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Announcing official launch of Coalculus Platform on January 2 as compliant hybrid #blockchain protocol based on #Ardor technology 🚀 and Ignis snapshot on December 9 with airdrop ratio of 1 COAL token for 1 IGNIS cryptocurrency.


History is happening today at block 543000 on the Ardor #blockchain platform when Lightweight  Smart Contracts AND real estate child chain MPG are going live. While others are still talking,  ARDR is delivering!


Ardor General Discussion / Crowdfund to Sponsor Ardor Bootcamp on Udemy
« on: September 18, 2018, 02:37:18 am »
Here is an opportunity for the community to help sponsor an incredibly successful educational project initiated, funded and developed by Eric Funk, an Ardor / Nxt community member.

Please consider a generous contribution to help give this basic education to serious seekers of information about blockchain solutions.

Details here:


How I created a cryptocurrency using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit in less than 30 minutes:


Ardor General Discussion / Danube Game Jam – Ardor Hackathon
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:07:02 pm »
Blockchain Meets Purposeful Gaming

On August 25-27, developer teams participated in a hackathon creating Dapps on the Ardor blockchain at Donau University in Krems, Austria.

Three core developers from Jelurida - Lior, Petko and Tomi were in attendance and are joined by members of the community: Travin, Cryptosolar, Alexander, me and others.

The posts here have been delayed because of the division of the forums, but the happenings were important and I will be adding content here over the next couple of days to share what went on.

Petko Petkov, a core developer of Ardor / Nxt presents a seminar about the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm of Nxt at Sofi University on September 4, 2018


Ardor General Discussion / Winner of Raspberry Pi Giveaway Announced
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:20:07 am »
Congratulations! Kseniya Zhytomirsky has completed the Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy.com and won the drawing for a RaspberryPI with Ardor installed.

Nxt Community News and Announcements / Puzzles
« on: July 24, 2018, 11:33:14 am »
The Madfox is our community puzzle genius and he has been creating different puzzles around Ardor / Nxt / Ignis – published by Nxter magazine and sponsored by Ardor / Nxt Group.

Here is the most recent:

This weeks Puzzle will feature 25 winners and all of the answers to the crossword are found in the new NXT Ardor Historical Timeline. https://ardornxt.io/contests/walk-through-nxt-history


Have you wondered how Nxt Cryptocurrency developed and evolved into Ardor?
A beautiful 22 page document outlining the history of Nxt cryptocurrency through the launch of Ardor has been published.

Ardor / Nxt Community member Andrii Savdeiev used his design skills to create the document that was compiled by Ruben Bueno with further contributions and edits from a group of selected reviewers.

Enjoy the story! We all joined the narrative at some point and the journey ahead is part of the history yet to be told.


Ardor ( ARDR ) has been listed on Binance Exchange

Binance Exchange announced the listing of the Ardor cryptocurrency token with trading to commence at 11:00 UTC.
The listing comes several months after the Ardor / Nxt Community raised the equivalent of $100,000 for the listing fee within 6 hours.
Meanwhile, market conditions have devalued the crowd funded amount and Jelurida B.V. has made up the difference in value.
Jelurida is the entity protecting the licensing and intellectual property of the Ardor and Nxt blockchains and committed to the success of the projects.
This listing has been long anticipated by the community, especially Asian investors who have been looking for easy access to the token.


Lior Yaffe will be speaking at the CPC Crypto Developers Conference in Mountain View California on June 11 and 12, 2018. We would like to hold a Meetup while he is in the US for Ardor / Nxt. Because of the nature of our community it is difficult to know how many are local enough to attend. If you have any interest, please let me know here or send me a message. We would love to see you!

Ardor General Discussion / Ardor Bootcamp
« on: April 25, 2018, 11:06:47 pm »
Check out this new Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy. I signed up and look forward to taking it, reviewing it and spreading the word. Join me  :) This could be great content to share!


Ardor General Discussion / Ardor Days Celebration
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:27:21 pm »
Hi Friends,

I want to invite you to visit me on Ardor Days Celebration where I have been interviewing members of our awesome community for the past three days.

My intention was to export to YouTube and post the links here but this celebration has grown and taken a life of it's own. I will do this but at a slower pace than I intended. For now, you can catch up here: https://www.facebook.com/ardornxtgroup/

Here is what could be a great opportunity.

The contest — called the “Blockchain and Its Emerging Role in Healthcare and Health-related Research,” created by HHS — started accepting registrants on June 20th, with a deadline for application ending July 29th. The goal is to have participants create white papers on the topic of blockchain technology and its use cases within the healthcare industry.

healthcareEntries will be judged in August, with the winners of the contest being invited to an industry-wide workshop, which is backed and co-hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Winner presentations will begin this September among industry leaders and executives

Article here: https://news.bitcoin.com/us-government-blockchain-healthcare/

If you all have been watching Nxter Magazine at nxter.org, you have to be as impressed as I am!

Since the early days Apenzl and I have shared similar goals and visions. He and his team have taken nxter.org to new levels and have the manpower and resources to do what I have been unable to do as a one-woman-show with sputtering energy.

I'm really proud of their professionalism and product and am pleased to say that, in the best interest of all, I am retiring the nerds and redirecting the nxtcommunity.org site to nxter.org. This will be effective immediately.

...I think I'm gonna miss my nerds :D

How many of you can identify with my habit (obsession) with buying a new domain name for every idea that bubbles up? :)

This happened a lot in the very early days of Nxt. Somebody mentioned "we" ought to get this domain or that one - or I would conjure a plan all on my own - and I bought a pile with great enthusiasm!

This list is long enough and reality is evident enough for me to realize that I will never bring all of my ideas to fruition - and that a lot of your ideas might be waiting for or be able to benefit from this collection.

So, these are for sale. I'd like to cover my costs, so most of them are going to be the equivalent of $20USD in NXT. The new TLDs will be $100USD in NXT. PM me with your interest.








































Conferences / Speaker Invitation: Inside Bitcoins Tel Aviv
« on: September 09, 2014, 11:25:38 am »


The Inside Bitcoins Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel has been rescheduled for October 19-20, 2014. Nxters get a 10% off with code available by following links above.

And we have been invited to send a speaker. If there is interest in this, please let me know and I'll make the necessary introduction.

Let's talk about how to handle the contacts from the nxt.org website here.

I’ve been listening to the community posting on the other topic of The Future of NXT.org about the contacts. Here is my refined proposal:

1. Right now I would propose to remove the contact form from the site. This is after all a website for newcomers. Anybody really interested in Nxt can contact each party through their respective websites and provided emails.

2. When I have the time, I will create contact information page with links to reach each listed entity. It will be up to the community to help me establish the criteria of who to include in such a list.

What do you all think about this?

Nxt General Discussion / The Future of NXT.org
« on: August 11, 2014, 08:35:22 pm »
And the latest development is that Uniqueorn has told me he will be moving nxt.org away from this website which I have given to the community.

This site was built to meet the outcry of the community that the original nxt.org did not achieve it's goals and was failing in retaining or converting visitors and not being updated. I was not paid for this. Uniqueorn however was given the domain by Bitventurerr and promised to you all he would serve the community faithfully with it and deliver a super site. He did not.

He is upset with me because I proposed a community driven solution to his directive that I send all contacts to his new Nxt Organization. Here is my proposed solution:

"I will not be forwarding the email from nxt.org to one particular focus group of Nxt. Your organization does not have ownership of that privilege. I will however build a list of topics from which the sender can choose and the email can be forwarded to a predetermined recipient. I am working out how to do that and may ask the community for input as to who gets these contacts. Perhaps they will choose to have the press inquiries sent to you."

I would like to share a Skype chat with you all so you can know how this transpired:

On 8/11/14, at 12:59 AM, David S wrote:
> Hey, I need you to redirect the Contact form on NXT.org
> NXT Organization will be actively pursuing journalists and others who will come to NXT.org and in all likelihood use the contact form to learn more about NXT

I am going to state my answer here for all of you to see:
[21:59:08] Elizabeth: I will not be forwarding the email from nxt.org to one particular focus group of Nxt. Your organization does not have ownership of that privilege. I will however build a list of topics from which the sender can choose and the email can be forwarded to a predetermined recipient. I am working out how to do that and may ask the community for input as to who gets these contacts. Perhaps they will choose to have the press inquiries sent to you.
[21:59:36] David S: Oh so you want to be sole owner?
[21:59:46] Elizabeth: It says on the contact form:''Send a message and we'll do our best to make sure it is directed to the right person in the Nxt Community."
[21:59:47] David S: You elected yourself as some sort of decider in this?
[22:00:04] Elizabeth: bitventurrerr gave the responsibility to me which i assumed in a public psot
[22:00:15] Elizabeth: you did not deliver a worthy product
[22:00:25] Elizabeth: and i will get into this with you if necessary!
[22:00:29] David S: Far from true
[22:00:41] David S: You came to me asking if we could collaborate on it
[22:00:55] Elizabeth: only because you have the domain dns
[22:01:03] David S: You apologized for some false statements you had made, i forgave you and said "ok let's COLLABORATE"
[22:01:05] Elizabeth: no other reason than to keep the bully happy
[22:01:12] David S: what bully
[22:01:14] David S: wt are you talking about
[22:01:15] Elizabeth: you
[22:01:21] David S: I am bullying you?
[22:01:27] David S: Elizabeth ok this is Clear how this will play out
[22:01:31] David S: it's good to see your true nature
[22:01:35] Elizabeth: you bully everybody
[22:01:47] David S: I was just in the Organization thread
[22:01:50] Elizabeth: and please expose my real nature to everyone
[22:01:52] David S: where you had polluted it With drama
[22:02:06] David S: you have made false allegations several times
[22:02:09] David S: and asked for apology
[22:02:12] Elizabeth: i answered a question atht was honest with an honest anser
[22:02:24] Elizabeth: and you and your cronies took offense and brought on the drama
[22:02:27] David S: It's Clear you're not fit for the task
[22:02:29] David S: I wil lfind someone else
[22:02:39] Elizabeth: YOU?
[22:02:44] Elizabeth: and who made you the boss?
[22:02:49] David S: Yes Elizabeth
[22:02:56] Elizabeth: take it public david!
[22:02:59] David S: You were given the chance.
[22:03:02] Elizabeth: let's do This!
[22:03:07] David S: There is no "this"
[22:03:21] Elizabeth: chance to bring it out of a 76% bounce rate?
[22:03:27] Elizabeth: and be undertandable
[22:03:30] Elizabeth: and updated?
[22:03:37] Elizabeth: yeah  i did a good job too
[22:03:37] David S: We'll hire a Professional. I wont be dealing with you anymore.
[22:03:56] Elizabeth: do what you need to do david -
[22:04:01] Elizabeth: but you don't answer to me
[22:04:07] Elizabeth: you answer to the community
[22:04:15] Elizabeth: you promised to server with that domain

If you all think he should point the domain elsewhere - then encourage him to do that and I'll step aside. If you think that move is not in the best interest of the community, then you will need to take that up with him here, in public.

The disrespect and lack of appreciation I have felt from certain detractors is discouraging and sapping. I will not be putting up a fight to help you if you all don't want it. And if you can find better site - then go for it! I'm sure I will find other useful things to do.

Nxt Community News and Announcements / GoCoin Project Updates
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:16:05 pm »
For those who remember about Nxt integration with GoCoin and are looking for it in mid-August:

I have received a note from Eric of GoCoin updating us as to the status of the project. It seems the activity and projects that are filling up their plate have made the anticipated integration goal of mid-August unrealistic.

He says that GoCoin is not at a point where they can add alt-coins at least until the beginning end of September and they will have to step on the brakes slightly.

We've been trying to schedule a time for Nxt to introduce some developers to them and that has been unsuccessful. After a missed appointment last evening, Eric suggests that we try to reschedule for the week of the 18th.

So, I will be suggesting a few times for that meeting and will keep you all posted with the outcome. I'm readjusting my thinking for the long haul.

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