer: Proto
Interviews, writer: ngdias
Technical writings: Apenzl
Statistics, graphics: qq2536007339
MrCluster87 has also expressed interest.

I can't know how much time you can afford to put into this project, neither can I know your skills. I'm not a professional "designer" myself either, this is a learning process for me. Just start contributing, no permissions has to be asked.

We need more writers. [Proto has said that he can produce text if someone gives him detailed content in bulletpoints]. We also need someone to produce all short of graphs about the price history of the assets. However, they must contain the latest data about the year 2015 when we publish, so don't do them too early!

Anyone is still free to join, and that is highly encouraged

- - -

Follow this tread for bigger updates
Join #Marketing in Slack if you want to chat about the project
Use the SuperNET Pads for brainstorming
Follow Booktype draft to see the final text

I ask everyone not to share / advertise this project. It would be anticlimactic to see a half finished report. :)

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Graphs, charts and infographics by Audo
« on: August 26, 2015, 01:07:21 pm »
- - - Introduction - - -

Studying the NXT/SuperNET ecosystem is fascinating. At the same time I try to teach myself how to create infographics using Inkscape. After combining those two this thread was born.

When I create something new I'll put it here. All the things here can be freely used elsewhere. Hopefully some of the charts help others to gasp the scale of the project and make intelligent investment decisions :)

Right now the images are created using libreoffice, but I'll try to make more pretty ones with Inkscape at some point.

The information may not be 100% accurate. It is based on the SuperNET newsletters / forum threads. If you find mistakes or something that is not up to date just reply here and I will update it for the next version.

- - - SuperNET Ecosystem - - -

- - - SuperNET Dividend Flow Chart - - -

- - - Other things  - - -

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