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Starting as purely a mining operation, Bitsy quickly started to see the extensive opportunities available to early adopters of all things in the crypto space. Like most involved in this space, it would be crazy to say we have not learnt some valuable lessons but this was important to allow us to understand clearer goals & objectives, whilst at the same time allowing us to become a more stable operation & attractive group of assets.

Our goal is to provide Crypto Wealth Generation from within this new exciting world of cryptocurrency & systems & have seen the NXT platform as to where we want to operate from. We see our asset holders as having a crucial role in the direction our different ventures take. We encourage a united community who not only hold the asset but are involved. From offering their skills or services or to even just an opinion or vote, this contributes & gives value to the asset and our ultimate objective. Create wealth & help cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. Through this strong belief in community,networking & relationship building, we have been able to grow our team to include talented developers & programmers, web & graphic designers, networkers & build excellent relationships with some valuable businesses in crypto & beyond.

BITSY ASSET - NXT ASSET ID: 17024410070533670034


Bitsy is still mining bitcoin and altcoins mainly due to the fact we have a source of free power. We have scaled down our mining immensely but believe that even if we were to make small losses to continue the mining operation, the value of bitcoin in the future will by far outweigh any losses incurred currently. In saying this, it does not mean we are running this division at a loss, but we will continually evaluate this strategy & decision.

Bitsy is able to supply information as to how different entities, businesses & ventures can acquire bitcoin, implement crypto payment systems including website integration etc  Through this public information and consultancy we take a consultancy fee of minimum 6-10% per bitcoin of the current market rate at time.

Bitsy, through our network of trusted individuals, also branched out to enter a partnership called Bitsy ATM based in the USA. This operation has been researched extensively to help ensure, that it be profitable and our first ATM will be installed within the next 4-6 weeks.


This is our very own, built in house from ground up, Bitcoin Gaming Platform which currently includes Bitcoin Dice & the never before seen in Bitcoin Gaming, Australian 2up. We are still developing other casino games & eventually will be able to offer up our own, fully populated casino. Currently though we believe these 2 games will be the first of their kind to be available on Samsung & LG smart TVS (country restrictions apply) but will release further info once implemented. We are also concentrating on bringing our offering to within the NXT environment. bitsyplay.io, bitsyplay.io / 2up#
BITSYDICELEASING - NXT ASSET ID: 17773950818046672266
This is our baby & what will set us apart from the rest. We have been able to develop a white label, turn-key gambling site with a selection of games without the operator having to have any technical knowledge or know how, to run it. We brand it & offer all technical support. It can be adopted to just about any cryptocurrency & is ready to roll out within 24 hours.
For a full prospectus on it, please get in touch at contact bitsy net au. Please take a look at bitsyplay . io, bitsyplay . io /2up# and finally bitsydiceleasing . io to see the Bitsy play offerings operational.

CSW -CRYPTOSWAG NXT ASSET ID: 6738869853200326240
Crypto Swag came about as a little side project to help promote bitcoin & cryptocurrency adoption across the wider community. The idea was to design cool t-shirts that are all embedded with their own QR code, containing a unique bitcoin wallet address & an amount of bitcoin. This has surprised us as to how popular it has quickly become & ultimately led to our decision to asset list it and to acquire capital to grow it further. We currently have some fashion stores stocking the tees & we are researching & evaluating our next move. They are available online also at cryptoswag . io & on NXT Marketplace.

Bitsy Advertising Network is a soon to be released asset representing our investment & operation of a variety of different news and media websites and our revenue raising advertising income that comes from them.

Please see our community page also at bitsy. link and please feel free to get involved in the community.


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