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Nxt Monetary System / My thoughts on MS coins
« on: February 18, 2015, 02:17:59 pm »
The ability to issue a currency in NXT Monetary System represents a huge advance in Cryptocurrency. I will not talk about the technological side since that has been stated in many other posts of this forum, I would only like to address some of the benefits and a few recommendations for those who have issued coins.

I guess the main benefit is something I would like to call Indirect Reciprocal Marketing, MS Coins benefit from being a part of the NXT ecosystem, while MS coins try to reach people who have never heard of NXT and they will have to get into NXT in order to mint or purchase MS coins, in this way NXT and the MS coins are marketing each other.

NXT MS provides a platform for people who have no expertise to issue a cryptocurrency that can target an specific niche or community; this is a major step forward in bringing crypto to the masses.

The educational benefits are also vast, as you can create coins for people to start minting it and create software around it, in this sense it is also more accessible for people to mint a MS coin with their CPU, rather than buy an expensive ASIC to mine BTC or LTC.

However, I do believe that some currencies that are currently being issued and promoted are over promising and targeting unrealistic objectives, like for example “mass adoption”, let’s be honest, this hasn’t even happened for BTC or NXT, so it will likely not happen for your coin any time soon.

I think, and this is only my belief and I respect others that differ from it, that MS coins should be collectible coins for the crypto-enthusiast and the community of NXT. You can learn a lot from them, collect them, trade them and basically try to keep it light and fun for everyone involved. Do not spend too much money or promise things that are impossible to archive, this way you can be transparent and help the system grow as a whole.


Nxt Asset Exchange / A good asset to invest?
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:58:38 pm »
Hello, I wanted to know fellow investors opinion on a good asset to invest?.... I have been scammed in crypto quite a few times, so this time I wanted to know different opinions before investing.

I looked at Forgecoin, the issuer looks honest but bitcoin mining its getting harder by the day.

Any recommendations?

Español (Spanish) / Moneda Venezolana (VNZLA)
« on: February 07, 2015, 05:54:14 pm »
Hola Amigos,

Recién he lanzado una moneda que quiero que sea parte de la comunidad, cualquier consulta que quieran hacerme o contribución pueden contactarme.

El anuncio de lanzamiento oficial en español se encuentra acá:


Un abrazo!

Nxt Monetary System / Venezolana VNZLA
« on: February 07, 2015, 05:50:35 pm »

Venezolana (VNZLA) is a cryptocurrency based on the second generation monetary system NEXT, it can be used amongst the crypto community to exchange products, services or just to be collected as a souvenir.

Venezolana is an open project, everyone can contribute. 1% of the coin will be pre-mined and given out in the form of bounties to people who contribute in the development and marketing of the coin.


Total Supply: 28.000.000
Minimum Difficulty: 7
Maximum Dificulty: 100
Minting Algorithm: Scrypt
Pre Mine: 1%

Spanish Version


Venezolana (VNZLA) es una moneda de segunda generación basada en el sistema monetario NXT, su nombre hace honor a las bellas mujeres de esa nación suramericana.

VNZLA puede ser utilizada entre la comunidad crypto para intercambiar productos, servicios o simplemente para ser coleccionada.
Venezolana es un proyecto abierto, todos pueden colaborar. Una parte de la moneda será pre-minada y otorgada como premios a quienes contribuyan en el desarrollo de la moneda.

Road Map

1.Logo (Bounty 500)
2.Sitio web (Bounty 1.000 VNZLA)
3. Blog (http://vnzlacoin.tumblr.com/)
4.- Twitter @vnzlacoin
5.- Creación de Banners y publicidad colocada en NxtAd.net (Posible crowfunding futuro)[/center]


VNZLA es una moneda de la comunidad Crypto de habla hispana, todos pueden minarla y conseguir block rewards, las instrucciones para minar la moneda se encuentran a continuación:

*En primer lugar debes bajar la ultima versión del servidor NXT acá nxt.org , después de instalarlo debes esperar a que se baje completamente el blockchain.

1.  Ve a la carpeta Nxt/conf
2.  Copia nxt-default.properties y pegalo dentro de la misma carpeta
3.  Cambiale el nombre a la nueva carpeta a nxt.properties
4.  Borra todo el contenido dentro de nxt.properties
5.  Coloca el siguiente texto dentro de la carpeta nxt.properties:

nxt.mint.secretPhrase=coloca acá tu passphrase
nxt.mint.unitsPerMint=10* (You can put more or less, it depends on the speed of your CPU)                 

6. Ahora ve al directorio de NXT y abre la aplicación mint.bat

*Puedes colocar más o menos, ya que esto depende del poder de tu CPU

Ya deberías estar minando Venezolana!

Comprar VNZLA

La moneda Venezolana también puede ser adquirida en el Sistema Monetario de NXT, sólo debes buscar la moneda con su símbolo NXT, ir a exchange y hacer una oferta.

Nota: Todas aquellas personas que quieran contribuir en el desarrollo de la moneda pueden hacerlo libremente, si necesitan monedas para promover sus actividades pueden solicitarlas por MP.

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