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So this one turns out to be scam based on the following provable reasons:
1. Apolo does not want to finish this project. (no refund)
2. No refund was paid for investors who bought at prices higher than ipo price. As promised.
3.No gifts were sent to mayor asset holders. As promised.
4. No dividends were paid. As promised.

Other reason for my assumption are:
1. Bad communication.
2. No will to disclose were funds of investors went.
3. No will to provide code to asset holders/owners. He sold more than 50 percent.

This list is not complete. Please feel free to add more proof.

MODS PLEASE help with all information to prevent bad news for asset holders/ assets exchange and NXT!


I was just wondering if all the new services will lead to higher fees and transactions on the NXT Blockchain.If so why?
Needless to say that bounties... will cashed out...at least at some percenatge...
Why will not be another Blockchain established and current Nxt holders will not benefit?

Introduce Yourself / Hi from Germany. Ready to change the world ;-)
« on: April 19, 2014, 04:23:02 pm »
I am based in the north of Germany and got at first involved in BTC. Startet mining etc. After a while a digged deeper in the crypto area and found NXT quite exciting. I hope the full potential will be discovered by the rest of the world!

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