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Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands, et al) / 6 miljoen TORUM ᚦ om weg te geven
« on: February 27, 2015, 01:23:08 pm »
TORUM ᚦ is een NXT Monery System Crypto Valuta, kortweg NMSCV. Tijdens het aanmaken werd er 6 miljoen gereserveerd, op een totaal van 15 Biljoen maximaal SHA3 te minten. Dat minten gaat eenvoudig, ook met mint.sh ( linux / mac ) of mint.bat ( win ), mintdrempel tussen 1 en 2. Meer info over de TORUM ᚦ is te vinden in het Engelse deel van het NXT forum.

En zoals belooft tijdens de aankondiging worden de gereserveerde 6 miljoen TORUM ᚦ weggegeven. Leuk om dat hier te doen, aangezien het een Nederlandse, oet 't Oldambt in noord-oost Grunn, NMSCV betreft.

Regel? Heel eenvoudig, slechts een. Plaats een reactie met je NXT account en wie het eerst komt... Dan wordt het over geboekt en als bewijs volgt de koppeling naar de transactie ketting als volgende reactie.

Prettig weekeinde toegewenst uit mooi Oldambt!

Zie de oorspronkelijke creatie bevestiging van TORUM: http://www.nxtportal.com/currencies/2283314714111119148

Nxt Monetary System / TORUM riddled give-aways
« on: February 19, 2015, 05:03:21 pm »
You can get free TORUM at this part when you answer the riddles first and correctly. The riddled give-aways are sponsored by TORUM owners who donated a share voluntary.  8)

If you want to add a riddled give-away yourself then you are free to do so.

The first huge donation is 100'000'000.01 TORUM [ www.nxtportal.com/transactions/6629633455011363631 ] and will be given away to the first person who can give the right answer to the riddle that will follow next. A big thank you goes to C. for donating the 100 Million!

Returned the original donation amount to the mint-account of C on saturday 21st of februari 2015. Proof of this can be found in the NXT Blockchain: http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/8143085035253086000

And also a big thanks to Marty for the the Billion [ 1'000'000'000 ! ] TORUM donation [ www.nxtportal.com/transactions/7383668664519573242 ]

Friday 20th of februari 900'000'000 will be send back to Marty, and 100'000'000 TORUM will be used for the second riddle give-away. After this, it is up to other users to place riddle give-aways. ( You can see that the 900'000'000 were returned here: http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/7894926287405712863 ) And because the second riddle did not get a correct answer, the 100'000'000 TORUM were send back at saturday 21st of februari 2015: http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/15784812549780364689

And the third big donation was done by: Wolf0. He donated an gigantic 3'000'000'000 TORUM! ( http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/14338370495027537599 ) A big thank you to Wolf0!

Also 2'900'000'000 TORUM was send back to Wolf0 friday 20th of februari 2015 ( http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/3362381367392814250 ) , and the last 100'000'000 TORUM have been send back also: http://www.nxtportal.com/transactions/7531710649574214911

Due to circumstances I have to pull back out off being a kind of riddle give-away 'escrow'. And there will be no third riddle coming from me. Others are free to give-away TORUM, with or without riddle.

Please support www.cryptoforkids.com when you have some crypto valuta to spare, because that is where donations most matter. You would do many kids a favour! 8)

About the Riddle rulez:

  • First one with the absolute right answer wins.
  • Only unedited answers count in timing.
  • More than one unedited answer is allowed.
  • Most Riddles normally are active for, at least, 24 hours
  • The give-away will be split in equal parts in case of an equal timed right answer.
  • If your own riddle follows different rules, then please do specify so.
  • Using search-engines and/or wiki-pedia is allowed .
  • If the riddle is not solved (in time), or the give-away rejected, the donation will be returned to sender.

And PS, this Riddle give-away is mainly ment for fun.  ;)

So enjoy!

( Rules may change as seen fit. Also different start times will be taken into account. )


Nxt Monetary System / Exchange a NXT based MS valuta, but how?
« on: February 14, 2015, 10:04:26 am »
So, there is this bright and shiny constructed NXT based MS valuta that lives happily on the NXT blockchain. It can be minted, and there is enough to be found. Low diff. and high payout per minted block. Costs 1 NXT every time. All clear.

But then, the new valuta is in large amounts available, so what can one do with them. Except giving 1 NXT away on every transaction? Well there is the exchange, for one. Where demand should be covered by offer and vica versa. Tried to, but somehow, somewhere, something goes wrong. ( Which might be my bad, I am open minded enough to face that fact. )

There I see an offer appear from somebody who minted 3 million and wants to sell for a certain price. But only that one appears, not from my other account that actually matches an offer from my main account.

Why? Well, I want to get the grips on this trading thing before I start promoting the TORUM, or NXT for that matter, in my own surroundings.

But so far it left me with a huge question mark. How is it possible that somebody who just minted 3 million TORUM is able to put an exchange and my own placed buy/sell offers don't appear?

Yes, I have read the WIKI about this, and I still find it, well, eurm, strange, to say the least...

So how does the MS exchange work?

Nxt Monetary System / [ANN] TORUM - SHA3 - Easy minting
« on: February 12, 2015, 01:17:10 pm »
Name: Thorumhaim - Code: TORUM

A small prosporous town in Raaiderland / Oal-dam county, that had 8 gold- and silversmiths and a coinmaster. It disappeared under water in the storm of 1509, while the people of the town were celebrating. It is there were one now can find the Dollard sea in the North-East cost of the Netherlands. It is said that the floor of the sea is made up of Gold coins.

These coins are symbolicly represented by the value of TORUM .

Initial Units Supply:   6'000'000  ( less then 0,0004 percent of total, allready given away. )
Maximal Units Supply:   15'090'000'000'000
Decimals:   3

It's so easy to mint!

Minimal difficulty:   1
Maximum difficulty:   2
Algoritme:   SHA3

Minting data:

* Whatever your minting computer can handle.

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